Cooking a steak

I sometimes ate steak when I still lived with my parents, but I never made it myself because it was somewhat expensive and I didn't like the amount of work on it.

Until one day...

I was on vacation in Schotland with Andre Koopal and wanted something nice for dinner. But, this was a camping vacation. In Schotland. We bought steak in the afternoon and went on to find a camping. We found something resembling a campsite (one soggy field with one set of toilets) after quite some searching.

During building the tent we found out that it was completely infested with midgies there. Midgies are very small flies that fly around in millions in certain parts of Schotland. They get in your face and hair and clothes and make things itch like hell. Writing about it makes me itchy again.

We did not want too much midgie-meat in our meal so we had to improvise. We decided to cook inside the tent (this is a tent where you cannot stand up in) with the tent closed (so it got a bit dark too). And I never cooked steak before. So, imagine the following situation : I'm sitting on a low 'chair' in a tent, with the gasburner and a 'frying pan' (lightweight camper size) in front of me. With my long legs around it since that's the only position in which I can sit without getting a cramp. The tent was closed to keep the midgies out for a while during the cooking (the midgies seem to really like warm air). I cooked the steaks medium (for as far as I could see and guess). After cooking we had to open the tent to let the vapour out and I had to get up again.

The steaks did taste fine.. I made them once again during that holiday (with no midgies to interfere) and cook them at home now from time to time.

Koos van den Hout