Idefix smugly hanging in the rack is my private domain name. Used primarily to have a private domain name not related to any (current or past) employer, to name a certain machine which was 'idefix' since 1994 '' and to have the possibility to add subdomains. The name '' is purely chosen from the machine name 'idefix' which was the name of the first unix machine I installed myself at work (back when a 486dx33 with 8 Mb made a decent Linux server). Back when hostnames that ended in -ix where a nice theme for unix servers.

There is also a webserver (otherwise you would not have read this), reachable as This gives me a good (short) placeholder for my homepage:

I registered the name in August 2000 when it finally became available again. It expired in May 2000 after it had been registered to someone else (living not too far away from me) for a couple of years so I decided to wait (and check whois from a script daily for the domain to become available).
The name is always used for the fixed IP address at home.

Important links

Homepage Koos van den Hout
Ivo's set of mosaic homepages unchanged since 1994

History of idefix / as separate hardware

Koos van den Hout, mainly reachable as

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