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The URLs that match the mood or are appropiate for Friday Afternoon. All disclaimers apply, links may break. I collected these from a number of sources (you know who you are). Pages here may or may not be appropiate to watch from your workplace, may or may not crash your browser and may or may not be in languages you don't understand.

Content linked to is usually not suitable for minors.

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(because that is another site I maintain),32000/ Every movie hacker scenario The coffee mug for serious situations Coffee explained (flash a/v) Vanilla ice cream car troubles Top 10 most sinister PSYOPS mission patches Recycling hardware in interesting ways (flash a/v) Traffic bollards: you will always lose (flash a/v) Arcs, sparks and lightning! Kinky network equipment Not reading the sign will cost your roof Unicode POO Taliban takes on telemarketeer You are NOT a software engineer! Was it really Osama, or... British English explained Guide to Pirate Parenting Worst album covers ever Tilt-shifting van Gogh paintings Test tweet for @fridayaftURL My Litte Pony bombsquad Lady Java (flashvideo) Best story ever! Color pictures of Europe from 1906 Get noticed in the office! The story behind the "dry erase girl" Finally, statistical proof that iPhone users aren't just getting fucked by Apple Girl quits her job on dry erase board The Daily Mail list of 'Things that give you cancer' 10 Minor Star Wars Characters With Completely Unnecessary Backstories The Difference Between Guys and Girls explained Musings over a windmill You will need to buy this item some day Winning Conan O'Brien tweets Kaart van Nederland volgens Amsterdammers More Apple product innovation What was the first rule again (flash video) Things you probably won't hear on the London Underground Zapping mosquitos with a frikkin laser! Funny notes from weird people Well Done Steve Corrected cartoon descriptions If movie titles were honest So you want to watch YouTube flowchart The global rounding conspiracy A beauty of a headline VillainSource, on-line shopping for modern villains You can take liberal leave! Advanced cloud storage service TV University Spot the IT guy! Woz is da man! Expensive rust collections Weird ER stuff: seeing elves the eight kinds of websites that absolutely don't need to be made anymore Doing your part in the kitchen Supercooled water trick (flash,video) Install Firefox from floppies The real use of a barbecue! For a cleaner and safer Internet, protecting you from dangers like democracy (flash) When 30,000 feet you reach, look as good you will not. Avoid the camel toe! Dangerous levels of inbreeding possible! British sarcasm at its finest in court Best self-portrait you can imagine How volcanoes are named Tetris for hell (flash) Glow in the dark underwear Pronouncing Eyjafjallajökull, the dance remix! The vast powers of certification! How to suck at facebook Your sat nav is wrong - Go back! Menly manicure set Important decision chart Look slowly and carefully and turn your speakers down... What blown up electronics look like May the cutest kitten win!,0,1906650.flash.htm NSA wiretapping song (flash) Und das passiert... Shrooms! The oldest trick in the world: XXXL Medical terms you may not want to be able to decode Would a lava lamp work on Jupiter? The iPad explained (flash, video, audio) It vacuums the house and finds your stuff! Want to buy an airplane with slight water damage? Frits Stau (video, flash) Taking bacon to whole new places! Just saying... Computer software engineer Barbie comes with her own cubicle Clients from hell! Fixed: the odd/even Star Trek Movie law Buma/Stemra .. anders (flash,video) Best Superbowl picture The different view on Tetris (flash, audio) Awesome Squeeky noises, tweets ... Worse stories than you can imagine Neat! Read the signs Some servers deserve this This web thing is nothing new (flash, video, audio) Escher brick building BONG After the USB powered lamp this seems logical Yes, a Mimesweeper Words fail me Only in America? Hours will be wasted Back to the 80s! You need it! (flash, audio) (flash, video, audio) True mission statement Modern times 2.0 Cute! (flash, video, audio) This one was to be expected (flash, video, audio) Musical murder? (flash, video, audio) no comment. (flash, video, audio, no taste either) Music never sounded better! Dog training is quite hard Why sysadmins are whiskey fans If Programming Languages were .. If the Matrix ran on Windows (flash, video, audio) Collected aviation humour Unix specials you needed! Feast your ears Gay marriage as a database design issue The FAQ on dealing with managers Do you want this man dealing with the software in your computer? (flash, audio) Sounds you don't want to hear... (flash, audio) AC/DC rock'n'roll train.. in excel (use with excel or follow the youtube link) The customer is... Commercial for Guinness... (flash, video, audio) Extreme fall weather! (flash, video, audio) Jeff the lolcat Worse day at work! (flash, audio!) The missing dating site? Ask your doctor about this (flash, video, audio) Bet you never heard this.. (video, audio) How to confuse.. Sabotage manual or modern management manual? Lemmings. Yes. Nerding guitar hero! The best in car-modding! Salute the Hummer H2 A basic course in living with cats (flashvideo) For a chuckle New music you need For your daily dose of fail Amazing sparks Improve the world and pay of your cheating! Find your geek Merrrrrry x-mas Why you want to be nice in traffic to others No reason left to not have a handsfree set on your mobile phone! Graffiti train for those who wanted to 'tag' trains in their youth but were scared of being arrested! DIY homour The TCP/IP drinking game! The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord Ikea: the walkthrough,23599,22478633-13762,00.html Gentlemen, say 'ouch' Stuff you never knew about Chuck From the archives... More stuff from the archives... In todays world, what do you need! How to install Windows Vista in 2 minutes (flash, video) Science lolcats Your IP never sounded better! (flash, audio) The DM of the rings Bad day at the office... (flash, video, audio) Fun with Steve (flash, video) More and more lolcats! Or just <nerd> ? lolcat poetry Interesting beer! Amsterdam bicycles.. Where babies come from (auf Deutsch) Really good at his job! Art or damage Read for the warranty policy Tribute to the 80s in home computing (flash, video, audio) How to destroy the earth, which isn't as easy as you think! For your dog! Beeeeehhhh The status of the Internet, as an answer to all "The Internet is down!" reports The special church news bulletin Everyone else has a 'welcome' doormat (with the key?) Attach shuttle here, right side up No comment. Fun game (flash) Welcome to Japan! A case of hit and clickclickclickclick... Learn about electricity (flash, video, audio) Amusing art form! Neat use of parked cars Beeeeeehhh... Look, a motorcycle... Interesting item on the bill Name a country with a U ... ? (flash, video, audio) Back to the 50s? Microwave sillyness Please take this free test.. A remarkable theft I find your lack of quack.. disturbing Christmas season is here.. but you can't shoot them. 12 days of Christmas (flash, video)$98yz Wow! Handy refills! WoW blood elf dance (flash, video) Molecules with silly names The ideal mobile phone Helsinki Complaints Choir (flash, video) "Toilet inspection shelf" .. did you want to know? Cool projects Just about right for my feelings about antivirus software I'm on your keyboard... The best education for your money! Meow! Fun with old disks! (flash, video) The crash of the hamster exclusive movie (flash, video) The explanation for managers Live chick action! Designing ugly webpages since 1995? Stinky feet! (flash, audio) Another great idea for mobiles! More inspiration! Keep Your Things Safe It Will It's the intarweb! Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Ensign Ricky are beaming down to the planet. Guess who's not coming back flash video By visiting this website you agree to be the intended recipient of information on this site and bla bla bla... Meow again! Find your inner European! Meow! For your eh.. sort of productivity Real text! For reading! Everything *and* the kitchen sink! Helpdesk ervaringen Better marketing The power of marketing tea timer! Games on Google maps Either a great parody or .. Mew! Does anyone order the "Strange Flavour of inside Freasure?" The new drug! The Virtual MCSE for all your windows-related questions! Flash game, and the best productivity killer I have seen in a while The new web 2.0 application! Awwwww... cute.. New England Belt Sander Racing Association. A new hobby for you? Pulp fiction in 30 seconds by bunnies (Flash, audio) Should you be plagued by any hint of productivity: Pacman! (flash) Cats are weird! (Flash, audio) Things you learn... Flash, NSFW Just so you know! The new photo-editing meme You are soooo owned! Best blog ever! How many folksingers does it take to change a light bulb? London Underground (tube) map sillyness How computers work.. Lego iPod Dock assembly step-by-step Meep-meep! Sounds you don't want to hear remixed.. Web 2.0 at its best! Hi Polly! Cute overload. Yes. One of the longest running debates on-line! Interesting security signs from the US army Water is not a very normal chemical in some ways! The mega penny project uhuh, he said .. (flash audio) I think I want a Dutch version of this site Yes, turn right at the next street... Make fsck soo much nicer Startup sound... (quicktime video) Interesting courses to follow A bowling-ball mortar. Boom in new and unexpected ways. Play with George! (flash) strategy game (flash) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game.. (flash) For your next proposal Statistically, being a rock star is a bad career choice Case-mod for those lonely nights Nice picture series Uhm. right. Useful tool.. Good reading for a Friday afternoon!,3604,1525590,00.html Only in France.. Rescue the fair maiden from the mad scientologist! Interesting project... Flash, audio .. funny The first telegraph message The brick testament Revenge of the bricks Use for an mini mac.. The Jedi Song Hope that is not your car... Beer, anyone? Linux on board! *grin* The apple product cycle documented The Extreme Ironing bureau. Check the picture gallery! Game (flash) Snails are faster than ADSL ... The best in politics from Canada The pocket toolbox (still no rj45 tool included) The Open Source Kama Sutra With Canon, you can.. Not for minors Nice pictures Handy item? For the winelover with a good server room Nasa finds water on Mars Do you like Muppets? Fun game (Flash, audio) These machines are hungry Just because your paranoid... ...... doesn't mean their not out to get you! Protect yourself! Making a PC nice to look at? Engineering humour Apple ad.. sort of Warning for those people owned by cats A bit of 'only in America' .. Funny toys Fun with spam subjects What do you get when you mix a scatological sense of humor with a little too much free time? Romance for web designers .. (NSFW) The other George W Bush site Interesting spin to the American election (NSFW) Who needs a case for a computer anyway Uhm. Right. This may say something about the average Mac user Something else Cisco Not-so-happy customer of NTL (uk cable isp/telco) Handy advice.. Your mission, should you accept it, is to read this to the end without laughing out loud Without leaving your chair! Microwave experiments Interesting music project The current terror alert level is.. Review: Juvenile felis catus Ouch. not work safe U got questions? How to keep your parents of the Internet (flash, audio) Do you have change? Word! Something or other went wrong In the fine tradition of Haynes manuals After valentines day comes... (not work-safe) New programming talent! Bush ordering ribs! Things that can go 'boom'. Slight error in switching off a high-voltage circuit gives a great effect The ideal world... the iDuck! The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition (for your business seminar) How America has regional influences in language (Women behind the wheel) Someone in LA has a problem with computer terms Estimating the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow Live view of the computer aided dispatch of the california highway patrol (MP3, not work-safe) Flash, audio.. fun! Yes, there is a world beard championship The 'like jailbait?' quiz (flash, audio) Those weird Germans! Rate your website Truth about Linux Temperatures for norwegians Switch to.. The Ibrator (quicktime), a golden oldie friday afternoon url For boys over 18 One of the best ways to lose hours of productivity It's time to learn English! "Nederlands" en let op de 'vraguh?' link Shockwave/audio Nice knife for a nice job Bumper nuts! You did not know you needed these The x86 still (creative uses of CPU heat) not completely work-safe The ultimate 80's quiz (flash, sound) A DIY Cruise Missile Duct tape is everywhere! The Etherkiller and Friends News of the weird The truth about black helicopters Flash, sound The home network purity test How to write unmaintainable code Create your own R'n'B hit! flash/audio a true timewaster grin Not anything safe Build a better beer cooler The other Unix brands Don't read this while eating Computergames can be fun for girls too A new programming language Overactive near-IR cameras at work (with an interesting choice of subject matter) Earth erotica Verrrrry important.. Belgium is a scam Funny and creative Creative Abuse of Duct Tape Interesting news article The missing O'Reilly book Tales of the plush cthulhu Read it and weep about computer knowledge Uhm. Yeah. Sure. The testament in lego bricks The ultimate crack page Vely good engrish! Jokes about menstruation Free sex threatens sex industry! Not anything safe Rap! Nederlandstalig BOFHs at work Buy offensive t-shirts online! ;) Not work-friendly, realmedia files not work-safe For the english visitors: informatica = computer science The magic roundabout MPG, 3 megs, twisted The gift that keeps on giving, a concrete vibrator.,1382,48008,00.html Italians and their mobile phones... funny antwoordapparaat/voice mail messages (mp3, nederlands/english) How to set fire to a computer case professionally Build your own supercomputer The MIT bathroom server complete with finger interface

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