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2008-02-29 (#)
Funny new music doing the rounds: SoKO with the weird song I'll kill her.

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2008-02-25 (#)
Real test of the wardriving box yesterday: I brought it along on my recumbent bike on a 38 kilometer biking trip. With the big antenna on a piece of metal on the rack of the recumbent bicycle. Worked great and found 1354 new networks with GPS locations.

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2008-02-23 (#)
The wardriving box is finished and I have done the first test today. And scored new networks! Between 13 Februari and 23 Februari I found 184 new networks with GPS locations. Of those 108 using the laptop on bicycle, 63 in the first testrun using the wardrivebox on bicycle and 13 from testing the wardrive box at home. Yes, I can still find new networks at home without moving.

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2008-02-18 (#)
I left the wardriving box running overnight to test the stability and heat generation. No problems in those areas. It was on the top floor of the house in the window facing northwest (in the direction of the student flats). A total of 43(!) access-points were seen. Yes, wireless networks are still rising in numbers.

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2008-02-17 (#)
I had some time for work on the wardriving box. I fixed the powerbutton problem by switching to Linux kernel Linux 2.6 has specific support for the geode processor which include acpi support. With 2.6 I get a good power-button event when I press it and on a shutdown with powerdown the alix system is powered down completely (power led goes out). I also worked on the case, making holes for the antenna connectors. I managed to make the right holes and modify the I/O shield without making the wrong holes or get damaged myself. My teacher in metalwork years ago would probably think I'm still bad at it but with a drill and a metal file the modifications got done, including filing the flange of the N-connector to make it fit in the case. Pictures of the results,
Results of the metalwork.
Antenna connectors in place and the I/O shield modified to allow for the big N-connector.
Board installed in the case.
I'm also learning about Linux 2.6: without a keyboard there is not a lot of entropy for /dev/random.

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2008-02-15 (#)
The battery (and the charger) for the wardriver box arrived. Even with the room number and the department missing from the address label the internal mail still managed to deliver it to my desk.

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2008-02-14 (#)
Ik ontdekte een verwijzing naar mijn homepage bij het overzicht van labjournaals van Henk van de Kamer die ik ken via de hcc PCgg netwerkgroep. Ik volg Het Lab van Henk van de Kamer ook regelmatig.

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2008-02-14 (#)
A few minor setbacks on the wardriving box project yesterday evening. Software shutdown via acpid does not work (there is no event when I press the power button). Kernel recompiling for acpi debugging gave me lots of headaches with the module versioning. I did some searching for it and the Linux Loadable Kernel Module HOWTO had the answer:
So it is generally not wise to use symbol versioning
.. words to the wise. And the CF connector of the M200 case is a normal 40 pin IDE connector where I bought a cable for 44pin 2mm ide connectors because the alix.1c mainboard has a 44pin ide header. It would be nice if I could fix this, I could use the external CF-bay of the M200 case which would mean I wouldn't have to open it to change/upgrade the CF. The manual of the M200 case has stern warnings about opening and closing it too often.

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2008-02-13 (#)
Wardriving results between 12 January and 12 February 2008: 1321 new networks with GPS location. Since the work on the wardriving box software and hardware the GPS and the antenna have been at home for testing it all.. and I did not feel like bringing the stuff along and getting another run with problems. I ordered the battery and a charger yesterday and did some more test runs, some with the external antenna connected. The big external antenna gives me 23 visible networks at home. Work that is left on the wardriving box: cabling, making holes in the case for antenna and power connections and building it all together.

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2008-02-11 (#)
Back from the snow! We went for a week of snowboarding in Samo├źns, France. Great snow, good weather and no broken bones. We stayed at the Viking Lodge, a very nice and luxurious apartment. Besides snowboarding for real I also played with Amped3 on the xbox 360 in the apartment ;)

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2008-02-01 My take on Microsoft wants to buy yahoo
Just doing the rounds: Bloomberg: Microsoft Offers to Buy Yahoo for $44.6 Billion, CNN: Microsoft bids $45 billion for Yahoo.

An interesting bit of news. Analysts at Google are probably laughing out loud because this means Microsoft is really scared now. Even with Microsofts own search technology, mapping products and other comparable offerings in the main markets where Microsoft, Google and Yahoo compete, Microsoft still wants to buy Yahoo and invest a lot in getting a better angle on the search and information market.

My view: If this deal goes through (I can imagine the FTC wants to see whether this could cause a search and information monopoly) we move towards two gigantic search and information companies. With the current wish for more privacy, even in the US and more awareness of the amounts of personal data gathered by companies, one of them will end up as the big bad evil data-hoarding company. Google was in danger of getting this title because they were slowish to respond to the increased awareness about privacy and data retention but when the competition in search and information is Microsoft, Google looks a lot better as the nice and user friendly company.


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