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2005-08-09 (#)
Looking for some details about a train I found, the personal site of Dennis Koster. Dennis seems to be a long-time trainspotter who has been photographing trains for years. A lot of his pictures would not look bad in railway magazines.

2005-08-03 (#)
Strong words from Paul Thurrott (a writer who seems to be quite pro-windows) in his reaction to the IE 7 beta versions still not fixing CSS and other web-standards compliance bugs: My advice is simple: Boycott IE. It's a cancer on the Web that must be stopped. IE isn't secure and isn't standards-compliant, which makes it unworkable both for end users and Web content creators.. Source: Slashdot: Windows Guru Calls For IE7 Boycott

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2005-08-02 (#)
PC-Crash sorgte für Megastau (PC-crashed caused major traffic jam) A crashed PC in the traffic light control system for the Elbe tunnel in Hamburg, Germany kept 2 (out of 4) tunnels closed for hours which led to long traffic jams. Running windows? Probably, the firm delivering the control software is a windows shop. Found through comp.risks 23.95

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2005-08-01 (#)
I am back from WhatTheHack. It was great, saw a lot of people, attended interesting workshops, gave a few lockpicking workshops, competed in the Dutch Open 2005 lockpicking championships (ok, I never got close to the finals, but it was fun to be there). I met people from the German lockpicking club (Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik Deutschland e.V.) which was real nice. Best feature was EventPhone who managed to set up a complete network of DECT coverage on the site.

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