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2007-07-13 (#) 12 years ago
As part of their very tough job of collecting lots of money from Internet radio stations, SoundExchange seems to have quite a problem contacting several artists, therefore having to burden themselves with keeping the money. You can help SoundExchange! Look at the SoundExchange unpaid artists lists, find artists you know, google for the contact information for the artist (usually a representing agency) and tell them to collect their money by filling out the right forms.

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2007-07-10 (#) 12 years ago
Picture of the updated wardriving setup: laptop in the bag, external antenna and gps receiver on top .. the new setup is scoring a lot more networks.

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2007-07-05 (#) 12 years ago
De Casema-adviseur is alweer langsgeweest en heeft een briefje achtergelaten of we contact willen opnemen als we meer willen weten van het aanbod. Twee of drie weken geleden lag er ook al zo'n briefje, en kort daarvoor hebben we een keer een iemand aan de deur gesproken van Casema die we snel konden vertellen geen interesse te hebben in andere diensten. Zouden ze zo slecht bijhouden dat hun klanten geen interesse hebben in andere diensten of zou Casema zo verlegen zitten om klanten voor Internettoegang / digitale TV / telefonie.

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2007-07-04 (#) 12 years ago
Wardriving results 27 June - 4 July: 1318 new networks with gps locations. The missing part (an antenna cable) for the new wardriving antenna came in, I modified it to the cable and connection I wanted, an external N(F) connection on the new card, made sure all cables were ok and held in place without straining connectors or soldering points and I did a testrun through Utrecht. Where I would expect 50 to 100 new networks I got 366 new networks. Which means the antenna and card are working. I am now at position 24 in the WiGLE stats.

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2007-07-04 (#) 12 years ago
We zijn vandaag bij geweest om ligfietsen uit te zoeken voor onze vakantie.

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