Cats I share and shared my house with

Vlekkie & Moppie


The two cats I now share my own house with. Two little rascals who have little compassion for my new furniture and will demolish it if it's in the way or when they need to scratch their nails. Who will walk over my keyboard if they want my attention, or chase the cursor on the screen. Who will keep me awake at night or wake me up way to early in the morning just because they want to get something to eat. You already guessed it : I love them dearly ;-)

They are sisters.

Some pictures (gotta chase them with a camera from time to time) :
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On Friday October 13th 1995 Flip died.

Flip was the cat I and my parents shared a house with.
Flip was a very funny cat sometimes, with some funny habits. For example when we ate soup he wanted a small bowl of soup himself. From time to time we also had 'conversations' with him. You would say something to him, and he responded with a clear and understandable 'meew'. He also liked to lie down in a new cardbord box. Not an old one. When a box has been around too long, he would not look at it anymore.

Well, some people photograph their pets about once a day, I am more the kind of person who is planning to make some good photographs, and then forgets to do it. But, there are some neat pictures:

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