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2006-01-27 (#)
I guess it's the time for international book fairs.. after adding news about the International Book Fair of Havana to The Virtual Bookcase last week, this week the news is about the 17th World Book Fair in New Delhi.

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2006-01-25 (#)
I updated the Dell Latitude C640 laptop and linux page with the bits I used to get the Nokia 6630 working for at least obex filetransfer over bluetooth. It took a lot of hacking and trying to get this to work.

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2006-01-23 (#)
It took a bit of hacking, but now I have mon monitoring squid for availability. So now we know (at work) when our proxy goes amiss.

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2006-01-23 Monitoring squid using mon
squid (the webproxy) can be monitored using mon, it just takes a bit of

I wanted the test of squid to not depend on outside connectivity or any
other servers. So I wanted to use a cache_object.

Some testing, trying later:

In squid.conf, allow the monitoring host (some) access to the cachemgr

acl manager proto cache_object
acl localhost src
acl tester src $ipofmonmachine/

http_access allow manager localhost
http_access allow manager tester
http_access deny manager

then set it up in the mon config

hostgroup webproxy-servers proxy.yourdomain

watch webproxy-servers
service ping
description ping to proxy servers
monitor ping.monitor
service webproxy
description proxy active test
monitor http.monitor -p 3128 -u cache_object://localhost/info

happy monitoring.

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2006-01-22 (#)
Wardriving results 18-20 January.. not much exciting happening with wardriving at the moment. 1674 networks seen, 100 new with gps locations according to WiGLE. My current WiGLE ranking is now up to 50 for all times, which is quite good, I think ;)

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2006-01-19 (#)
Ik heb wat tips en ervaringen over wardriven in Nederland op een rijtje gezet.

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2006-01-19 (#)
From Wired news a remarkable article: The Backhoe: A Real Cyberthreat.

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2006-01-19 (#)
I made some pictures of my snowboard now it's all put together and waiting for the upcoming trip.

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2006-01-18 (#)
Wardriving results 13-17 January.. some purpose detours on bike and some bringing the wardriving kit along on trips for other reasons: 3535 networks seen, 467 new networks with GPS locations according to WiGLE. Biggest surprise was that I found 157 new networks travelling to the concertgebouw in Amsterdam, a route I did several times before.

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2006-01-18 (#)
Ik heb een 2e hands snowboard gekocht en had nog wat onderdelen nodig.. Cellblock snowboard shop in Utrecht heeft veel spare parts in huis en kon zo de onderdelen die ik zocht leveren voor een hele mooie prijs. Naast een 10 voor vakkennis (ze zijn daar echt goed) ook een 10 voor service.

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2006-01-13 (#)
Wardriving results for 9-12 January: 3140 networks seen, 838 new with GPS according to WiGLE. Of those new ones 634 were in one day when I biked around Leidsche Rijn, a new part of Utrecht. There is a wireless networking community in Leidsche Rijn but I guess there are also a lot of people using wireless networks in their own home.

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2006-01-09 (#)
Wardriving results for the first week of the new year and a weekend (2-8 January): 4614 networks seen, 645 new with GPS. Some high yields (more than a 100 new networks) from relatively simple detours through bits of Utrecht.

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2006-01-02 (#)
I watched the leap second on my rikaline gps and .. nothing happened. It just jumps from 2005-12-31 23:59:59 UTC to 2006-01-01 00:00:00 with nothing in between. Other sources did show a real leap second or an adjustment after the fact.

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