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2003-12-18 (#) 16 years ago
Linux kernel 2.6.0 out and mirrored again at work:

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2003-12-18 (#) 16 years ago
SCO Unixware 7.1.3 review (SCOX). Besides SCO being a pain in the neck of the Linux community their products are lousy.

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2003-12-15 (#) 16 years ago
Current e-mail spam rate: 243.5 spam messages per day.

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2003-12-15 Raising MS-DOS from the death 16 years ago
This week I had the 'pleasure' of reviving an old MS-DOS system.

First of all, the only backup I had was under Linux, so I wanted both
Linux and MS-DOS to boot. I threw in a simple IDE disk and let the
bios detect it and set it up.

Linux is fine with that. MS-DOS isn't.

I formatted a primary partition on it under MS-DOS 6.22, restored
the MS-DOS backup via Linux, booted MS-DOS and it came up with a
corrupted C:. Read something about FORMAT of MS-DOS 6.22 being
weird, zero-ed out the first block of the partition, formatted it again
with FORMAT of MS-DOS 6.22, booted. Corrupted C:.

Got annoyed, this was costing me serious time (once, ages ago, this
Pentium-90 was 'blazingly fast'. But even Linux catches up.)

The fix was to setup the disk correctly in the BIOS. 'Normal' mode worked
a lot better. Used 'SYS C:' to restore MS-DOS 6.22 once more without
reformatting, made sure with SCANDISK that my data was there again and

Getting an IDE cd-rom to work under MS-DOS is easy, once you get the
drivers for ide cd-rom under MS-DOS.

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2003-12-11 (#) 16 years ago
Ja ik ben lang en ik fiets lekker door, maar daarom kan ik het nog niet waarderen als je minder dan een halve meter achter me fietst.

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2003-12-03 (#) 16 years ago
Updated Kismet Log Viewer so the generated pages use mapquest URLs which are a lot more useful here then US census URLs. Results show nicely in that second train trip from last weekend.

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