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2012-12-30 (#)
We luisteren van harte naar alle muziek in de Top 2000 op radio 2, maar als iemand met technische interesse vallen me een aantal dingen toch wel op. Dat een radio programma primair te beluisteren is via VHF band II FM en VHF band III DAB zenders is een gegeven wat nooit genoemd wordt. Dat het via Internet streaming ook te volgen is wordt wel nogal eens genoemd (vooral in het kader van luisteraars in het buitenland). Een van de presentators las de vraag voor van een luisteraar of de Top 2000 niet het hele jaar uitgezonden zou kunnen worden en de presentator had zoiets van 'dat zou leuk zijn'. De muziek van de Top 2000 wordt het hele jaar uitgezonden, met hier en daar een jingle maar zonder presentatie, dat is het Top 2000 themakanaal op DAB en via streaming. Het viel me tegen dat de presentator dat niet wist. Zo nu en dan is er ook reclame 'de Top 2000 is ook te volgen op de TV' maar in die reclame is geen tijd meer om Top 2000 a gogo en Cultura24 te noemen, er wordt verwezen naar de radio2 website.

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2012-12-29 (#)
Pruned our appletree, hoping it will do better again next year
2012-12-28 (Dear android webbrowser : is a valid webhost on my home network, not a google...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Dear android webbrowser : is a valid webhost on my home network, not a google search. Ok, works.
2012-12-28 (Feelin' grumpy.)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Feelin' grumpy.
2012-12-28 (Interesting challenge for software defined radio. I can't participate in this competition so I can just...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Interesting challenge for software defined radio. I can't participate in this competition so I can just share a few theories:

- something ultra wide band, with frequency hopping and with negotiation between stations what frequencies are seen by both ends as 'free'. 'Free' meaning data can be transferred with relatively low error rates.
- lots of error correction/detection.
- at the same time digitized speech and a low-latency codec, and data-transfer (with different priorities).
- person-to-group voice and messages, and point to point voice and messages and data transfer.
- no master node (as in radio network manager) needed: in rapid response situations it would take too much time to set up a master node. In the ideal situation users would switch on their radios and they would 'find' the local network and start to use it, preferably within a short timeframe.

Lots of interesting things to think of. Main problem I see is how radios are going to find each other in a sea of noise and competing spectrum uses.
2012-12-27 (2.4 GHz ISM band is a bit full with wireless networks at home (and everywhere else). From time to time...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : 2.4 GHz ISM band is a bit full with wireless networks at home (and everywhere else). From time to time I have to check which channel would have the least interference. This was measured in the living room, going upstairs will show a lot more networks.
2012-12-27 (#)
As a christmas present I got a hamradio transceiver, a Wouxun KG-UVD1P. I should not use it until I get the right amateur radio license! All the more reason to study for it and pass the exam.

I plan to use it to work FM repeaters when I get my license. I hope to do long rides on the recumbent again and using this radio at the same time. It is a small radio, it fits in my hand. The speaker microphone should make use on the recumbent easy.

Otherwise I'm getting myself familiarized with it and trying to understand it all. I bought it with a speaker microphone and a programming cable and software. The software with the programming cable came on a recordable small-format CD-ROM and only mentioned Midland product numbers so I had to look up that the Wouxon KG-UVD1P is also known as the Midland CT790. This is Windows software and since the cable has a PL2303 serial/usb convertor you also need a driver for that. Programming repeater names and frequencies into the radio using the software is easy.

Having to use Windows isn't my idea of very usable hardware, so I searched whether someone had already done something and I found Open Wouxon (OWX) which allows reading the radio and writing it from Linux and other Unix versions. Reading over the serial/usb cable worked the first time:
$ owx-check -p /dev/ttyUSB0 
Found radio: KG669V
$ owx-get -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -o file.bin
Found radio: KG669V
Reading address 0x1FC0 (99% done)
$ cp file.bin backup.bin
$ owx-export -i file.bin -o wouxon.csv
$ vim wouxon.csv
and I was able to make some edits, writing data back gave me timeouts on the first few tries where the owx-check utility showed perfect communication with the radio.
$ owx-put -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -i file.bin -r backup.bin 
owx: Radio not responding
$ owx-check -p /dev/ttyUSB0 
Found radio: KG669V
$ owx-put -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -i file.bin -r backup.bin 
owx: Radio not responding
$ owx-check -p /dev/ttyUSB0 
Found radio: KG669V
$ owx-put -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -i file.bin -r backup.bin 
Found radio: KG669V
Skipping address 0x1FF0 (99% done) 
Strange, but in the end it all works.

The manual of the Wouxon KG-UVD1P gives me the idea that this radio is one where a lot is done in software. It can be programmed to go outside hamradio bands for other uses. The manual is somewhat terse and the English used isn't too great, but it works for me.

I found this review of the Wouxon KG-UVD1P by N9EWO which has more on longer use and compares it with other amateur radio sets. I'll post updates on this after I get to actually use it.
Reviews of the Wouxon KG-UVD1P at

Wouxon KG-UVD1P manufacturer webpage

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2012-12-25 (#)
Om de kerstgedachte te vieren hebben de criminelen op zoek naar money-mules het verhaal aangepast:
Wij helpen mensen een medische behandeling bij de beste doktoren te krijgen en dat tegen een redelijke prijs.
Wij zijn op zoek naar vertegenwoordigers in uw stad.
Het werk bestaat uit de controle van betalingen en het versturen van documenten per post.
Het mag een bijverdienste lijken met in dit geval ook nog een goed gevoel er bij, maar je blijft fraude helpen en zal zelf ook aangemerkt worden als betrokken bij fraude/witwassen met vervelende gevolgen.

Trap hier dus niet in!!

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2012-12-23 (#)
Vandaag een PTT Ericsson model 51 DTMF geleerd met behulp van de DTMF omzetter van met ondersteuning voor PTT Ericsson model 51. Een wandtoestel wat een ontwerp is uit 1951. Het toestel wat we onderhanden hadden had een productiedatum 'VII 1964', vermoedelijk dus juli 1964. De PTT W65 is de opvolger hiervan.

Na het werkend krijgen van de DTMF omzetter hebben we het toestel aangesloten op een Cisco ATA 186 die gekoppeld is met de asterisk testcentrale zodat we de sprekende klok in asterisk en het weerbericht in asterisk konden bellen. En natuurlijk de telefoon laten rinkelen!

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2012-12-23 (Anything can be an AM receiver, including plants. Looks to me like a broadcast AM antenna (isolated ...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Anything can be an AM receiver, including plants. Looks to me like a broadcast AM antenna (isolated mast). Those people are putting themselves in serious danger!
2012-12-23 (#)
Almost funny:
Dec 23 01:20:22 abaris sshd[17274]: Did not receive identification string from
Dec 23 01:28:03 abaris sshd[17410]: Invalid user <!-- from
Dec 23 01:28:09 abaris sshd[17417]: User root from not allowed because none of user's groups are listed in AllowGroups
Dec 23 01:28:12 abaris sshd[17420]: User root from not allowed because none of user's groups are listed in AllowGroups
But since I read the logcheck mail in mutt I see the entry in full and the ones after it. I don't know which logchecking system would be fooled by this.

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2012-12-21 (#)
The posting Completely different: BIND 10 - Jan-Piet Mens triggered me to have a look at my resolver/authoritive setup at home. I was running only bind 9 both as authoritive server for several zones and as resolver for home systems but I decided to test a setup with those functions split. For fun I tried it with recursion in pdns-recursor, part of PowerDNS while keeping bind9 for the authoritive server. I had to select the right IPv6 and IPv4 addresses for authoritive and resolving servers. I do have enough addresses at home thanks to IPv6 and IPv4-with-NAT to do this, but I have to select the right ones. The server at home is known as so the choice of addresses for the authoritive server is easy. So the relevant part of the bind9 configuration in named.conf:
    listen-on-v6 {
        2001:980:14ca:42::694; # auth ext
    listen-on {; # auth ext
And the pdns-recursor in recursor.conf is set up like:
# local-address IP addresses to listen on, separated by spaces or commas
It was a bit of pondering which process got to listen on the v4/v6 localhost address, but I think the resolver is the best candidate. The resolver advertised in radvd.conf has been adjusted.

The next thing to setup was a certain set of zones that the recursor can't find on the Internet, so they need to be asked directly from the authoritive bind9 server. I configured this in recursor.conf like:,,
I tried this with the IPv6 addresses for the authoritive server but this makes pdns-recursor not answer at all, so I reverted to IPv4 for the moment until I understand what is going wrong and why. Testing this makes pdns-recursor hang for other queries too, so for full debugging I need to test this in a way that doesn't affect the rest of my home network. From the command-line the requests work over both IPv6 and IPv4. Enabling query-logging in bind9 doesn't show those requests coming in.

Update: If I read things correctly forward-zones with IPv6 support only came in powerdns-recursor 3.2 and ubuntu 8.04 comes with pdns-recursor 3.1.4. Switching to pdns-recursor from hardy-backports upgrades to 3.3-2~hardy1 and forward-zones starts working over IPv6. Less legacy IP, more IPv6!,,
And it works.

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2012-12-20 (#)
RT @UUGeo: Heel mooi filmpje over een echt kronkelende neprivier. Onderzoek van Maarten Kleinhans.
2012-12-20 (An interesting episode of Hamradionow: a talk by the person behind .. both interesting as a ...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : An interesting episode of Hamradionow: a talk by the person behind .. both interesting as a hamradio enthusiast and as a system administrator. Lots of interesting details! #hamradio #sysadmin  
2012-12-19 (#)
I also received that UPS tracking e-mail scam on an address I only gave to We were a satisfied customer of friendlyrentals a few years back but suddenly I start receiving spam on that marked address. An enquiry about this to friendlyrentals on 14 Dec 2012 hasn't been answered yet.

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2012-12-19 (#)
The last few days I see spam with "DEAR CUSTOMER , Recipient's address is wrong" and lots of links to which is (I think) a valid site for tracking clicks in e-mail from UPS. Links are (for example):
Which all return a 0-byte document for me, even when I set my browser with a user-agent which looks like a vulnerable browser. This is quite strange to me. I used the contact option on the UPS website to ask about this.

There is one link to a different host, with the title Track your Shipment now! with url hxxp:// which contains a redirect to a java exploit.

Latest posts warning about messages suggesting they are from UPS that I see are from 2009 so I guess this is a new flood. Don't fall for it.

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2012-12-19 (Thanks for the invite. I am still learning for my license, but I really like reading about interesting...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Thanks for the invite. I am still learning for my license, but I really like reading about interesting hamradio experiments.
2012-12-18 (#)
RT @50ShedsofGrey: She said she wanted us to try teabagging but I just couldn't do it. I only keep Nescafe in the shed.
2012-12-18 (#)
Another thing I puppetized: setting static routes on redhat-like servers. We have two rfc1918 ranges for management network so systems with a public IPv4 address and a management IPv4 address need a static route to the other half of the management network. Time for puppet which distributes the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-* files and does an ifdown and ifup of the affected interface. Using the variables from facter I can find whether a host is on one of the management IPv4 ranges and on which interface, and create routes accordingly.

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2012-12-18 (Posted because of an announcement I saw somewhere. The business model of the westboro baptist church...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Posted because of an announcement I saw somewhere. The business model of the westboro baptist church.
2012-12-18 (#)
I updated the zabbix ssl certificate test script to be able to use starttls services and did some other changes (tests work better in days left). Current version which can also check for smtp tls and returns the certificate time left in days which makes for easier checks:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

# monitor the number of days left on the SSL certificate on a publicly
# reachable service
# usage in zabbix, create an item in a template
# - Type: External check
# - Key:  ssl-expiry-left.monitor[443]
#   change this for other services and use ssl-expiry-left.monitor[587,"-smtp"]
#   for smtp+tls. Yes, you will need to set up a separate item (/template)
#   for each ssl port combination
# - Type of information: Numeric (unsigned)
# - Data type: Decimal
# - Units: Days
# - Update interval (in sec): 43200
# - Application: SSL+service
# possible trigger values:
# 0: certificate already expired or invalid or not retrievable
# you can add tests for less than 30 or 60 days left

use strict;
use Date::Parse;

my $protoadd="";

if (defined $ARGV[2]){
        if ($ARGV[2] eq "-smtp"){
                $protoadd="-starttls smtp ";

my ($host,$port) = ($ARGV[0],$ARGV[1]);

open(SSLINFO,"echo \"\" | openssl s_client -connect $host:$port $protoadd 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -enddate -noout 2>/dev/null |");

my $expiry=0;

while (<SSLINFO>){
        if (/^notAfter=(.+)\n$/){

if ($expiry>0){
        my $daysleft=($expiry-time())/86400;
        printf "%d\n",$daysleft>=0?$daysleft:0;
} else {
        print "0\n";
Assumes a reasonably recent openssl.

And yes, this script has helped me avoid embarrasment over expired certificates.

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2012-12-18 (#)
We promote #green computing: more green in zabbix is better.
2012-12-16 (#)
One word for: "Wow". Amazing images.
2012-12-15 (#)
The result of an interesting mix of radio propagation, terrain properties, international borders and political choices: the transmitter Bregenz-Pfänder in Austria transmits two DAB muxes into Germany (Bayern) and three DAB muxes into Switzerland while Austria itself is still not starting with digital radio: DAB Pfänder in Betrieb - tech blog (German language).

Found via DAB ensembles worldwide wohnort

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2012-12-15 (#)
RT @sandrogauci: Tim Ehrhart published on Contact header privacy leak in responses to OPTIONS scans by Shodan/SIPVicious ...
2012-12-13 (#)
Enhanced laptop and tablet
2012-12-13 (#)
"U ontvangt deze mail omdat u aangegeven heeft aanbiedingen van AD te willen ontvangen." #SpammersLiegen
2012-12-13 (#)
Mooie leugen in de inkomende e-mail:
U ontvangt deze mail omdat u aangegeven heeft aanbiedingen van AD te willen ontvangen.
.. gericht aan een e-mail adres wat ik alleen aan de volkskrant heb gegeven. Dus dat heb ik niet aangegeven.

"Handig" is ook dat de mail van exact hetzelfde IP komt als de (gewenste) volkskrant e-mail, dus simpel dat IP blokkeren helpt ook niet.

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2012-12-12 (#)
I did a scan of the available DVB-T services with the small antenna, the normal setup for recording broadcasts. One last change visible to the local services is the moving of multiplex 2 to a new frequency as part of the clearing of the 800 MHz frequencies for mobile broadband.

DVB-T reception log 2012-12-12, Utrecht, Netherlands

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2012-12-12 (#)
Good rant by Jason Scott on The Quiet Wikideath of BBS History - I helped my bit by copying a few BBS doorgame articles from Wikipedia to the BBS wiki. I hope initiatives like Break Into Chat help preserve more history.

I think the big issue with early personal computing history is that storage was expensive back then so older stuff had to be thrown out. Now we all have permalinks and nothing gets thrown out. And when a digital archive is in danger of going away, Archive Team will rescue it.

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2012-12-12 (#)
RT @xlerb: 93-9-7043 #september
2012-12-11 (#)
@teamcymru doesn't do #IPv6 only sites
2012-12-10 (#)
In de uitzending van KRO reporter van afgelopen vrijdag werd gesproken over devices die open en bloot een webinterface aan het Internet zichtbaar hebben. Specifiek HP all-in-one printer/scanners waar op afstand een scan aangevraagd kan worden of opgeslagen scans bekeken kunnen worden of Iomega NAS devices die graag hun files delen.

Volgens mij zijn die devices ontworpen voor de thuismarkt, gaan er van uit dat ze achter een NAT-router zitten en wil de marketing vooral dat ze simpel te gebruiken zijn zonder veel onhandige security en vervolgens worden ze aangeschaft door kleinzakelijke gebruikers die een zakelijke aansluiting met meerdere IPs en zonder default firewall hebben. Maar dat is mijn conclusie, dit soort technische details liet de reportage weg.

Het punt van de reportage was vooral 'jullie leveren onveilig spul' naar leveranciers.

Bij gebrek aan details lijkt het er dus op dat leveranciers aannemen dat producten vooral voor thuis zijn en dus door NAT afgeschermd zullen worden. Ook weer een nadeel van NAT. Voor dit soort apparaten zou het een overweging zijn om alleen toegankelijk te zijn vanuit het lokale netwerk en als je iets anders wilt moet je langs een "weet u het zeker" vraag. Als ze via IPv6 bereikbaar worden lijkt dat me zeker een zinnige standaardkeuze.

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2012-12-09 (#)
Vanmorgen was de ADSL snelheid ineens naar 15006/1029 kilobit. Nu was de snelheid begrenst op 10 megabit (wat neerkwam op 10004 kilobit) teneinde een stabiele verbinding te hebben die niet constant hikte. Dus ik ben benieuwd hoe dit gaat en of ik niet weer een downgrade ga aanvragen.

Opvallend verschil is de omschakeling van Fast up/Interleaved down naar Interleaved Up/Down. Voor de wijziging:
Data Rates: Fast (kbps) US=1029; DS=0
Data Rates: Interleave (kbps) US=0; DS=10005
Na de wijziging:
Data Rates: Fast (kbps) US=0; DS=0
Data Rates: Interleave (kbps) US=1029; DS=15006
=>:adsl info
Modemstate            :  up
Operation Mode        :  G.992.5 Annex B
Channel Mode          :  interleaved
Number of resets      :  8
Vendor                              Local           Remote   
  Country             :               0f               b5 
  Vendor              :             TMMB             BDCM 
  VendorSpecific      :             0000             ff91 
  StandardRevisionNr  :               00               02 

                                  Downstream        Upstream 
Margin       [dB]     :              7.0              9.5 
Attenuation  [dB]     :             20.5             11.5 
OutputPower  [dBm]    :             16.0             13.0 

Available Bandwidth                 Cells/s           Kbit/s 
  Downstream          :            35391            15006 
  Upstream            :             2426             1029 

Update 2012-12-10: Dit blijkt het inschakelen van DLM (dynamic line management) te zijn, een techniek om een evenwicht tussen maximale snelheid en stabiliteit te krijgen. De IPv4 snelheid is nogsteeds afgeknepen op 10 megabit. De snelheid is vandaag 15005/1024

Update 2012-12-11: Erg dynamic: vandaag 11996/1029. Ik begon net te denken dat ik de wondershaper moest gaan leren om IPv4 en IPv6 te onderscheiden, maar met een variatie elke dag zou ik dan ook de IPv6 maximum snelheid dynamisch moeten bepalen.

Update 2012-12-12: En vandaag is het 10013/900. Leuk dat DLM, maar het moet wel van de upstream afblijven.

Update 2012-12-13: Vandaag is het 7997/773.

Update 2012-12-15: Gisteren geen wijziging, vandaag ging het naar 7996/773. Midden op de dag, volgens de beschrijvingen van DLM zouden wijzigingen juist 's nachts moeten gebeuren.

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2012-12-08 (#)
@mauricewessling "ziggo goedgekeurde" TVs schijnen hetzelfde probleem te hebben. Definitief uitzoeken voor ik geld uitgeef.
2012-12-08 (#)
@mauricewessling krijg je van UPC marketing dan ook per maand betaald voor het kijken in hun volgorde?
2012-12-07 (#)
RT @marcodavids: #IPv6
2012-12-06 (#)
When an unsubscribe link under snapfish spam answers with
Your unsubscribe request has been taken into account.
you really think "we will have a good laugh over it". So I also complained with the source ISP. That being, I don't expect a lot of response.

Searching a bit for 'snapfish spam' finds I'm not the only one receiving junk from them. Or it is their affiliate program causing spam.

Update 2012-12-09: A new day, a new spam from an ovh customer, this time for (dating site) with affiliate codes embedded. I guess affiliate programs need to work really hard to weed out spammers.

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2012-12-04 (#)
-3FM- service in DAB+ in MTVNL mux, 2012-12-04
Details of the -3FM- service on MTVNL on 2012-12-04: back in DAB+. I used Muxx Inspector to get service details. Click for image with all details.
I did a DAB services scan tonight and noticed that the -3FM- is back in the MTVNL multiplex, giving the Netherlands a DAB+ radio service again. My best guess: this returns one radio service from the Publieke Omroep to the Eindhoven region.

Update 2012-12-06: And two days later the -3FM- service is already replaced by TEST which has audio from a TV program. I wonder what MTVNL is planning.

Update 2012-12-11: An the service is gone again.. MTVNL is busy testing, I guess.

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2012-12-04 (#)
Wardriving results 14 September 2012 - 30 November 2012: 1811 new networks with GPS locations. Adding a tablet with Android and WigleWifi for Android makes wardriving easier.

I am one place up in the WiGLE wardriving stats again.

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2012-12-04 (#)
Network history revisited: Building a 10BASE5 "Thick Ethernet" network when looking funny at a heavy network cable could disable network on an entire floor.

It gets worse: he even designed and built a USB Ethernet Adapter with AUI interface. So he can get 64-bit Windows and Linux on a 10Base5 network and visit facebook (why??).

Found by @pndc: This horror needs sharing. A USB to 10BASE5 adaptor: (hat-tip to @garysmi)

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2012-12-03 (#)
De publieke omroep lijkt erg terughoudend zijn met publiciteit over DAB uitzendingen, zodat een hele regio ineens ontdekt dat de zender uit blijkt te staan zonder aankondiging. Toch hebben ze ook een jingle waarin DAB special genoemd wordt: de jingle van de 24nieuws service. Tekst: 24Nieuws D A B, het radio nieuws station van de Publieke Omroep.

Het is dat er muziek achter zit, anders zou ik er D A B van de Publieke Omroep van proberen te maken.
Listen to audio attachment:
MP3 media: 24 Nieuws DAB jingle (rightclick, select save-as to download)

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2012-12-03 DAB uitschakeling regio Eindhoven
DAB: Radio 1 Service not available Ik denk dat de Nederlandse publieke omroep (NPO) het aantal luisteraars via DAB in de regio Eindhoven een beetje onderschat heeft. Bij de verbetering van het DAB netwerk van de publieke omroep is er voor gekozen om de zender Mierlo uit te schakelen, die veelgebruikt blijkt te zijn door luisteraars in de regio Eindhoven die slechte ontvangst hebben van de FM zenders van de publieke omroep (Lopik en Roermond). Er is nu een petitie om de DAB zender Mierlo weer in de lucht te krijgen.
Opvallend is dat de zender in Alkmaar er vermoedelijk bijgekomen is vanwege de dekkingsproblemen in Noord-Holland en er daarmee dus het ene dekkingsprobleem (deels, de luisteraar heeft er pas wat aan met een DAB-ontvanger) ingeruild is voor het andere.

Meer informatie: Het nieuwe DAB zendernetwerk van de Publieke Omroep NPO: de cijfers - en Nieuwe situatie DAB netwerk van de Nederlandse Publieke Omroep - met dekkingskaartjes van de oude en nieuwe situatie.
Read the rest of DAB uitschakeling regio Eindhoven

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2012-12-03 (#)
Was dat #weeralarm ?
2012-12-03 (#)
Het blijft sneeuwen #NietWilbertsautomagischweerstation
2012-12-02 (#)
Als onderdeel van de verbeteringen in het DAB(+) netwerk van de publieke omroep is ook in Alkmaar een DAB zender gestart in dit SFN (single frequency network). Daarover is natuurlijk bericht door alle legale radio en TV zenders in Nederland -

Wat me in die berichtgeving nogal opvalt is dat tussen de eerste zichtbare tekenen van het installeren van antennes in Alkmaar (2 november 2012) en het ingeschakeld zijn (29 november 2012) en het moment van opleveren (1 december 2012) maar weinig tijd zit, terwijl er in de tussentijd ook nog berichten zijn van DAB antennewerkzaamheden in Arnhem (17 november 2012) en Haarlem (20 november 2012). Installaties kunnen dus met een hoge snelheid actief gemaakt worden.

Mijn conclusie: als de commerciele omroepen een grote introductie-actie van DAB radio per september 2013 willen doen kan het best zijn dat de zenderbeheerder nog gevonden moet worden en dat de bouw van het netwerk pas in de zomer van 2013 is. Ik zou ook wel een persbericht verwachten als de keuze van de zenderbeheerder definitief is.

Update: volgens een opmerking in NPO neemt nieuw DAB-zendernetwerk in gebruik - wordt er al wel aan gewerkt:
De kans is aanwezig dat de NPO medio volgend jaar al over gaat op DAB+. Dan starten namelijk ook de landelijke commerciële stations met uitzenden via digitale etherradio. Zij gaan al gelijk gebruik maken van DAB+. De voorbereidingen hiervoor zijn al in volle gang.

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2012-12-02 (#)
One of the gifts for our almost 2 year old is a lego duplo 5608 trainset. One thing I noticed is the locomotive needs batteries to run and it cannot run free without them. There is probably a small transmission between an electromotor and the wheels. Since pressing a button for the locomotive is a bit much for the 2 year old I hoped I could set the locomotive to run free but it looks like I can't. The rest of the trainset is enjoyed anyway so it isn't much of a problem.

Video with features of the Lego Duplo 5608 trainset.

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2012-11-30 (#)
Vermakelijk: de marketing van ziggo beweert mooie tegenstrijdigheden in hun campagne "Overbodig" waarvoor ik een reclamebord zag in De Bilt waar reggefiber nu glasvezel aan het aanleggen is met providerkeuze. Dat glasvezelnetwerken eigenlijk niet nodig zijn omdat kabel snel genoeg is:
Er wordt de laatste tijd veel over glasvezel gesproken. Volgens de aanbieders hét alternatief voor kabel. Maar is dat wel zo? De Consumentenbond vergeleek onlangs uw kabel met glasvezel. Conclusie: Met kabel bent u even goed voorbereid op de toekomst als met glasvezel. Overstappen is dus overbodig. Want wat je al hebt, heb je niet nodig.
En in dezelfde pagina, waarom het netwerk van Ziggo niet open is:
Ziggo gelooft in concurrentie tussen netwerken. Hierdoor u kunt kiezen tussen netwerken die met elkaar concurreren. Deze verschillende infrastructuren bieden toegang tot een ruime keuze aan diensten. En dat is voor u als consument positief.
Oftewel: glasvezel heb je niet nodig omdat je al kabel hebt en er is genoeg concurrentie omdat er onder andere glasvezel is.

Leg het nog eens langzaam uit Ziggo, maar dan zonder jezelf tegen te spreken.

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2012-11-30 (#)
The Phone Books Are Just Mocking Us Now which reminded me that the library in the Hogeschool I worked 1993-2000 had the shelf with the entire set of phonebooks of the Netherlands replaced by a sign 'look it up on the website'.

But the publisher of the phonebooks in the Netherlands has only started this year (2012) to ask whether you are interested in the paper phonebook. And according to the article above some phonebook publishers are taking even longer.

Article found via @haighteration : The Phone Books Are Just Mocking Us Now

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2012-11-30 (#)
I mailed about android security but the mail got delayed:
   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
... while talking to
>>> DATA
<<< 450 4.7.1 Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname, [2001:980:14ca:61::13]
<publieksreacties at>... Deferred: 450 4.7.1 Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname, [2001:980:14ca:61::13]
<<< 554 5.5.1 Error: no valid recipients
So bonuspoints for publieke omroepen for implementing IPv6 and minus several points for xs4all for still not offering IPv6 reverse DNS.

So I rerouted the mail via the xs4all mailservers.

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2012-11-29 (#)
Nu ik ook een tablet heb met Android erop interreseert het me ook hoe de beveiliging en rechten toekenning werkt. Dat is wel een interresant aspect van Android: een applicatie krijgt bij installatie een set rechten mee, bij installatie krijgt de gebruiker duidelijk een melding welke rechten dit zijn.

En dus valt me gelijk op dat de NOS teletekst app een interresant recht vraagt: Telefoon status en id lezen. Niet dat er in de tablet een telefoon zit, maar toch vind ik dat recht niet echt logisch voor een teletekst app.

Dus maar eens de NOS om informatie gevraagd.

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2012-11-29 (#)
RT @DeSpeld: EPD met Facebook Login
2012-11-28 (#)
@mikko so for your next TV, ask the salesguy for one that supports SSH and strong authentication...
2012-11-27 (The lid of my laptop has room for more stickers...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : The lid of my laptop has room for more stickers...
2012-11-27 (#)
Lid of my laptop has room for more stickers
2012-11-27 (After all the music videos by +Lionel Lauer I have to share this gem... check out the 'lyrics'.)
Google+Koos van den Hout : After all the music videos by +Lionel Lauer I have to share this gem...
check out the 'lyrics'.
2012-11-27 (#)
On a somewhat more shady site I get an ad for software which thinks it can help me 'earn' by doing statistical analysis on on-line casinos.

This doesn't just smell like a scam, this smells like a load of scams together. On-line casinos are forbidden in this country anyway and just like the Las Vegas type casino the on-line casino will probably do a lot to stop visitors from having any advantage over the bank. So any service which suggest it can revert this openly without being blocked is unbelievable by default.

The scam is quite probably in that you have to start playing one of the on-line casinos via links in the program, so those are probably affiliate links and you're not winning a cent extra in the process but the maker of the software already earned his money. Or the casinos themselves want you to believe you can make money this way and created this software.

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2012-11-27 (#)
RT @scottamcintyre: I love BYOD in the Enterprise. It keeps the malware Petri dish of corporate networks fully stocked with malicious ac ...
2012-11-26 (#)
One thing I love to do here at BA HQ is feature beautiful, time-lapse videos of the night sky. The advent of high-definition digital cameras has led to an explosion of these videos. If the photographer takes care, the result can be an ethereally lovely and (ironically) other-worldly feel to the animation.

My pal Christoph Malin is one such photographer. He is a member of The World At Night, a global effort to make more people aware of the beauty of the night sky. Over the past year and a half, he’s been traveling to the volcano island of La Palma, one of the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco, filming the landscape and skyscape there. He generated over a terabyte of raw images (!!) and put them together to create this gorgeous time lapse video, Island in the Sky.
You want to watch this in HD and fullscreen.
Via Time-lapse video: clouds and stars over the volcanic La Palma Canary Island

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2012-11-26 (#)
Interesting article/presentation: Pen tester builds wifi war-bike about a motorcycle with war-driving capabilities based on kismet coupled with a heads-up display driven via a Raspberry Pi.

The video in the article of the presentation is not very good, and I can't find a website about this project at the moment.

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2012-11-25 (#)
Ah, memories... Stefan Arentz dug up pictures (analog pictures! made with a chemical camera!) from hip'97: HIP97-Felipe2, a set on flickr. I still think hip'97 was (for me personally) one of the best hacker camps.

More hip'97 goodness: HIP97-Felipe1, HIP97-Unknown with actual black and white pictures and HIP97-Wendy.

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2012-11-25 (#)
Interesting article: Facebook and Google know that we value conformity more than our privacy - New Statesman about the new book Cypherpunks by Julian Assange. Some thought-provoking remarks and I enjoyed this one in particular:
At present, the only solution from Assange and his cypherpunks seems to be for everyone to become competent at digital encryption, which is not going to happen any time soon. We know this because, even though there’s free software out there that allows anyone with moderate computer skills to make their data secure, the head of the CIA, for God’s sake, still uses Gmail to drop messages to his mistress.
Learn to use pgp/gpg, all of you!

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2012-11-23 (Rammstein Vs Daft Punk (DJ Soundwave Mash-Up) (Takes about a minute to kick in.))
Google+Koos van den Hout : Try to wrap your brain around this...
2012-11-23 (#)
@Wilboard inderdaad, dat was de prijs die ik gekozen heb, een samsung galaxy tab
2012-11-23 (#)
RT @phasperhoven: Mooi! @khoos werkt bij de UU, en niet tegen ons:-) Gefeliciteerd! RT @SURFnet Spannende hackcontest SURFcert [..] http ...
2012-11-22 (#)
Interesting article: Privacy: Why Europeans Think You're Inadequate - about the differences in privacy rules in Europe and the US and the backgrounds behind them.

Good explanation:
Privacy in the US focuses from a legislative standpoint on preventing the theft of one’s identity, resulting in a negative financial impact. Privacy in the EU is far broader, not limited to financial concerns, and regulated by data protection authorities at the EU and country level.
And this one struck me:
When discussing the US/EU divide with a colleague from France, he asked me, “How many times has your country been occupied by a foreign power? Have you had your government and its agents spying on your own people and incentives for citizens to incriminate other citizens?” I got the message. The World Wars of the 20th century still echo in the levels of privacy demanded by citizens of the EU following years of having none. US citizens have been more fortunate with a fairly functional and stable democratic government trusted by its citizens.
Which describes exactly the reasons why I think the government should collect the absolute minimum of data about the personal lives of its citizens.

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2012-11-21 (#)
Ik heb meegedaan aan de hackcontest ter ere van 20 jaar SURFcert. Ik vond het belangrijk om mee te doen omdat de Universiteit Utrecht betrokken is geweest bij de opzet van SURFcert.

De contest bestond uit twee delen: een eerste deel waarin een ketting van puzzels opgelost moesten worden. Deze challenge was afgeleid van een van de Dragon Research Group challenges. Elke stap leverde een URL op naar de volgende stap. Een stap met een qr-code met een gemenigheidje er in (de meeste qr-code software leest geen gespiegelde qr-codes), een stap met een .pcap file waar een sessie met urls uit gehaald moesten worden, een stap met een .exe file die een ROT-47 versleutelde url bevatte (waarbij de wat meer op windows gerichte onderzoeker een decompiler zou gebruiken) en een jpg file met een url erin gestopt met steganografie met encryptie.

Het tweede deel was een 'capture the flag': het inbreken in een niet geheel up-to-date windows computer met metasploit en dan het daarop vinden van 5 'flag files'. De inbraak lukte met een msrpc exploit en daarna ging het vinden van de eerste 2 files vlot voor mij. De 3e en de 4e kon ik vinden nadat ik van de meest recent ingelogde gebruiker op het systeem alle 'Recent Document' links aan het volgen was.

Het eindresultaat was dat ik gewonnen heb! Surfnet maakte het gelijk bekend: Spannende hackcontest SURFcert gewonnen door Koos van den Hout.
Juist die gedachtensprongen die nodig waren om alles op te lossen maakte het leuk en uitdagend voor me.

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2012-11-21 (#)
Nogsteeds bezig met de studie voor het radio amateur examen. Ik moet blijven oefenen op de diverse onderdelen omdat ze anders wegzakken. Volgens de website van de stichting radio examen - volgende examens zal de eerstvolgende mogelijkheid om een examen te doen in maart 2013 in Amersfoort zijn. Een goed moment om naar toe te gaan werken.

Update: Ik sta ingeschreven voor het Novice examen op 6 maart 2013.

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2012-11-20 (#)
@bitsoffreedom gaat over amerikaanse bedrijven, maar lees ook over verschillen EU/USA
2012-11-14 (Interesting article. The whole affair (pun I did not want to avoid) gets interesting at "it appears...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Interesting article. The whole affair (pun I did not want to avoid) gets interesting at

"it appears that the FBI not only devoted substantial resources, but also engaged in highly invasive surveillance, for no reason other than to do a personal favor for a friend of one of its agents, to find out who was very mildly harassing her by email."

and from there the surveillance and intrusions get worse.
2012-11-14 (#)
RT @scottamcintyre: Very good surveillance state points raised: cc: @efa_oz & Data Retention
2012-11-13 (#)
@edgecast routing xs4all -> 2606:2800::/32 is still missing, traceroute added at the bottom of
2012-11-12 (#)
RT @jmccrohan: @khoos I'm also having issues.
2012-11-12 (#)
@florianoverkamp @edgecast mtr/ping fails for me. suggests that pmtu problems can also play a role... #ipv6
2012-11-11 (#)
Regelmatig kom ik verhalen tegen uit het buitenland over (lig)fietsers die standaard maar hun fietsritten opnemen met een kleine videocamera om zo beeld te hebben van verkeersgedrag van automobilisten, en de meest rare/gevaarlijke situaties on-line zetten. Vaak compleet met nummerborden, die ik hier even niet noem omdat het om het idee gaat en niet om de specifieke gevallen. Recent zelfs een verhaal van een ligfietser in een velomobiel die zich regelmatig laat volgen door zijn vrouw in een auto met een camera in Zuid-Derbyshire in Engeland: Opdat je het maar weet! - waarbij lokale wethouder(!) Michael Stanton opmerkt na maar net de ligfiets op tijd gezien te hebben:
"If it had been one second later I would have killed him. If he gets killed it probably serves him right, but the problem is, he may end up killing or injuring someone else."
Hij heeft later toch iets afstand genomen van die woorden Opdat je het maar weet! Vervolg! -

Dan ben ik toch maar blij dat ik dit in Nederland niet hoef te doen, dat het verkeer eigenlijk in vergelijking zeer vriendelijk is. Een enkele keer een automobilist op de sluiproute rond Fort Voordorp die dan ook wat gevaar oplevert, maar veel minder dan in dit soort filmpjes. En met de afmetingen van ligfiets + fietsaanhanger is mijn plek in het verkeer ook niet de makkelijkste.

Update 2012-12-11: En zelfs video hebben helpt niet altijd: CTC Magazine Article on Road Rage over een advocaat(!) die met een video opname van een doodsbedreiging door een automobilist naar de politie ging en nog heel veel moeite moest doen om activiteit uit de politie te krijgen.

Update 2013-01-14: Ik kwam van het weekend What an RAF pilot can teach us about being safe on the road tegen, een interresant verhaal over hoe straaljagerpiloten leren over de tekortkomingen in het menselijk zicht en daar rekening mee houden, ook interresant voor weggebruikers.

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2012-11-10 (#)
@edgecast your cdn is unreachable via #ipv6 from ..
2012-11-10 (#)
@mattblaze @schneierblog so any behaviour other than being an obedient consumer is suspect. Cool.
2012-11-10 (#)
I just tried to visit Laser charged glowing display - Hack a Day but the page kept loading forever. The problem is with loading page content (images and scripts) from,, All of which seem to be part of wordpress hosting and come via the edgecast content distribution network:
koos@machiavelli:~$ host is an alias for has address has IPv6 address 2606:2800:234:1922:15a7:17bf:bb7:f09
koos@machiavelli:~$ host is an alias for has address has IPv6 address 2606:2800:234:1922:15a7:17bf:bb7:f09
koos@machiavelli:~$ host is an alias for has address has IPv6 address 2606:2800:234:1922:15a7:17bf:bb7:f09
And all suffer from a reachability problem via IPv6:
koos@machiavelli:~$ telnet 80
Trying 2606:2800:234:1922:15a7:17bf:bb7:f09...
Taking a while to fall back to IPv4, which results in long page loading times. I noticed this on other sites too, like pages using gravatar. Which uses the same cdn with the same problem:
koos@machiavelli:~$ host is an alias for has address has IPv6 address 2606:2800:234:124e:17ca:871:eb2:2067
koos@machiavelli:~$ telnet 80
Trying 2606:2800:234:124e:17ca:871:eb2:2067...
Seems edgecast has an IPv6 reachability problem from here (home, xs4all IPv6) but not from other places. I can't reach the edgecast site either since it's on their own network. Or at least I can't via the squid proxy, I can when not using a proxy, since firefox has its own ideas about timeouts.

I tried to notify edgecast via e-mail and twitter.

Update 2012-11-12: Noted by others: WordPress IPv6 Issues - seeing something more like PMTU problems.
And Edgecast is working on it: Thanks, @jmccrohan and @khoos. We're working hard on this right now. More soon. cc @florianoverkamp @cwoodfield
After a few changes and a lot of testing, we believe the IPv6 issue experienced by some users is now resolved.
But I'm still seeing routing issues:
$ traceroute6
traceroute to (2606:2800:234:1df9:13d:1d4e:6b0:10cf) from 2001:980:14ca:61::13, port 33434, from port 44865, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
 1 (2001:888:0:4401::1)  15.529 ms  14.870 ms  16.175 ms 
 2 (2001:888:0:4403::2)  15.349 ms  16.757 ms  14.426 ms 
 3 (2001:888:1:4005::1)  17.594 ms  16.123 ms  15.212 ms 
 4 (2001:7f8:1::a500:2914:1)  17.108 ms  16.405 ms  15.552 ms 
 5 (2001:728:0:2000::12a)  18.093 ms  17.441 ms  16.083 ms 
 6  * * *         
 7  * * *         
 8  * * *         
 9  * * *         

Update 2012-11-15: More traceroutes to test. It seems the only thing unreachable is exactly the /48 which holds the IPv6 content server(s).

Update 2012-12-07: A network engineer at xs4all contacted Edgecast and got the problem solved pronto. I guess he has a better entry point!
koos@greenblatt:~$ telnet -6 80
Trying 2606:2800:234:1df9:13d:1d4e:6b0:10cf...
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

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2012-11-08 (#)
RT @UUGeo: Wilfried van Sark van #uugeo test zonnepanelen op het dak van het Wiskundegebouw. RTV Utrecht klom mee het dak op. http://t.c ...
2012-11-07 (#)
Een half jaar geleden schreef ik over de huidige plannen voor digitale radio in Nederland en de ruimte voor nieuwkomers. Voor nieuwe concurrerende diensten lijkt nog niet veel ruimte te zijn, alleen via mobiele tv nederland: zakelijke producten en services mobiele tv nederland die duidelijk aangeven dat landelijke radiodiensten bij hun terecht zouden kunnen.

Ik zie nu een mogelijke klant: Traffic Radio richt zich op het autorijdende publiek en .. is alleen via Internet streams te beluisteren. Voor de doelgroep een aparte keuze, juist broadcast radio heeft 'de automobilist' als publiek. Niet voor niets heeft de 'prime time' van televisie als equivalent in radio 'drive time'. Dus misschien is het een idee voor trafficradio om ook eens naar DAB+ te kijken, want een FM frequentie met enige dekking in gebieden waar ze te beluisteren willen zijn zal wel heel moeilijk of erg onbetaalbaar zijn. Nu zijn er voorlopig ook niet veel auto's met DAB+ geschikte autoradio's maar misschien kan van dat feit gebruik maken om tegen misschien lage kosten meer potentiële dekking te krijgen, en dan mee te kunnen liften op de verwachtte introductie van DAB+ in september 2013. Ik heb deze suggestie ondertussen aan trafficradio doorgegeven.

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2012-11-06 (#)
RT @Milkshake: Debilisering van TV bereikt nieuw dieptepunt met grafische weergave van US verkiezingsuitslag door de NOS #horserace
2012-11-06 (#)
En sommige 'slimme meters' zenden hun actuele gegevens ook continue via radiosignalen uit: Smart meters not so clever about privacy, researchers find - Networkworld (engelstalig artikel).
Researchers at the University of South Carolina have discovered that some types of electricity meter are broadcasting unencrypted information that, with the right software, would enable eavesdroppers to determine whether you're at home.
Met een SDR (software defined radio) is het dus mogelijk de signalen 'gewoon' te ontvangen en met wat zoeken uit te vinden bij welk huis deze horen.

Het bijbehorende research paper Neighborhood Watch: Security and Privacy Analysis of Automatic Meter Reading Systems (pdf) met veel meer technische details zoals frequentie en protocol.

Via Some Smart Meters Broadcast Readings in the Clear - Slashdot met de observatie (voor de US situatie) : Perhaps more distressing, given trends in 4th amendment interpretation, I bet the transmissions are open game for law enforcement.

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2012-11-05 (#)
Google ad: Thank you for helping us measure IPv6
Interesting google ad: "Thank you for helping us measure IPv6", linking to Measuring IPv6 - APNIC. Yes, that was a session over IPv6 from home.

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2012-11-04 (#)
Some updates to the findings on playing with a cablemodem after getting access to a second cablemodem. The interesting conclusion is that the first one still seems to be 'blacklisted' as I can't get an answer to DHCP requests when using that one.

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2012-11-04 (#)
Eindelijk na zoveel jaar GSM standaard in Nederland een nuttige toepassing van cell broadcast: NL-Alert gebruikt cell broadcast om berichten aan iedereen in een bepaald gebied te sturen. Lang was de regio informatie de enige werkende toepassing hiervan, maar die is vorig jaar uitgeschakeld.

Maar blijkbaar hebben de ontwerpers van moderne telefoons gedacht dat cell broadcast zo weinig gebruikt werd dat ze het wel weg konden laten uit telefoons. In het overzicht van hoe mobiele telefoons in te stellen voor NL-Alert staan veel nieuwe telefoons als 'ondersteunen het (nog) niet' en wat oudere telefoons doen het prima.

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2012-11-04 (Hmm. Guess I'm not going to Zeta-controlled areas on my next vacation.)
Google+Koos van den Hout : It must be the radio enthusiast in me talking, but I notice a distinct lack of technical details about this radio network. Frequencies, modulation, protocols. Antenna sizes suggest something VHF or low UHF to me, but I'm a beginner on antenna design. Use of words like 'network' and 'encryption' suggest something like a digital network with automatic routing.
2012-11-02 (#)
Ik was op zoek naar de frequentie(s) van Texel airport omdat we daar vlakbij zouden zitten en ik de oude handscanner (Uniden Bearcat BC120XLT) wel mee wilde nemen. Ik kwam de frequenties luchtvaart Nederland - tegen en nadat ik de frequentie (enkelvoud) van Texel airport had ingesteld controleerde ik de frequenties die ik had voor Schiphol en daar bleek een aardig deel niet meer van te kloppen. Wat een verklaring is waarom ik de laatste tijd zo weinig hoorde van Schiphol op de scanners. Na aanpassing aan de hand van de hele lijst voor Schiphol hoorde ik al gelijk meer activiteit. Tijd om de lijst op de 'thuis' scanner ook bij te werken.

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2012-10-26 (#)
RT @hann0: Passing SSID to system() *facepalm* “@mubix: This is pretty epic, command injection via SSID to jailbreak a device: http://t. ...
2012-10-25 (#)
@letoams they treat AUPs like laws: something to inflict on others, but don't have to uphold themselves
2012-10-25 (#)
RT @twitjeb: @bitsoffreedom en/of misschien nog erger, is ze tegenwerken bij een digitale inbraakpoging gelijk aan het tegenwerken van d ...
2012-10-24 (The funniest bit (to me) is seeing both PSY and Ban Ki-moon searching a bit for words to express themselves...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : The funniest bit (to me) is seeing both PSY and Ban Ki-moon searching a bit for words to express themselves. Communicating in English when both share the Korean language is a disadvantage here.
2012-10-24 (#)
I received yet another spam aimed at a Belgium company, meaning the sender has quite probably gotten my address from the Email-Packs lists of addresses mentioned before. But this time there is a funny side: the service offered is "professional email marketing" by HaLeMail. Well, I guess "not looking stupid email marketing" starts at not buying shady lists from untrusted sources.

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2012-10-22 (#)
Iets wat voor mij bijzonder is en tegelijkertijd nu heel gewoon is het einde van de koude oorlog. In de tijd dat ik opgroeide was de Oost-West tegenstelling duidelijk en was dit ook de enige bron van militaire dreiging. Verschillen tussen de Warschau-Pact landen wist ik toen niet, het gevoel was dat landsgrenzen ceremonieel waren en dat alles gestuurd werd van Moskou.

Op een vakantie in West-Duitsland kwamen we dicht bij de grens met Oost-Duitsland en dat gaf een duidelijk gevoel van spanning. Veel militair verkeer, duidelijk aangegeven grens, gebieden waar je niet mocht fotograferen, vliegtuigen.

Op die vakantie spraken we op een camping in West-Duitsland iemand die vanuit Polen werkte net in West-Duitsland (en dus als onderdak een tent had). Daar leerde ik de eerste nuance: hij had gewoon die werkvergunning en het oversteken van de grens was dusdanig gestroomlijnd (in de jaren 80) dat hij elk weekend heen en weer kon naar zijn familie in Polen.

Na de 'Wende' werd alles anders. Niet van de ene dag op de andere, de beide Duitslanden groeiden langzaam naar elkaar. We leerden in Nederland dat de DDR toen heel hard geprobeerd had het braafste communistische jongetje van de klas te zijn en dat Polen wat makkelijker ermee omgegaan was. We leerden dat Europa en de Navo hele scenarios klaar hadden voor als de Russen zouden komen en dat de Russische invalsplannen er heel anders uitzagen.

Ik heb de tijd van de koude oorlog die ik persoonlijk meegemaakt heb wel als 'dreigend' ervaren, en dat het overging als een enorme verbetering.

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2012-10-21 (#)
I like the concept of the Amazing Week 2012, so I decided to add a few amazing things of my own. I will pick language (Dutch or English) based on the context of the amazing item. Some things work better for me in Dutch, some in English.

I have to start with something quite predictable for the amazingweek: the Internet itself. To me, the Internet is still amazing. For most the Internet equals the web. To me, the basic concept of the Internet, an international network which has one protocol for computers (TCP/IP) which can run over lots of different connections. And on which every participant with enough knowledge can offer a service, including services the designers of the network never thought of. For a reasonable price.

When I started to connect computers, dial-up BBSes were the best way to connect one computer to another. Local networks were either over serial or other special cables, or way to expensive. Dial-up was limited by the fact that you had to pay (in most countries) per time-unit for calls. It was cheaper in the evenings, but still high phone-bills were always looming so you had to be careful.

The first experiments in what is now data-over-cable and adsl were done, you heard reports about those in technology news programs. "We" (BBS users) had some ideas of what use highspeed data connections could have but the companies designing these were thinking long and hard how to earn money with these new capabilities. Shopping services, remote security services, and even a first hint at video on demand. Those things were proposed but nobody thought of simply offering 'computer network' at consumer prices. Maybe at business prices, competing with the very expensive leased lines offered by telecom companies.

And dial-up Internet came, and changed everything. The first tests of campus computer networks. Years later, Internet access via other means (cable, DSL) came to homes.

I was very lucky: I was able to get a leased line when dial-up still was the norm. A whopping 33000 bps connection (PPP over serial) with an actual fixed IPv4 address. So I could log in to my own server at home from other places. And run my own services, including a web server.

I still don't take Internet access everywhere for granted. Knowing how it was when I wished hard for affordable Internet access or even before that how difficult it was to get a file from one place to another, Internet still amazes me.

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2012-10-19 (#)
Minister Schippers vergeet even dat CSI:* fictie is? #eng
2012-10-19 (#)
De wereld nu helemaal op z'n kop met hele gevaarlijke voorstellen: 'Justitie moet dna ziekenhuis gebruiken'. Behalve het omdraaien van de aanname van onschuld (erg populair in Nederland de laatste jaren) zou justitie hiermee ook medisch onderzoek direct bedreigen. Dit is niet waar mensen toestemming voor gegeven hebben bij medisch onderzoek.

En de 'waarborg' over 'alleen inzetten bij ernstige misdrijven' gaat gegarandeerd ook slijten zodra de gegevens toegankelijk zijn. Mooi voorbeeld van een vergelijkbare 'beveiliging' is bij de bewaarplicht telecommunicatiegegevens. Bits of Freedom heeft de 'veiligheden' hiervan onderzocht en noteert in De bewaarplicht als boegbeeld van onze bevrijding - Bits of Freedom:
De bepalingen in het Wetboek van Strafvordering zijn zo ruim geformuleerd dat in theorie van vrijwel iedereen gegevens kunnen worden opgevraagd. Je hoeft niet ‘verdacht’ te zijn, de aanduiding ‘betrokkenheid’ is al voldoende voor een vordering, die niet getoetst wordt door een rechter-commissaris. Dus als uw collega verdacht wordt van de ‘heling van een goed’ (koopt een fiets op straat, bijvoorbeeld), kan de officier van justitie al uw bel-, sms- en internetverkeer van de afgelopen twaalf maanden inzien. Het wordt zelfs grappig, als we de wet goed bestuderen. Als uw zoon verdacht wordt van het ‘gebruiken van een hond als trekkracht’ kan de politie al uw telecomverkeer opvragen.

Blijkbaar heeft de minister wat teveel CSI gekeken. Vergeet niet dat CSI fictie is, mevrouw Schippers.

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2012-10-18 (#)
@briankrebs maxmind geoip is free for map IPv4 to country
2012-10-18 (#)
Ook in België waren stemcomputers bij de laatste verkiezingen oorzaak van problemen. Een aantal artikelen erover uit de Vlaamstalige pers waren al verzameld door Rop Gonggrijp: Belgium goes e-Voting - maar de berichtgeving begint nu ook tot Nederland door te dringen: Stemcomputers beïnvloeden verkiezingen België -

Met alle gemorrel over het niet gebruiken van stemcomputers in Nederland is het weer tijd dat Wij vertrouwen stemcomputers niet actief wordt volgens mij.

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2012-10-18 (#)
#dilbert #phb explains capitalism
2012-10-17 (#)
@FallenPegasus brought your rfid reader? It would be interesting to know how the system works.
2012-10-16 (#)
@Quux_NL if #NS #prorail don't want interference from lots of 3G/4G devices in the train, they should unsuck the #WiFi pronto..
2012-10-15 (#)
@Wilboard leuk artikel, ook al denk ik dat oorzaak en gevolg wat anders liggen, beschreven in
2012-10-15 (#)
Opvallend artikel: Portofoon steeds meer een smartphone - PI4RAZ met als opmerkingen:
Portofoons en smartphones lijken steeds meer op elkaar. Zowel het uiterlijk, het gebruik als de functionaliteiten komen samen. Een logische ontwikkeling, vindt Arend Massier, Sales Manager bij Motorola-dealer Selecsys: "Een portofoon kan soms te intimiderend overkomen."
Mijn eigen gedachte is dat die ontwikkeling vooral komt omdat de professionele portofoons steeds meer digitale netwerk functies krijgen, zoals de in het artikel genoemde ticket management en e-mail. Dat ze dan minder op een portofoon lijken is in sommige omgevingen (zoals de genoemde hotels) inderdaad een voordeel.

Grappig is dat ik me vandaag juist op de fiets afvroeg of ik met een portofoon voor amateur-radio toepassingen misschien over zou komen als beveiliger of agent, wat in het verkeer niet altijd even handig zou zijn. Als ik het radio-amateur examen gehaald heb wil ik wel beginnen met wat experimenten met een portofoon op de ligfiets. Maar: eerst maar eens dat examen halen!

Gevonden via Beste mederadiozendamateurs, een portofoon is intimiderend. Daarom gaan ze steeds meer lijken op smartphones. …

Update 2013-02-19: Ik kwam ook een opmerking van Hans PD0AC tegen in I have been scammed! - Ham Radio Blog PD0AC:
Every time I'm driving my car for example, holding a microphone or some hand-held, people slam on their brakes. I can see the wives yell "Slow down, it might be police!" to their husbands.
Dus de gedachte "aangezien worden voor beveiliger of agent" is niet zo vreemd. Maar met een auto is die kans natuurlijk stukken groter dan met een fiets. Om op de fiets aangezien te worden voor politie-agent moet ik op een witte mountainbike door voetgangersgebieden gaan rijden.

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2012-10-15 (#)
Interesting observations in an article and video Hacking is child’s play – SQL injection with Havij by 3 year old - Troy Hunt:
A quick look through YouTube and you’ll see tutorials such as SQL Injecting With Havij which is notable not for its content, but rather for its presenter. As well as the guy sounding like he's about 15 years old, it's also clear he has very little idea of what a SQL database is or even how Havij actually works. This isn't a criticism of the kid per se, it's simply an observation about how accessible tools like Havij are.
And the very true conclusion:
being a target doesn’t mean being a large multinational or supporting a cause that doesn’t sit well with hacktivists nor does it mean presenting some sort of financial upside to those who can break through your security. No, being a target means being on the internet.
All I can say is: "Amen, brother!"

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2012-10-14 (#)
Ik probeer regelmatig tijd te maken voor de Digitale Leeromgeving zend amateurs maar dat lukt niet altijd. Vanmiddag wel, en in de vragen van de cursus kwam ik een mooie instinker tegen kwa vraagstelling, goed dat ik er in de dlza cursus op gewezen ben en niet tijdens het examen tegenaanloop. De vraagstelling zit ook in het N-examen radio-amateur frequentiegebruik zoals afgenomen in Februari 2011:
Een zender is aangesloten op een kunstantenne (dummy load). Het uitgangsvermogen van de zender wordt met een factor 4 vergroot.

De uitgangsstroom wordt dan:
Bij eerste lezing dacht ik dat de vraagstelling iets was in de richting "je sluit een dummyload aan op een zender, en dus vergroot het zendvermogen met een factor 4". Onjuist, na het nog eens rustig overdacht te hebben, de vraag is "de uitgang van een zender is aangesloten op een dummyload (= een constante weerstand die zendvermogen kan dissiperen) en we vergroten het uitgangsvermogen met een factor 4".

Dan zijn ineens 'zender' en 'dummyload' eigenlijk niet meer zo belangrijk: het vermogen wat in een weerstand wordt gestopt vergroten we met een factor 4, hoeveel keer groter is de stroom. Met P = I²*R betekent duidelijk bij een constante R en 4 keer zoveel P dat I wortel(4) dus 2 keer zo groot wordt.

Erg nuttig om nu tegen die vraagstelling aan te lopen!

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2012-10-12 (#)
Found where #twitter hid the rss feed using so I can update my homepage again
2012-10-11 (#)
Interresante fraude poging: een whatsapp berichtje wat je probeert te sturen naar de URL (je eigen mobiele nummer) omdat je een iphone 5 gewonnen zou hebben. Die stuurt je door naar die redirect naar die probeert je te abonneren op een premium sms dienst van 3 euro per bericht, 4 berichten per week, waar je blijkbaar misschien zo'n iphone kan winnen. In de verwijzing naar zitten wat extra getallen en heeft een affiliate program, dus ik gok dat dit een poging is door een affiliate is om te verdienen.

Wel leuk geprobeerd met '', staat op naam van Mustafa Karacan in Istanbul, Turkije. En als ik zoek op 'whatsapp spam' kom ik als eerste Whatsapp - Scam and Spam tegen waar domein genoemd wordt met als houder dezelfde persoon.

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2012-10-10 (#)
RT @Quux_NL: Ook Canada maakt zich zorgen om Huawei <= geen enkele andere leverancier zou dat natuurlijk doen (Isral, USA)??? http:/ ...
2012-10-10 (Via OH HELL NO!!!! I just got wind of this from a fan...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : If there is one thing I hate it is disrespect in the name of religion.
2012-10-10 (#)
Good article on IPv4 depletion, IPv6 adoption and the influence this has on the further development and growth of the Internet: IPv4 depletion: Threat? Danger? Crisis? Turning IPv6 Up and IPv4 Down - Cisco Blog. A good article.

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2012-10-10 (#)
I sometimes rant about cycling on the road in the Netherlands, but other countries can make things much worse. This press release from the police in Victoria Australia illustrate how bad things can be in other countries: Vulnerable road users focus for police - Victoria Police news online.

Note the following:
“Cyclists make up almost half of all vulnerable road user injuries in and around Melbourne’s CBD and in around 75 per cent of cases, it’s car drivers who are at fault.

“This includes drivers failing to give way to cyclists at intersections, opening car doors into the path of cyclists and merging when unsafe.
Followed by the 'solution':
“We’ll be targeting offences such as disobeying traffic signals, not wearing a helmet, riding on a non shared footpath and motorcyclists riding in designated bicycle lanes to prevent the amount of road trauma involving vulnerable road users.”
So my interpretation is: most accidents involving vulnerable road users are caused by car drivers, so we start educating those vulnerable road users to keep more to the rules and ignore the cause and they write a press release about it without seeing the fault in their own logic.

Found via Cars are at fault in 75% of car/bicycle accidents. Yet VIC police launch operation targeting cyclists to improve safety

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2012-10-10 (#)
Scam phonecalls trying to convince you to install software to 'repair' your windows computer are on the rise. So I was waiting for 'my' first call and the first ones happened today. It was indeed number 0014259053074 (or +1-425-905-3074 / 425-905-3074) which according to some google searches is a number in Everett, Washington. Nobody was available to be scammed so the call went to voicemail where the scammer wasn't interested to leave a message.

Google searches suggest this caller-id is used a lot in scam calls to numbers in the Netherlands. Don't fall for them.

Update: The scammer called back, told she was from something 'the global support organisation for microsoft windows' and was confused about the part of the day it was, stating she called from the UK but sounding like it was from India with US caller-ID and was surprised the person who answered wasn't the 'owner of a windows computer'.

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2012-10-10 (#)
@Wilboard de paar avonden met een boek deden het niet voor een proefexamen, ik doe nu de zelfstudie (dlza) bij de delta-india-golf groep
2012-10-09 (#)
RT @letoams: Versign patents an #ietf draft, but messes up and ends up inventing failure
2012-10-09 (#)
I just found Intercept Service with Jane Barbe where ElmerCat has put a lot of time and energy into saving, splitting and digitizing phone phreaking recordings. My first thought was to take the Jane Barbe recordings and set up a few intercepts of my own. Maybe for playing with the people who try to break in to my asterisk testserver or (more constructive) to set up a Jane Barbe intercept service which can be used on Collectors*Net.
Found (unsurprisingly) via "1000 Abstract Machines" ... and a New Generation of Phone Phreaks? - The History Of Phone Phreaking.

Update: Ok, using the 'Jane Barbe' digits in Asterisk isn't very hard. Download the .mp3 files from soundcloud and convert them to the asterisk .gsm format:
$ mkdir janebarbe
$ sox JB-0-neutral.mp3 -r 8000 -c 1 janebarbe/0.gsm
$ sox JB-is-not-in-service.mp3 -r 8000 -c 1 janebarbe/is-not-in-service.gsm 
$ sox JB-the-number-you-have-reached.mp3 -r 8000 -c 1 janebarbe/the-number-you-have-reached.gsm
And put that entire janebarbe directory in the directory where asterisk expects the digit files for language 'janebarbe' which is /usr/share/asterisk/sounds/digits/janebarbe/ in the 'old' directory structure and /usr/share/asterisk/sounds/janebarbe/digits/ in the 'new' directory structure. Look at Asterisk multi-language - for details on directory structures.

Using the digits is now simple, a test:
exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => s,n,Wait(1)
exten => s,n,Playback(digits/janebarbe/the-number-you-have-reached)
exten => s,n,Set(CHANNEL(language)=janebarbe)
exten => s,n,SayDigits(1234567890)
exten => s,n,Playback(digits/janebarbe/is-not-in-service)
exten => s,n,Hangup
Will have Jane Barbe telling you what you expect. This can be used as an invalid-number intercept.

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2012-10-08 (#)
AM radio station with high frequency components
AM radio station with high frequency components
Playing with the Wide-band websdr at the University of Twente ETGD radio amateur club I browsed the AM medium wave broadcast band. Just above the defined mediumwave broadcast band was a (pirate) station at 1620 kHz, clearly using equipment not built for broadcast-quality AM transmission within the normal frequency grid. With the waterfall display offered by the websdr interface it's easy to see the high frequency components, way more than a normal AM radio station (4.5 kHz above and below the carrier frequency in the ITU region 1 mediumwave frequency grid). The signal seems to have a components of more than 30 kHz offset from the center frequency. Compare the station at 1557 kHz limited to 1552.5 - 1561.5 kHz.

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2012-10-08 (A first-person taste of flying a drone I got to try flying's radio-controlled drone...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Video with timelapse and drone images. Awesome images.
2012-10-05 (#)
I'm preparing a presentation and I got distracted by the possibility of a remote presenter. Bluetooth presenters that act as a human input device are available but somewhat expensive for the few presentations I give. So I looked at the other option: use a mobile phone as bluetooth device. On the Nokia E71 a wireless presenter is included (WiPresenter) but it needs a local program on the laptop which only has versions for Windows. A bit of google searching found me Amora: A Mobile Remote Assistant, using a symbian60 phone as presenter on Linux.

It works, although I note something: the app wants to use the numeric keys but the keyboard is in normal mode, so I have to type function+number for special keys, but the middle key of the navigation pad works to get to the next slide. Now back to working on the presentation....

Update: Presentation went fine. Things I noticed about amora: the actions aren't noticed by the screensaver, so the laptop screen went dark a few times. Disabling your screensaver is always a good idea for presentations.

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2012-10-05 (#)
Old-skool tech baffles tech journalists: an X.25 connection.. phone line.. leased line.. what?
2012-10-05 (#)
I guess an awful lot of traceroutes will be done today and the results will be analyzed, after reading Suspicion over Dotcom net glitch - National - NZ Herald News:
Information held by the Herald shows Gen-I studied data showing the amount of time it took information on the internet connection to reach the Xbox server. It went from 30 milliseconds to 180 milliseconds - a huge increase for online gamers.

The reason for the extra time emerged in a deeper inquiry, which saw a "Trace Route" search which tracks internet signals from their origin to their destinations. When the results were compared it showed the internet signal was being diverted inside New Zealand.

The data showed the internet signal had previously taken two steps before going offshore - but was now taking five.
Via @csoghoian: If you're a spy agency & are going to illegally intercept a geek's residential internet connection, don't add 3 hops + 150ms to traceroute.

There is a reason the technical rules for "lawful" intercept of Internet traffic in a lot of countries are quite strict that network routes should not change when a subscriber is tapped. But I guess being your own ISP would circumvent that and give the interceptors a problem.

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2012-10-04 (#)
Vandaag 3x spam:
Subject: ***** voegde je toe als contact op Twoo en wil met je chatten
Naar 3 verschillende e-mail adressen die duidelijk gekopieerd zijn van mijn website(s). Gezien allerlei opmerkingen die ik tegenkom als ik zoek op 'twoo spam' ben ik niet de enige die rommel van ze krijgt. In die berichten beweerd twoo zelf niet te spammen.. maar als ik even zoek lijkt twoo ook wel een affiliate program te hebben, wat soms een bron kan zijn van spam.

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2012-10-04 (#)

Another awesome timelampse, Via Faces turned upward, a telescope array scans the southern skies Philip Plait

Night landscapes and the Milky Way always work very good in timelapses.

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2012-10-01 (#)
Een wandeling bij Lage Vuursche door het gebied "Nonnenland" aan het eind van de middag, en toen zagen we daar herten.. en was ik erg blij snel de camera gereed te hebben en een aantal foto's te kunnen maken.

Hert in de velden bij Lage Vuursche

Hert in de velden bij Lage Vuursche

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2012-09-29 (#)
TDK AD C46 cassette, photo licensed under creative commons, original author Koos van den Hout
TDK AD C46 cassette, photo licensed under creative commons, original author Koos van den Hout
Found while digitizing audio cassettes: a TDK AD C46 cassette.

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2012-09-29 (#)
@Wilboard nog geen examendatum, ik schrijf me daar pas voor in als ik het gevoel heb dat ik het examen redelijk zeker haal
2012-09-29 (#)
@Wilboard de zelfstudie schiet niet hard op (druk druk..).. maar ik laat het je zeker weten als ik examen ga doen (en als het lukt ;))
2012-09-28 (#)
I found IPvFox, a firefox extension which lists all servers involved in a page and their IPv6/IPv4 addresses. The use-case is seeing how much of those use IPv6, but it's also interesting to see how many hosts are involved in a webpage. With images, frames, scripts which can all come from different places some pages have interesting dependencies. From a few sites which I tried the one which had the most servers involved turned out to be CBC North with 23 servers. With a few dual-stack servers, including a trackingserver for visual revenue, a company measuring web traffic for media companies, who seem to be interested in IPv6 traffic measurements.

Update: There is one detail.. as stated on the webpage:
IPvFox provides a panel listing the hosts from which the current page and its resources were loaded.
So this is interesting in an environment with outside IPv4 and IPv6 connections. When I use a proxy which can be connected via IPv6 the display gets very boring: the address of the host from which the resource was loaded is always the IPv6 address of the proxy.

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2012-09-27 (#)
RT @xlerb: Gangnam Style is basically the Korean Macarena, right?
2012-09-25 (#)
@JanBredenbeek zones > 255 were (are!) allowed according to what I can see at first glance in FTS 0001. But I haven't dug very deep.
2012-09-25 (#)
Fidonet has more potential addresses than IPv4 .. I'll take #ipv6 anyway
2012-09-25 (#)
In a usenet discussion mentioning fidonet adresses and the fact that ipv6 addresses are that much bigger I had to look in the original Fidonet technical standard 001 how big zone / net / node (and point) addresses could be. Those are all 2-byte unsigned numbers, which gives us:
  • Potential fidonet node addresses: 65536*65536*65536 = 281474976710656
  • Potential fidonet point addresses: 65536*65536*65536*65536 = 18446744073709551616
To compare:
  • Potential IPv4 addresses: 256*256*256*256 = 4294967296
  • Potential IPv6 addresses: 2^128 = 340282366920938463463374607431768211456
So Fidonet was by design bigger than IPv4. And I'll keep promoting IPv6!

I'm skipping all kinds of 'overhead' and 'reserved' addresses.

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2012-09-25 (#)
In discussing storage today we got asked how many I/O operations per second (IOPS) we see. An interesting question, but how do you measure this. One google search later the answer is easy: iostat as explained at Measuring Disk Usage In Linux (%iowait vs IOPS). First answer from iostat is average since boot, answers after that (given interval and count) are for the measured interval. A sample from the home server greenblatt:
koos@greenblatt:~$ iostat 60 2
Linux 2.6.24-31-server (greenblatt)     09/25/2012

avg-cpu:  %user   %nice %system %iowait  %steal   %idle
           3.37    0.01    1.95    0.49    0.00   94.19

Device:            tps   Blk_read/s   Blk_wrtn/s   Blk_read   Blk_wrtn
sda               9.01        87.69       113.18 1181728477 1525265504
sdb               0.96       122.82        98.99 1655093714 1334086098
sdc               0.28         2.29        34.46   30809884  464336050
dm-0              0.52        39.04         1.27  526178078   17057856
dm-1             14.35        84.95        98.70 1144861524 1330106690

avg-cpu:  %user   %nice %system %iowait  %steal   %idle
           0.78    0.00    2.86    0.22    0.00   96.14

Device:            tps   Blk_read/s   Blk_wrtn/s   Blk_read   Blk_wrtn
sda               7.87        16.40        98.93        984       5936
sdb               0.00         0.00         0.00          0          0
sdc               0.00         0.00         0.00          0          0
dm-0              0.00         0.00         0.00          0          0
dm-1              0.00         0.00         0.00          0          0
To resolve the dm- names, list the device files in /dev/mapper:
koos@greenblatt:~$ ls -l /dev/mapper
total 0
crw-rw---- 1 root root  10, 63 2012-04-22 20:58 control
brw-rw---- 1 root disk 254,  0 2012-09-23 12:41 vgsw-camera
brw-rw---- 1 root disk 254,  1 2012-09-25 16:22 vgsw-scratch
Which shows that dm-0 is the /dev/mapper/vgsw-camera filesystem.

This will help us get an idea how many iops systems have in our setup.

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2012-09-23 (#)
Meer onveiligheid met 'slimme meters', maar dan echt uit de categorie 'privacy gevoelige data delen met iedereen die ervoor wil betalen': Smart meter data shared far and wide - The Age Australia (engelstalig).
DETAILED information about electricity customers' power usage, which gives insights into when a house is occupied, is being shared with third parties including mail houses, debt collectors, data processing analysts and government agencies.
Ik moest even opzoeken wat de term 'mail house' kan betekenen maar dat is denk ik wat we hier een 'marketing bedrijf' noemen, die dus graag zoveel mogelijk gegevens van mensen verzamelen om ze in passende marketing campagnes lastig te vallen.

Dit is wel heel absurd delen van data. En voorzover ik begrijp is de enige manier om achter je eigen gegevens te komen hiermee instemmen. Want je eigen meetgegevens moeten natuurlijk eerst naar een bedrijf wat ze nog net niet publiek post (maar als iemand daarvoor wil betalen..) voordat je ze zelf weer kan opvragen.

Ik blijf erbij: de uitgang voor meetgegevens van 'slimme meters' zit aan de verkeerde kant. Als ik iets wil met deze gegevens wil ik ze aan de binnenkant zelf uitlezen, verwerken, visualiseren en er conclusies uit trekken. Andere statistieken die ik thuis verzamel waar uit af te leiden valt of er mensen thuis zijn kunnen vanwege mijn keuze voor privacy ook niet door derden opgevraagd worden.

Via Australian Smart Meter Data Shared Far and Wide - Slashdot your rights online

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2012-09-21 (#)
@theaterkassa lees (5 mei 2012) en (7 september 2012)
2012-09-20 (#)
RT @fanf: - Amazing Week 2012: blog about something great that we take for granted, between 15 and 21 October.
2012-09-20 (#)
@scottamcintyre courier tries to relive his youth by ringing the bell and running away?
2012-09-19 (#)
RT @ICTUU: Let op! Er zijn nog steeds phishing-mails in omloop. Klik niet op de link in het e-mailbericht
2012-09-18 (#)
Something is not consistent here:
koos@greenblatt:~$ rpcinfo -p
rpcinfo: is unknown host
koos@greenblatt:~$ rpcinfo -p ip6-loopback
   program vers proto   port
    100000    2   tcp    111  portmapper
    100000    2   udp    111  portmapper
The difference is that ip6-localhost comes from the hosts file and comes from dns. All IPv4 addresses work fine. Seen both in Ubuntu 8.04 and 10.04.

And for added confusion:
koos@greenblatt:~$ rpcinfo -p ::1
rpcinfo: ::1 is unknown host
Running with strace reveals that rpcinfo -p ip6-loopback still does:
connect(3, {sa_family=AF_INET, sin_port=htons(111), sin_addr=inet_addr("")}, 16) = 0
Looks like there is a special rule in rpcinfo for this case.

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2012-09-18 (#)
@8poot ai.. dat wordt lastig twitteren bij de volgende watersnood!
2012-09-18 (#)
More rearranging of deckchairs.. start implementing #ipv6
2012-09-18 (#)
Yet more rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic: The UK has an entire IPv4 /8 that it isn't using even leading to a petition: The DWP should sell its block of 16777216 IP addresses - HM Government e-petitions.

Just because something isn't routable and isn't subnetted doesn't mean it is not in use. Two comments on the original article put matters in a different light:
The 51.* addresses are in fact heavily used by DWP, but only internally. The best bit is this: for security reasons, there is a policy that in any communication, the leading octet of all such IP addresses must be redacted. Not like it's a matter of public record or anything.

I did once toy with the idea of printing out the XKCD map of the IP4 address space, write "you are here" on it and pin it to the wall near DWP data networks teams, but I didn't think it would go down well.
And someone else isn't interested in more rearranging of deckchairs either:
It doesn't matter, save your energy for converting to v6

There are few dregs like this around that though not visible on the internet are used - many large ISP have hijacked the unadvertised spaces for use behind their own NATs. You can't see them doing this but if you use the space on the internet you'll have problems with their customers.

If these spaces were recycled you'd spend many months trying to get them clean for use and then they'd be used up in a few weeks, we'd still be out of space and we'd have yet more to go back and convert to v6. People have been dragging their feet on v6 migration for eyars, they only have themselves to blame when they are stuck by v4 running out

tldr: It's allocated, it's not available, nothing to see here, move along.
Start implementing IPv6, put your effort in network protocols with a future.

Update 2012-09-21: Official documentation: the block is used fine, via NOT squatting on £1bn unused IPv4 addresses.

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2012-09-17 (#)
The latest debian iso images support both USB and CD booting, the image can both be burned to cd and copied to a USB key, simply as
# cat debian.iso > /dev/disk/by-path/..usb..; sync
I was wondering how that was done, and found Further adventures in EFI booting - mjg59 which mentions Hybrid cd-rom/harddisk mode in isolinux and a simple explanation at How the Hybrid ISO/IMG works.

It's an interesting trick. And with isohybrid it's easy to implement.

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2012-09-15 (#)
Het landelijke netwerk van slimme meters: veiligheid lijkt vooral gestoeld op onderling vertrouwen - Jaap-Henk Hoepman. Een interresant stuk over de veiligheid van de 'slimme meter'. Waarbij de beveiliging vooral lijkt te zijn om de electriciteitsproducenten en electriciteitstransporteurs tegen mogelijk frauderende klanten te beschermen, maar vooral niet om de klanten te beschermen tegen frauderende bedrijven of ongewenst uitlezen door andere partijen.

Ik ben nogsteeds voor een slimme meter die aan de binnenkant mij alle details geeft die ik wil zodat ik zelf mijn energiegebruik in de gaten kan houden en naar de electriciteitsleverancier net voldoende informatie geeft zodat deze een rekening kan sturen. De electriciteitsleverancier wil natuurlijk graag met de directe meetwaarden capaciteitsplanning doen. En dat laatste is natuurlijk waar de schoen tussen mijn privacy en de gewenste nauwkeurigheid voor capaciteitsplanning gaat wringen. Maar nu ik lees dat de eerste concentratie van gegevens bij de kasten in de straat is zie ik een prima oplossing: meet daar het instantane gebruik van de alle aangesloten huishoudens tezamen en gebruik dat voor het direct meten van het gebruik en plannen van capaciteit. De instantane gegevens per huishouden zijn dan veilig in die huishoudens en kunnen daarbuiten niet misbruikt worden, en precies op het laatste punt in het distributienetwerk kan gemeten worden hoeveel energie er afgenomen wordt. De energieleverancier heeft dan voldoende informatie om nauwkeurig productie capaciteitsplanning te doen en benodigde transportcapaciteit te weten en gegevens wat ik wanneer gebruik kunnen niet misbruikt worden.

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2012-09-14 (#)
RIPE NCC Begins to Allocate IPv4 Address Space From the Last /8

IPv4 addresses aren't "finished" at RIPE yet, but allocation is now according to quite strict rules: IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region.

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2012-09-14 (Interesting development: remote control of HF #hamradio equipment via IP networks. I foresee a future...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Interesting development: remote control of HF #hamradio equipment via IP networks.

I foresee a future in which radio clubs have remote-controllable rigs which their members can access from home via Internet after reserving 'radio time'. The radio club can have the equipment in a location which allows for HF antennas and has enough uplink Internet speed and the amateur can use these even from the living room at home, given enough network speed. With HF antennas not always easy to setup in residential areas this could be a solution.

Current developments like websdr at show that Internet can be a help for remote use of receiving equipment.

I expected developments like rtl-sdr at which has a component which allows the receiver to be on a different computer connected via IP to make it possible for radio amateur clubs to make receiving equipment remotely available, but I didn't expect remote controlled transceivers this soon.

There is one snag: according to the rules (at least in the Netherlands) generally amateur radio transmissions can only be done when the amateur is physically present at the transmitter correction is in full control of the transmitter, so it can work when the software switches the transmitter off when communications with the remote control is lost.

For those who are wondering: I am quite interested in amateur radio and studying for a novice amateur license.
2012-09-13 (#)
Wardriving results 1 June 2012 - 13 September 2012: 1513 new networks with GPS locations at WiGLE. Some of those are from leaving the wardrivebox at home in the attic which still finds new networks when left running for days. Others are from trips including walking trips.

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2012-09-13 (#)
Niet weer die stemcomputers, die willen we niet om goeie redenen wacht maar even op de uitslag
2012-09-13 (#)
De discussie over stemcomputers barst weer los, met als dieptepunt een kort stukje in de verkiezingsavond televisie met dat het niet gebruiken van stemcomputers komt door Rop Gonggrijp en de actiegroep wij vertrouwen stemcomputers niet. Die toonden inderdaad aan dat stemcomputers niet te vertrouwen zijn, en na gedegen onderzoek is daaruit volgend het besluit genomen door de overheid om stemcomputers af te schaffen. Ondanks zwaar lobbywerk van de makers van de stemcomputers. Maar dat was vast een veel te genuanceerd verhaal waar geen tijd voor was tussen het vertellen dat er nog maar weinig uitslagen beschikbaar waren.

Het besluit om niet met stemcomputers te werken is volkomen terecht, volgens mij. Er is in de tijd van de stemcomputers een incident gebeurt waarbij vermoedelijk de bediener van de stemcomputer veel voorkeursstemmen op zichzelf heeft verzameld: Raadslid verdacht van stembusfraude - Volkskrant 2007/03/28 en alleen al het feit dat het artikel uitspraken van de officier van justitie bevat als:
Hij heeft waarschijnlijk in een aantal clusters op zichzelf gestemd
geeft aan hoe onmogelijk het was om de uitslag achteraf te controleren.

Toch komt die roep om de stemcomputer weer terug, zoals eerder opgemerkt:

Mijn mening: Democratie is geen mediaspektakel en dus moeten we rustig geduld hebben tot alle stemmen geteld zijn. Nee, dan kun je geen avond vullen met mooie animaties en multitouch schermen. Maar dan heb je een werkende en controleerbare democratie. Daar hebben we meer aan dan aan een avond 'nieuws'.

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2012-09-11 (#)
Interesting article on the recent godaddy downtime: GoDaddy Outage: RFC for Dummies - /dev/random. According to the article some of the simplest rules for redundancy in DNS aren't followed for godaddy hosted domains. Some of the comments do suggest there is a strong anycast infrastructure behind these servers so it might be that all eggs are in one basket but that the basket is indeed very strong.

Update: According to a statement on 11 September by the godaddy ceo on the outage routing table corruption was the cause:
The service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables. Once the issues were identified, we took corrective actions to restore services for our customers and We have implemented measures to prevent this from occurring again.

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2012-09-10 (#)
I thought the saying 'mysql is a filesystem with an sql interface' was a bit over the top, but it is exactly right, when you have a separate filesystem for /var/lib/mysql it gets its own lost+found, and the visible result in the mysql client ...
mysql> show databases;
| Database            |
| information_schema  |
| #mysql50#lost+found |
| mysql               |
| test                |
4 rows in set (0.00 sec)

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2012-09-08 (#)
@fanf Newer project Gutenberg link for that book: includes kindle/plucker/epub formats
2012-09-07 (#)
More work in zabbix: we got alerts a few times for load averages > 5. But on a 48-core system in use by people doing calculations that isn't a very useful trigger. My solution is to start monitoring the number of CPUs (a very boring number normally), and create a new trigger
This makes a lot more sense: a load of more than 3 times the number of cores is an issue, both on a 1-core (virtual) machine and on a 48-core calculating monster. On some of those calculation servers a load of less than 10 means some model crashed and a scientist will be trying to restart it.

And we can now set a trigger on any change in the number of cores. That would be interesting.

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2012-09-07 (#)
You are here: #puttingthingsinperspective
2012-09-07 (#)
Another beautiful timelapse compilation... watch it in HD + fullscreen.

Purely Pacific Northwest from John Eklund on Vimeo.

This must have cost a lot of cold nights out. And some of those timelapses will have been really difficult to get the exposure time right for balanced amounts of light.

I got around to browsing the rest of the videos by John Eklund and his website and it's all awesome stuff.

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2012-09-07 (#)
Weer spam van de nationale theaterkassa. Ze zijn wel hardnekkig.
2012-09-07 (#)
Ook na eerdere pogingen tot uitschrijven krijg ik vandaag weer spam van de nationale theaterkassa op precies hetzelfde adres wat toen echt uitgeschreven was.

Ondertussen is het abuse formulier van argeweb ook een pracht stukje juridische ellende. Mijn vertaling (na eerdere ellende op dat punt) van de verklaring onderaan is "als we uw naam en adres doorgeven aan de spammer en die gaat u stalken, is dat niet ons probleem". Dus ook argeweb wil het blijkbaar niet makkelijker maken om van spammers af te komen.

Zoals gebruikelijk, weer naar

En de meldingen van spamcop: bounces (9 sent : 6 bounces)
Using for statistical tracking. bounces (84 sent : 43 bounces)
Using for statistical tracking.
Reports disabled for
Using for statistical tracking. bounces (9 sent : 6 bounces)
Using for statistical tracking.
Blijkbaar scoort argeweb daar ook niet zo goed...

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2012-09-06 (#)
Sophos the security company went warbiking in central London and found very high numbers of wireless networks, with parts still without any security or with bad wireless security. All explained with a nice youtube video which presents the results in a format even your neighbour who still relies on WEP can understand.

The Sophos warbiking project.

Found via Warbiking: WiFi hacken op de fiets - although I would avoid using the term 'hacking' for purely passive measurements.

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2012-09-05 (#)
I want to do some network measurements. Measuring throughput over tcp or udp is easy: use iperf. Although the iperf server process in daemon mode was using 100% cpu for each(!) measurement somehow, so the load on the machine tested ran up to more than 50.

But I am also interested in tcp setup time. It took a bit longer to find something which does that. Searching gave me measure tcp connection setup time: time-gai-connect which was developed to measure differences in IPv4 and IPv6 tcp connection setup times. Interesting answers:
$ ./
2a00:1450:400c:c05::63                   19.62209 ms                           19.78207 ms                           20.66183 ms                           19.69004 ms                           20.01190 ms                            20.47896 ms                           21.71206 ms
And this one is really strange to me... on the machine which runs both the IPv4 address and IPv6 address for
$ ./
2001:980:14ca:42::18                      0.35095 ms                             0.18501 ms
Yes, the IPv6 tcp connect setup takes longer with IPv6 on this local connection.

I added code to measure resolving time when testing it on my laptop, which now shows shorter times for IPv6 than IPv4, one wireless hop away from the same system.

$ ./
Resolving                                 3.20196 ms
2001:980:14ca:42::18                      0.96989 ms                             1.49107 ms
Measuring this gives more new questions than answers... it seems remote destinations are faster for IPv6 than for IPv4. Example from the same laptop:
$ ./
Resolving                                34.10101 ms
2001:888:0:18::80                        15.76281 ms                             15.84506 ms
And from the system running
$ ./
Resolving                                 2.60282 ms
2001:888:0:18::80                        14.32490 ms                             15.16104 ms

But anyway, iperf and time-gai-connect will give me the answers I want to measure.

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2012-09-05 (#)
@Skud static, unless the TV has a squelch circuit (anything modern) which can come up with anything
2012-09-04 (#)
RT @Milkshake: IP-adressen in Europa nagenoeg op. Bij de oranje lijn is het over en uit: Werkt IPv6 al bij jou? #IPv6
2012-09-04 (#)
Science fiction awards ceremony blocked by robots #ohtheirony #brokethefirstlaw
2012-09-04 (#)
What's your calendar like for $farfuturedate? Sort of a grid with square boxes
2012-09-03 (#)
Grandparents like to see lots of pictures of their grandson. And some things (like walking) are easier to see in video. So I made some video with my phone and found it is saved in .3gp format. Something Nokia-specific and I want all grandparents (using windows and ubuntu linux) have full access to the video. So, mencoder to the rescue. The audio codec isn't recognized at all, but the video can be played with mplayer, and converted to other formats. So I convert it to mp4, with options:
$ mencoder Video000.3gp -o video000.mp4 -oac lavc -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:autoaspect=1 -fps 12
The frames per second option is needed to get things right. The resulting video of this test conversion is this video of usb sticks with leds being filled with data in parallel, result of copying data to lots of usb sticks at work in 2009.

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2012-09-02 (#)
RT @2600: We're very saddened to learn of the passing of our good friend and phone phreak extraordinaire Billsf in Amsterdam.
2012-08-31 (#)
@Wilboard grappig, radio top2000 en nieuws24 bestaan dus niet alleen op DAB
2012-08-31 (#)
Want to pay 199 Euro for a worthless spamlist? Email-Packs makes it possible.

I received spam this morning addressed to a (to me) completely unknown business name which I saw before in spam. The spam suggested the business would be in the local area of the sender in Flemish Belgium. So I replied to the sender asking where they got my address and other information. The answer came reasonably fast: the data comes from

Browsing the site of email-packs makes it reasonably clear what their business model is: selling spamlists. The company that spammed me probably bought Email Packs Belgium for 199 euro. Email-packs has 'interesting' contact information: an address in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova with a +373 number. The 'more information regarding our products and/or our services' number is in France +33, but I have no idea whether a +33-1-8 number has to terminate in Paris or can be forwarded somewhere else, like Moldova.

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2012-08-30 (#)
Adding more bits of BBS history to and hoping others will do that too
2012-08-28 (#)
Weer zo'n spam waarbij ik me af ga vragen wat de fraude is:
Beste dames en heren,

We beiden goedbetaalde baan aan: de website LEZER.

Uw functie:
Bezoeken van de website van een Gezondheidskliniek en daarna eenvoudige vragen te beantwoorden.

Bijvoorbeeld: was het gemakkelijk om een aanvraag te doet, is er niet te veel van de rode kleur, is de tekst duidelijk op de aanvraagpagina.

We vragen dat om te bepalen of de website gemakkelijk is voor onze klanten. Dit is zeer belangrijk want een eenvoudige website kan wist ervan 3-5 keer vermeerderen. U kan dit doen in uw vrije tijd, ongeveer van 2 tot 12 uur per week.
Wat het ook is, er is vast een fraude, dus trap hier niet in.

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2012-08-26 (#)
Ik heb een echte originele T65 draaischijftelefoon te pakken gekregen. Productiedatum april 1985. Ik ga hem nog schoonmaken. In een simpele test kwam ik al gauw achter een te verwachten probleem: de ATA die ik gebruik voor VoIP experimenten, een cisco ata 186, snapt geen pulsedialing. Maar voor inkomende gesprekken is deze telefoon al goed genoeg. Misschien handig voor inkomende gesprekken op Collectors*Net!

Later viel me trouwens iets op aan de productiedatum: in juni 1978 hadden we thuis al een telefoon met druktoetsen en dtmf. Maar dtmf ondersteuning werd in Nederland gefaseerd ingevoerd, toen ik in 1984 stage liep bij kpn telecom waren er nog electromechanische centrales in Utrecht die geen dtmf ondersteuning hadden.

Update 2012-08-28: Een echte T65 draaischijftelefoon is voor iedereen bereikbaar: bij de webwinkel van het Staatsbedrijf der Posterijen, Telegrafie en Telefonie zijn ze te koop. Prachtige website met de nodige Nederlandse telefoonhistorie met een knipoog.

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2012-08-25 (#)
RT @BadAstronomer: Neil Armstrong: 1930 - 2012.
2012-08-23 (#)
A while ago somebody pointed me at the BBS wiki at where I created a page about BBS Koos z'n doos.

Since then I visited the BBS wiki on and off. I would like for that site to get some more activity so to people who remember BBSes and people who ran BBSes: go over to the BBS wiki at and update it with your bit of BBS history.

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2012-08-23 (#)
I used the wardriving box at home after I noticed I hadn't used it at all in over two months. It hung after a while, not responding to network or keypresses but still reporting on ethernet link state changes. I thought the temperature might have something to do with it since the box does get a bit warm and it was in the direct sun.

So I loaded the internal sensor driver w83627hf which is mentioned in the voyage linux getting started page and had a check:
ritchie:/sys/devices/platform/w83627hf.656# cat temp?_input
72 ⁰C seems a bit high, but other reports of measured temperatures list the same values, like this openbsd on the alix1c for dmesg shows.

Later during the day with the wardriving box out of the direct sun it keeps running fine.

With the probable hardware for the weather station computer also being an alix1.d the ideas now include measuring and graphing of all available temperatures, if only to keep an eye on possible stability issues.

Update: 47 new wi-fi networks found without moving the wardrivebox 1 centimetre...

Update 2012-08-24: I wanted to bring the wardriving box on my bike but .. the carrier on the back is slightly broken from earlier wardriving, and there is no place to stick the gps to at the moment.

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2012-08-22 (#)
Home automation and monitoring with ideas I like: openHAB 1.0 - Home Automation For Geeks. One thing quite notable to me is the option for privacy in measuring:
Persistence and Charting – Store your values and states anywhere you like: In a local database (classic or round-robin), in dedicated log files or even in an Internet-of-Things cloud service. Use the persisted data for defining complex automation logic or for dynamic chart generation.
So you don't have to export all your data exactly logging your daily life to some external service. Very good! Lots better than all those devices that ship your data out first and give access to you and who else later, like the 'smart meter'.

The current user-interface options are very modern-gadget centric (android mobile browser or apple mobile device browser) but given the fact that it also has a clearly defined REST api, developers can write other user interfaces.

Via openHAB 1.0 - Home Automation For Geeks - Jan-Piet Mens

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2012-08-22 (Ok, it annoys me when the last sip of ice-tea isn't willing to get out of the carton. Fixed with scissors...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Ok, it annoys me when the last sip of ice-tea isn't willing to get out of the carton. Fixed with scissors.
2012-08-21 (#)
RT @ArjenKamphuis: Location for 2013 Dutch hackerfest is final: 1 hr north of Amsterdam, July 31st to Aug 4th 2013 ...
2012-08-20 (#)
Another SEO scammer being quite stupid:
Hope you are well, I was surfing through your website "" and realized that despite having a good design; it was not ranking on any of the search engines for most of the keywords pertaining to your domain.
How would you 'surf' that website?
$ host
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

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2012-08-20 (#)
There once was a time debian just couldn't install anymore on a machine with less than 12 mebibyte memory (12582912 bytes). I looked it up, this must have been Debian Potato: Installing Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 For Intel x86 - System Requirements. We're now at the level were 128 mebibyte is not enough for running Ubuntu 10.04 server. During startup the out-of-memory killer kills ureadahead and plymouth.

This is on an indeed aging machine (bios date 07/15/97), but I am somewhat dissapointed how big a 'minimal' install is. I blacklisted every unneeded but automatically loaded kernel module to free up some kernel memory after boot.

Update 2012-08-21: That indeed helped to get rid of the regular 'page allocation failure' messages.

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2012-08-18 (#)
RT @Wilboard: Sommige dingen zijn zo eenvoudig: #stemwijzer
2012-08-17 (#)
At my current work I am also introducing zabbix monitoring. I chose zabbix at my previous work because I like the approach: measure a lot of values and store those, and next you decide whether to draw graphs or run triggers based on those values. Monitoring, graphing and alerting in one system.

The installation of the zabbix agent got puppetized instantly. I found out the rpm from epel leaves a few things to fix, so puppet to the rescue to fix that on installation. By simply configuring those fixes to depend on the package and to notify the service the start of the service will be postponed until those fixes have been done and the agent will start correctly.

Firewall on the monitored machines still needs to be fixed by hand, this is still a problem. Bringing the firewall under puppet control would be great, but that is quite a project.

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2012-08-17 (#)
En nog een leuke 'computerkamer' set gevonden via google image search: Computerkamer van cba. Compleet met 19" rack.

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2012-08-16 (#)
I came across this video announcing the BBS documentary on G4TV. A somewhat younger Jason Scott introducing the BBS documentary and hoping other, better BBS documentaries will be made after he releases his one.

Update: Ok, this is weird: when this video is on my homepage the embed gets replaced by the video embedded from snotr recently but when this embedded video is on itself I see the right video. Must be some conflict in the embed code. And it only happens on one browser, with a different system with the same Ubuntu version shows the right video.

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2012-08-16 (#)
With some spam I really wonder what the scam is.. like this one:
I wish to purchased from you, but before i request for my items i wish to know your terms and conditions, like your payment methods, including your shipping methods?
Received on a personal e-mail address not linked to any selling.

What would the scam be? Ordering something expensive and avoiding actual payment?

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2012-08-15 (#)
Pure amusement: Mozilla bug 765645 – Millions of web pages use the -moz-opacity:0.7 tag and in javascript. It's broken now since FF 13.01. Please can you "alias" it back into your main browser code. Thanks. someone who obviously did a lot of work on copying / creating his website with horrible colors, javascript and sound effects (for this reason I leave out the URL, it is mentioned in the bug report if you are interested) is dissappointed css parameter -moz-opacity is gone.. because it has been standardized to opacity. Now he has to spend hours of work finding all the places where he used this (.. style sheets have this option of being a separate file which you can reference from all pages) and he wants to invoice the mozilla foundation for his hard work which will take a lot of time since he's not a web developer.

By this logic, people who ran 'Internet Explorer only' websites should have been billed seriously.

Via Twitter Lea Verou: This is hilarious: Dude freaks out that -moz-opacity was removed, threatens to sue @Mozilla unless they pay $18,000

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2012-08-13 (#)
@Wilboard Ik ook! Gebruik maken van je democratisch grondrecht is altijd verstandig.
2012-08-13 (#)
@Wilboard "Er zijn onvoldoende serieuze partijen actief in de verkiezingen, waardoor geen betrouwbare verkiezingen gehouden kunnen worden"
2012-08-13 (#)
At work I recently introduced puppet for automated system management, after hearing about it from people with very good experiences with it.

Slowly but surely we start to manage the first tasks with puppet: system accounts, ssh configuration, ntp configuration, package removal/addition, postfix configuration and other things we want configured to our standards on all machines. Puppet helps a lot in making configurations standard and making sure (complicated) configuration tasks have been done on every system.

The fact that we are currently setting up quite a number of new virtual machines helps, lots of room to start of with a 'puppetized' config.

Configuration choices can be made based on classes assigned to nodes but also based on 'facts' derived from the machine itself. For example I install package smartmontools on machines with real hardware, it doesn't make sense to install it in virtual machines. Or I can use a variable from a fact in a configuration, which is great if you want mail from machines to be readable when it's in a big mailbox. A sample from the logwatch config:
        file { 'logwatch.conf':
                path => '/etc/logwatch/conf/logwatch.conf',
                ensure => present,
                owner => 'root',
                group => 'root',
                mode => 0444,
                content => "# This file is under puppet control
# Generated by $Id: logwatch.pp 67 2012-08-14 08:14:49Z XXXXX $
# Do not edit on this machine
MailFrom = Logwatch@$fqdn (Logwatch on $hostname)
                require => Package['logwatch'];
And the logwatch mailfolder gets more readable.

Puppetdashboard radiator view with colors denoting system states With more than a few machines to manage with puppet I like puppetdashboard to see whether all changes have been rolled out to all machines. The 'radiator view' gives a great visual hint whether you need to look at your own puppet dashboard for more info or everything is fine so we use that view on our system monitor screen. And puppetdashboard gives nice counters showing just how much configuration items you are controlling: the current count for our setup is 812 items already, and we're just getting started.

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2012-08-11 (#)
De @xs4all #krijtmok is binnen, bedankt!
2012-08-10 (Another picture doing the rounds with a story attached I didn't trust:
Google+Koos van den Hout : Another picture doing the rounds with a story attached I didn't trust: .. that is a wide-band log-periodical antenna so it is for way more frequencies than just 2.4 / 5.8 GHz. So I asked about it on a mailing list about broadcast transmitters in England, and got an answer real fast: That is a Rohde & Schwarz antenna with internal low noise amplifier connected to an Agilent Field Fox analyser. In use to detect interference issues on a lot more frequencies. There are about 100000 transmitters in use around the Olympic venues on licensed frequencies, and detecting and stopping interference on licensed frequencies has a much higher importance than unauthorized wi-fi access points.
Gizmodo still has the wrong story: but they link to the reddit page about the image where a very good answer with actual clue is rising to the top:

So on-line media is not free from giving you that nagging feeling of "If they get this so wrong about a subject I happen to know something about, what else do they get wrong?". No surprise, but you would think comment systems like the one on reddit would be seen by gizmodo and their story corrected.

Ofcom has a good explanation about their work around the games:

Update: even the Sydney Morning Herald believes the 'wi-fi police' story and using it in a story about all the rules surrounding the Olympics: I have mailed the author of this story, maybe it will be corrected.
2012-08-08 (#)
En alweer einde van een tijdperk: De hcc!pc gg waar ik in het verleden veel dingen mee en voor gedaan heb wordt na een winterslaap herboren als hcc!pc ig (interessegroep) : HCC!pc ig als opvolger van HCC!FVC en HCC!muziek ig en HCC!web ig - HCC groepen. Met nieuwe mensen, een nieuwe domeinnaam en website:, een nieuwe aanpak van de hosting (bij hobbynet, dus gelukkig wel met IPv6) en nieuwe activiteiten.

Ik kan mezelf niet echt lekker vinden in de manier waarop de HCC omgaat met zijn vrijwilligers en heb deze hele ontwikkeling een beetje rustig aan me voorbij laten gaan. De nieuwe mensen maken er vast iets moois van.

Maar dan moet er wel iets met de techniek die nog onder mijn beheer is: de domeinnaam gaat opgeheven worden. En dus vervalt ook De blogsite van de netwerkgroep laat ik doordraaien op zodat de content beschikbaar blijft. Comments zijn nu wel uitgeschakeld.

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2012-08-08 (#)
ADSL downstream speed graph, showing several changes in downstream speed over 24 hours A rainy day makes the ADSL downstream speed interesting...

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2012-08-07 (#)
Ruim een week niet toegekomen aan de Digitale Leeromgeving zend amateurs maar vanavond lukte het weer. Het leren van de 'droge kennis' die verder voor mij nog geen logische verbanden heeft is wat lastig, ik haper momenteel een beetje op welke frequenties N en F amateurs mogen gebruiken en de Q-codes. Het nato-spellingsalfabet heb ik mezelf eerder eigen kunnen maken door te oefenen met de letters in kentekens dus ik kan het allemaal wel leren als ik er iets mee kan.

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2012-08-07 (#)
Rainy weather, lower bandwidth:
Available Bandwidth                 Cells/s           Kbit/s 
  Downstream          :            18596             7885 
  Upstream            :             2426             1029 
And hickups.

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2012-08-07 (#)
Rainy day: my #adsl connection is bouncy
2012-08-07 (#)
Oh, the whole industry of 'search engine optimization' which is in my opinion a scam anyway, but some are more scammy than others. A really interesting spam came in about this, and I reproduce it like it shows in mutt:
Subject: [Webmaster] Google 1st Page Ranking otherwise Guaranteed Money Back

[-- Attachment #1 --]
[-- Type: multipart/alternative, Encoding: 7bit, Size: 3.4K --]

*Hi There,

I am Jenny
Business Development (Manager),
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That's interesting, 'No Spam work', but you are sending this as the signature of an e-mail, which is usually a flag of abusing a webmail account of a third party. The signature is set once, and the spam goes out as a one-line message to each recipient. Searching for the name of the webmail account shows me some advance fee fraud mail (Nigerian scammers). So this 'no black hat, no spam work' SEO manager is associating with the finest in on-line fraud.

Oh and there is no website, nor a search term mentioned which should find it. How can you be a SEO scammer without having your own website which I should always be able to find with a search engine in one click?

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2012-08-07 (#)
@Wilboard da's wel verdacht he...
2012-08-03 (The story of a sewer / rain overflow / underground river in London and truly awesome pictures.)
Google+Koos van den Hout : The story of a sewer / rain overflow / underground river in London and truly awesome pictures.
2012-08-03 (#)
@xs4all "Instant system administrator: just add coffee" #krijtmok
2012-08-03 (#)
Time to count IPv6 visitor percentage to different websites again:
SiteJuly 2009July 2010July 2011July 2012 my homepage 1% 2% 2% 3% weather maps < 1% 5% 6% 7% hcc!pcgg netwerkgroep 2% 2% 2% 3% BBS files 1% 1% 1% the webcam < 1% 1% < 1% 2% The Virtual Bookcase < 1% 1% 1% 4% Camp Wireless < 1% 1% 1% 3%
Interesting numbers. Websites with a more 'general' audience are now also growing this year.

Method: unique IPv6 addresses seen in the whole month / total unique addresses seen in the whole month.

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2012-08-02 (#)
@SadaoTurner no, that's a wideband antenna and analyzer, they are looking for sources of interference to licensed transmitters
2012-08-02 (#)
On our recent holiday in France I did bring the laptop.. and the DVB-T stick and small antenna. I scanned in a few places in France but noticed that for any real reception in most rural areas a high antenna and a pre-amp are needed. Metadata came in, but real TV-watching was impossible. So on any future trips: if we want to watch TV, we'll need the antenna with preamp.

DVB-T reception log 2012-06-11 Jumièges, Seine-Maritime department, France
DVB-T reception log 2012-06-26 Seillac, Loir-et-Cher department, France

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2012-07-31 (#)
Einde van het tijdperk #UUCP bij #xs4all, ook voor mij: #vroegah
2012-07-31 (#)
Einde van een ander tijdperk: Afscheid van UUCP bij xs4all. Ook ik kreeg vorige week het telefoontje. Ik ga over naar een batched SMTP setup voor e-mail.

Een mooi stukje geschiedenis voor mij. In 1992 begon ik bij het 'Hacktic UUCP netwerk' waarvoor ik inbelde via een ander BBS in Utrecht. Het was (natuurlijk) gekoppeld aan mijn BBS Koos z'n Doos, vandaar de nodename en later De eerste poging was met een minix setup werkende e-mail te krijgen, maar dat kreeg ik echt niet aan de gang, Waffle onder MS-DOS was toen snel een oplossing om een en ander draaiend te krijgen. Ik heb de dienst 'e-mail toegang' ook een tijd lang op het BBS aangeboden met Waffle als 'door', maar er waren nooit veel betalende gebruikers voor. Later werd de setup met gebruik van de UUCICO.EXE van waffle en een script wat de queue en datafiles verplaatste van/naar de structuur die Taylor UUCP onder Linux verwachtte.

In 1992 ben ik ook bij een vergadering van het 'Hacktic UUCP netwerk' in een flat in de Bijlmer geweest. Het 'Hacktic UUCP netwerk' stond voor het eerst genoemd in Hack-Tic 16/17 pagina 20: *, uitleg over het UUCP netwerk uit 1992 en in Hack-Tic 24/25 pagina 45: UUCP nodes van Utopia BBS naar xs4all, Utopia BBS weg uit 1993 wordt de overgang op xs4all infrastructuur genoemd. Dit artikel noemt Januari 1992 als startdatum van het 'Hacktic UUCP netwerk'.

En ja, ik heb jaren UUCP over IPv6 gedaan. Met keurige fallback naar IPv4. In de config zitten ook nog resten van toen ik een 33k6 huurlijk had en ik dus alleen news wilde ophalen als ik vermoedelijk niet in de buurt was.
system xs4all

call-login *
call-password *
# call them at any time
time any
# grades: Z does not accept news (xs4all sends news at 'd').
# reason: make sure I have some bandwidth left on my leased line when I'm
# around

# call-timegrade Z Any0700-1000|Any1800-0059
port type TCP
chat ogin: \L word: \P

# protocol selection: i is optimized for tcp/ip
protocol ti
time any
port type TCP
chat ogin: \L word: \P

protocol ti

#call-timegrade Z Any0800-1900

#port modem
#phone 0346-550455
#chat-timeout 120
Aan de huidige homeserver greenblatt zit geen modem meer, de vorige homeserver gosper had een modem en kon ook inbellen over ISDN.

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2012-07-31 (#)
Een (voor mij) nieuwe phishing variant:
Wij hebben zojuist van Scooterland B.V een melding binnen gekregen dat er een mislukte transactie heeft plaatsgevonden.
Volgens Scooterland B.V heeft u online een aankoop gedaan op een "Vespa''- Vespa LX 25 ''.
Hierdoor was er gisteren een poging getroffen namens iDeal om een bedrag van 2.799,00 EUR van uw rekening af te schrijven, dit is nog om onbekende reden mislukt.
Er zal dus een 2e poging plaatsvinden om het verschuldigde bedrag af te schrijven, dit zal uiterlijk op donderdag 2 augustus van uw rekening worden afgeschreven door iDeal.
Dit zijn de gegevens:
Totaal bedrag: 2.799,00 EUR
Begunstigde: Scooterland B.V
Artikel Vespa LX 25
Klopt deze transactie niet ?
Dan dient u deze transactie zelf te annuleren, om deze transactie volledig te annuleren dient u al verreisde gegevens in te vullen.
Bij ontbrekende gegevens word de transactie niet geannuleerd.
Dit kan alleen door uw te identificeren met uw verificatie gegevens.
iDeal Nederland
Een nieuwe variant die probeert misbruik te maken van een schrikreactie in de hoop dat mensen eerst klikken en gegevens invullen voor ze doorhebben dat ze opgelicht worden.

Opvallend: verstuurd via een 'e-mail marketing bedrijf': Moshi-Toshi waar vast wel een audit-trail te vinden is. De phishing site draait op een 'eigen' host: op bij 'secured servers'.

Doorgegeven aan de juiste afdeling van ING, die kunnen er meer mee. Trap hier niet in, ik neem aan dat er een poging volgt om 2799 euro van je rekening af te halen.

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2012-07-31 (#)
Een nieuwe landelijke D-STAR-ronde! - qrmmag. Ik luisterde van tijd tot tijd naar de nederlandse D-STAR ronde via de Shorties FM podcast, het was op zich interresant. Voor D-STAR in Nederland is dit zeker een goede ontwikkeling, dat er weer een regelmatige ronde is.

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2012-07-27 (#)
RT @TimeOutLondon: (For the ultimate in cognitive dissonance, follow #criticalmass and #openingceremony at once.)
2012-07-27 (#)
De inschrijving in de Digitale leeromgeving zend amateurs is gelukt en ik ben aan de cursus Zend Amateur N begonnen. De eerste sets vragen die ik gemaakt heb gingen goed. Het is wel weer even inkomen in het echte 'leren', ik merk dat ik enorm gewend ben om informatie vluchtig op te nemen met het idee dat ik het later wel weer op kan zoeken. Maar als ik een examen wil maken moet ik toch echt de kennis zelf hebben en kunnen toepassen zonder het even in google op te zoeken.

Voor de DLZA is het gewenst om teamspeak aan de gang te krijgen. De teamspeak die bij ubuntu 10.04 zit is teamspeak 2.0.32 die blijkbaar niet zo goed samenwerkt met de teamspeak server van Delta India Golf want de server reageert gewoon compleet niet. Toen maar naar de teamspeak3 downloads en die versie werkt beter.

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2012-07-27 (Dear #lazyweb , the #webcam behind is getting worse. It is a Philips PVCV740K...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Dear #lazyweb , the #webcam behind is getting worse. It is a Philips PVCV740K ToUcam Pro, once one of the better affordable webcams with good performance in the dark. Looking at the archives for the start, for example shows a lot better quality than the current image. But the ccd sensor has been going for almost 10 years at the moment, so it is entitled to some wear.
Time for a new cam, but browsing the offerings of webshops with computer parts show that "good performance in low-light conditions" isn't on the normal feature list for any webcam. Unless it has LED illumination. Which is not what I want.
I am looking for a webcam with the following specs: USB, linux driver, will do 640x480 images, good performance in low natural light. Anybody with good experiences with certain types/brands of webcams for this purpose?
2012-07-26 (#)
Video Internet Infrastructure (East vs West) where someone visits the Philippines and is telling about the state of the (Internet) infrastructure filming above-ground telephone, power and TV cables. But I can think of "western" countries with above-ground wiring looking more or less like this and "eastern" countries were wiring is a lot neater.

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2012-07-26 (#)
In het nieuws: Station Zwolle tijdelijk een bouwput. Kan de berichtgeving niet omgedraaid worden: welke grotere stations zijn geen bouwput?

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2012-07-26 (#)
I run arpwatch on my home networks (wired and wireless are separate with slightly different policies). Since a Samsung Galaxy s3 showed up on the home wifi network things have been interesting. It does speak IPv6 with privacy enhancements. It also makes up a daily 10/8 address which get noted by arpwatch.

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2012-07-25 (#)
@Wilboard maar die kan wel helpen om te verbeteren
2012-07-25 (#)
@Wilboard eigen weerstation is wel leuk, ook om het 'urban heat island' van utrecht terug te zien
2012-07-25 (#)
Internet history collected: the Internet history collection at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Close to El Camino Real, so near the places where the history happened.

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2012-07-24 (#)
@pndc beer, it's not just for breakfast anymore!
2012-07-22 (#)
Woah, afgezet gebied bevat mijn vorige woning:
2012-07-22 (the Grumman construction log of Apollo 11, including a PDF of the original pages! Wow.)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Tech history in the making: the construction log of the lunar lander module used on the Apollo 11 mission, with a pdf scan of the original pages. This project needs help: OCR doesn't work on this material and finding out who was involved.
2012-07-21 (#)
RT @scottamcintyre: Once again, The Onion nails it.
2012-07-19 (#)
Spam van gericht aan een e-mail adres wat ik alleen gebruikt heb om iets te bestellen bij mycom. Dus niet voor de mailinglist van mycom, die al eens gelekt heeft: MyCom-mailinglist was paradijs voor spammers - Webwereld 23 Juni 2000. Ik heb dat e-mail adres gebruikt om een bestelling bij mycom af te handelen op 11 december 2008. Dus mycom verkoopt zijn adressenbestand aan superfoto of superfoto heeft langs een andere weg dat adressenbestand verkregen. Volgens de privacy policy van Mycom verkopen ze hun bestand niet.

Melding gedaan bij met vermelding van de bron van het adres.

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2012-07-18 (#)
Mooi stukje geschiedenis: Oude CB-QSL-kaarten - Quality Radio Magazine. Uit de jaren 70, toen de "27 MC" in Nederland nog niet vrijgegeven was, en dus illegaal (de introductie van de MARC vergunningen was 3 maart 1980).

Collectie 27 Mc QSL kaarten - Chris van den Berg PA3CRX. Wat me opvalt op een paar kaarten is het gebruik van het woord "Coll" waar vermoedelijk toch "Call" bedoeld is. Ik zou gaan denken dat de makers van die kaarten de term alleen over de 27mc gehoord hebben en deze fonetisch overgenomen hebben.

Update: Ik ben er achter waar MARC voor stond: Machtigingsregeling Alternatieve Radio Communicatie dankzij Packet-radio - Wikipedia Nederlands. En er staat nu ook een collectie 27 mc krantenknipsels uit de 70er jaren - Chris van den Berg PA3CRX over de opkomst van de 27 mc voor het legaal was, het verbieden van het bezit van de zenders per 1 juli 1975 en de eerste berichten over de MARC regeling.

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2012-07-17 (#)
Generator, thick cables, distribution points, it's just like a #hxx hacker conference here at work.
2012-07-15 (#)
This phone is tapped, image of an american pay phone with a large sticker this phone is tapped over the horn, photo licensed under creative commons, original author david drexler
"This phone is tapped"
Image under Creative Commons cc-by-sa license, via File: This phone is tapped.jpg - Wikimedia commons
Strong opinions in That's Not My Phone, It's My Tracker -
THE device in your purse or jeans that you think is a cellphone — guess again. It is a tracking device that happens to make calls. Let’s stop calling them phones. They are trackers.
Maybe the current wave of news about the high numbers of people in the US targeted by data requests to cell phone companies by law enforcement will also get some followup in the Netherlands and get some more numbers out in the open.

See also: Cell Carriers See Rise in Requests to Aid Surveillance -
In the first public accounting of its kind, cellphone carriers reported that they responded to a startling 1.3 million demands for subscriber information last year from law enforcement agencies seeking text messages, caller locations and other information in the course of investigations.

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2012-07-11 (#)
Zoals lezers hier misschien al geraden hebben aan de hand van het aantal items met de tag 'hamradio' is het een gebied wat me interreseert. Mijn specifieke interesse is in de techniek (en soms de magie) achter draadloze geluids, beeld en dataoverdracht. Tot nu toe heb ik me alleen met de ontvangst bezig gehouden. Maar om eventueel verder te kunnen en meer van de techniek te snappen wil ik ook het zendamateur examen halen. Ook omdat ik dan in de toekomst mogelijkheden heb om actief met deze techniek bezig te zijn. Dus ben ik begonnen aan zelfstudie voor het N examen.

Update: Met alleen zelfstudie valt het toch wat tegen, ondanks dat ik de MTS electronica ooit heb gehaald. Via het HAM radio project van Randomdata heb ik de online cursussen van Delta-India-Golf gevonden: Digitale leeromgeving zend amateurs. Eens kijken of dat een manier is waarop het leren beter lukt.

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2012-07-11 (Aarnoud Engelfriet over het vinden van de maker van een foto. Met nuttige reacties.)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Aarnoud Engelfriet over het vinden van de maker van een foto. Met nuttige reacties.
2012-07-07 (#)
Interesting article: How software-defined radio could revolutionize wireless - Ars technica about new hardware for software defined radio (SDR). Per Vices is introducing the Phi PCIe software defined radio with quite interesting technical specifications: receive and transmit up to 200 MHz of bandwidth from 100 kHz to 4 GHz.

It's still at a price ($745 - $849) where you don't simply buy one to find out later what you are going to do with it but according to the article Per Vices hopes for prices to drop once interest rises. This is one good point of this hardware: this means 'competition' in high-end gnuradio hardware.

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2012-07-06 (#)
Cisco makes a very strong argument for building and configuring your own home router : Cisco backpedals after uproar, drops cloud from default router setting - Ars technica. Lots of uproar about this issue, like Cisco locks users out of their routers, requires invasive cloud service - Neowin.

Building and configuring your own home router gives a lot of control, lots of options to learn what you are doing and implementing new things without having to buy new hardware. In my opinion, some of the latest ADSL modem/routers give you less options because they all assume you want a home network with IPv4 NAT and no external facing services (or just with dirty tricks). I prefer to move the IPv4 endpoint to a linux server where I can offer the external services I want and monitor incoming traffic.

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2012-07-06 (#)
RT @BOFHTopTips: I have this urge to turn off spam filtering and let my users drink from the firehose. That'll stop them complaining abo ...
2012-07-04 (Neat way to get tourists inside the volcano - using window-cleaning platform!)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Reason number <a lot> for another visit to Iceland
2012-07-03 (#)
Unlicensed mobile radio (walkie-talkie like use) in Europe is possible with PMR446 devices which operate on frequencies between 446.0 MHz and 446.1 MHz. PMR446 was introduced in 1998. The original PMR446 standard gives 8 channels where FM analog audio is used. Using CTCSS or DCS codes extra options to distinguish users of PMR446 are available. But these are more 'calling certain users' options than real privacy, a radio scanner tuned to the PMR446 frequencies can receive all users.

Analog PMR446 radios are quite cheap nowadays: when I browse conrad I can find a simple set of 2 PMR 446 radios for Eur 19.99 Audioline portofoon PMR-15 (Conrad Electronic).

A begin of privacy comes at a price: the lowest price for a (single) PMR446 radio with 'scrambler' and a description which suggests extra software is needed to program that scrambler is Eur 135 Midland PMR portofoon set G14 (Conrad Electronic) or Stabo PMR portofoon Freetalk com (Conrad Electronic) or Eur 205 for the PMR-zendontvanger Kenwood TK-3301E (Conrad Electronic) which is advertised as 'professional' which is visible in the price. Diving into a manual shows that the scrambler has an 'on' or 'off' setting, which makes the given privacy limited to "can't be heard on a standard scanner" but a determined listener can determine the scrambling system and listen in.

A newer development is Digital private mobile radio 446 (DPMR 446) which uses frequencies between 446.1 MHz and 446.2 MHz, not overlapping with analog PMR446. There are 16 channels with FSK (frequency shift keying) in a 6.25 kHz wide channel (half that of analog PMR).

I can find exactly one device supporting digital PMR446 on sale: the ICOM IC-F4029SDR professional digital license free transciever and the price I see is 180 UK pound which is also a 'professional' price.

The 'digital' part of DPMR could allow for real encryption, but for as far as I can find it is not implemented, and searching for details about this I find: Draft amended PMR446 ERC_DEC(98)25 which states:
a)that it is not recommended that applications requiring encrypted speech should be used with PMR 446 radio equipment;
It would seem (to me) that adding strong encryption on digital PMR446 wouldn't be too hard, but the standard doesn't have space for it (at the moment). There are options for group codes (just like ctcss or dcs codes in analog PMR446) but it is possible for a (specialized) scanner to ignore all those. ETSI TS 102 490 technical specification: Peer-to-Peer Digital Private Mobile Radio using FDMA with a channel spacing of 6,25 kHz with e.r.p. of up to 500 mW.

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2012-07-02 (#)
@Wilboard ik heb FM stereo radio uit een dab stick gehaald. Ze zijn meestal nogal doof aan de ingang, maar er is veel mogelijk
2012-07-02 (#)
@Wilboard .. maar kijk ook even naar de opties om zo'n stick als software defined radio te gebruiken
2012-07-02 (#)
@Wilboard ik heb geen recente Linux DAB software gezien, vermoedelijk omdat er geen framework is voor DAB zoals voor DVB
2012-06-30 (#)
This day (30 June 2012) will have a leap-second at the end of the (UTC) day. I installed the iers bulletin on months ago, but the leap indicator in the outgoing ntp answers switched on at 00:00 UTC today (2012-06-30T00:00:00 UTC).
metronoom# ntpq -c rv
status=411d leap_add_sec, sync_atomic, 1 event, event_13,
version="ntpd 4.2.6@1.2089-o Fri Jan 15 14:31:14 UTC 2010 (1)",
processor="i386", system="FreeBSD/5.4-RELEASE-p13", leap=01, stratum=1,
precision=-19, rootdelay=0.000, rootdisp=1.140, refid=PPS,
reftime=d399c71c.6e6e43bf  Sat, Jun 30 2012 18:42:36.431,
clock=d399c72a.fee93d22  Sat, Jun 30 2012 18:42:50.995, peer=32717,
tc=6, mintc=3, offset=0.000, frequency=15.707, sys_jitter=0.002,
clk_jitter=0.002, clk_wander=0.004, tai=34, leapsec=201207010000,
The interesting side-effect is that since the leap indicator went on the rate of requests went up. From a rate which is the last year average around 850 requests per second it went to a peak of 24488 requests per second. Stats for My theory is that the infamous Turkish ntp pool clients have a problem with ntp answers with a leap indicator. Although isn't in Turkey, it is a volunteer server for to help with the load from that country.

The great part is that ntpd is using over 50% cpu time on the system but the load of requests has absolutely no influence on the stability of the timekeeping.

Update: The leap second was processed correctly everywhere:
Jul  1 01:59:59 doei kernel: TIME_INS: inserting second 23:59:60 UTC
Jun 30 02:10:18 greenblatt ntpd[6856]: kernel time sync status change 0011
Jul  1 01:59:59 greenblatt kernel: [2817910.960085] Clock: inserting leap second 23:59:60 UTC
Jul  1 02:04:34 greenblatt ntpd[6856]: kernel time sync status change 0001
Jul  1 01:59:59 abaris kernel: [9788209.066779] Clock: inserting leap second 23:59:60 UTC

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2012-06-29 (#)
Gemeente Utrecht: meer auto's slopen en fabriceren is goed voor het milieu!
2012-06-29 (#)
Our car, an Opel Meriva, has a "CD 30 MP3" radio/cd player. As the name suggests, it should be able to play MP3 files from data cds. But: I tried several times to make an mp3 data cd according to the manual and all I get is the Error CD message on the display. Something in the structure is not what the player wants. But, the manual is very, very terse on this subject. Sofar, several cds have been wasted.

Opel Meriva in several countries = Vauxhall Meriva in England. - German language PDF source of the CD 30 MP3 manual

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2012-06-27 (#)
Gepubliceerd door het Agentschap Telecom: Afhankelijkheid telecommunicatie neemt toe, kwetsbaarheid netwerken stijgt - Agentschap Telecom met de 'staat van de ether 2011'. Staat van de ether 2011 (PDF)

Wat mij (ook) opvalt in dit rapport is dat het AT ook onderzoek gedaan heeft naar het gebruik van de 2.4 GHz en 5 GHz banden voor wifi en daar plotjes van gemaakt heeft die aardig op wardriving maps lijken. De plotjes zijn wat meer 'heatmaps' dus zullen er wel 'aantallen draadloze netwerken per oppervlakte eenheid' geplot zijn.

Verder is het interresant leesvoer. Een ander opvallend item: de nogal plotselinge overschakeling van de Duitse landelijke DAB zenders van kanaal 5A (174.160 MHz–175.696 MHz) naar kanaal 5C (177.584 MHz–179.120 MHz) omdat 5A vlak boven de (Duitse) politie frequenties zit was in coördinatie met Nederland, omdat MTVNL een allocatie 5C had voor het gebied Noord-Brabant. Dat is 9C (205.584 MHz-207.120 MHz) geworden. In alle berichtgeving toen over de Duitse verandering heb ik niet gelezen dat de frequentie gecoördineerd is met Nederland. Aangezien MTVNL (toen) nog niet echt actief was konden ze makkelijk nog veranderen.

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2012-06-15 (#)
Een nieuwe versie van de website van Mobiele TV Nederland is beschikbaar, en ze zetten duidelijk in op mobiel televisie via dmb video standaarden. Ik ben benieuwd of het ze gaat lukken na mobiele tv van KPN. Onder het kopje producten en services Mobiele TV Nederland staat ook weer dat ze capaciteit hebben voor landelijke digitale radio. Gezien de rest van de site en de verwijzingen naar DAB+ het liefst in die standaard, wat natuurlijk ook het best aansluit bij de rest van het aanbod in Nederland. Dus, de ruimte voor de nieuwe landelijke commerciele radio zender is er, als die partij het grote risico wil nemen alleen digitaal te gaan uitzenden. De dekking zal dan (ooit) groter zijn dan van het huidige FM kavel A7, alleen hebben in de ontvangstgebieden nog niet zoveel mensen een DAB+ geschikte ontvanger.

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2012-06-15 (#)
Noticeable in the DVB-T services scan for 20120608: One digitenne multiplex 2 has moved from 826 MHz to 594 MHz. Part of the clearing of 800-900 MHz in the Netherlands. The other multiplex at 818 MHz will probably move at some time this year.

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2012-06-14 (#)
Another Dutch language lesson was used in Chub Creek 102 - Angry Birds.

I like making short audio things like this, so I plan on keeping the Dutch language lessons coming.
Listen to audio attachment:
MP3 media: Dutch language lesson 6 for Chub Creek (rightclick, select save-as to download)

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2012-06-11 (#)
I recently got access to a Motorola SBV5121E cablemodem. No, I'm not switching to cable Internet access at the moment as ziggo still doesn't offer fixed IPv4 addresses or IPv6 at all on consumer connections. But it was interesting to give the cable modem a try.

If I am correct, this is the 'previous' generation cable modem. The maximum speed on the ethernet interface is 100 Megabit where Ziggo now offers subscriptions up to 120 Megabit.

When not connected to the cable network, the modem runs a small DHCP server for IPv4 which gives out 192.168.100.x addresses. The management interface is reachable via, username admin password motorola.

When I connect the RF interface to the tv cable, it gets a link. In the management interface I see Downstream frequency 186000000 Hz (186 MHz) with QAM256 modulation. The upstream frequency is 36000000 Hz (36 MHz) and the interface lists QPSK, 32QAM and 64QAM modulation, I guess the fastest one with a reasonable error-rate is chosen. Downstream speed is listed as 55.616 Megabit and upstream speed as 30.720 Megabit.

Interesting to see quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) used here, just like in the DVB standards. I guess this is the best way to fit bits in a broadcast channel.

Connected to the ziggo cable and running tcpdump shows arp traffic originating from ziggo routers. Trying to cause traffic to ziggo IPv4 addresses from the outside shows arp for only one IPv4 address I tried, not for lots of others. Which means either all those clients are active (needing no ARP try needed) or one IPv4 address to the next being active in separate broadcast domains.

I also ran tcpdump with the modem starting up disconnected at the cable side. Absolutely no packet comes out on the ethernet interface.

First time I tried to get an IPv4 address from cable using DHCP while connected it gave me a IPv4 address from the range, a range "reserved for benchmark tests of network interconnect devices". When I tried to visit any website I got redirected to at / (which is in RFC1918 space). This website identifies itself as activation site for the provider, asking for a provisioning code and password. I guess the activation site will link cable mac and customer account in the databases at the cable operator side.

A scan of the assigned network (a /24 out of shows several IPs in use all having the same MAC address 00:30:B8:xx:xx:xx (RiverDelta Networks). A search for RiverDelta Networks shows it is a maker of cable modem termination systems and has been acquired by motorola.

When I tried it again it with the same cable modem it doesn't give me an IPv4 address at all. An interesting change.

Update: Later another Motorola SBV5121E cablemodem found its way to me. Trying this modem gave me an IPv4 address via DHCP again and a new try at the activation server so I could look up certain things described in this item and update it.

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2012-06-08 (#)
I noticed this week the DAB+ -3FM- service was missing on my DAB+ radio so I did a rescan. And indeed, the first DAB+ service in this country has stopped again. This may be a sign of different plans by MTVNL. But with the current developments in digital radio in this country I'm a bit dissapointed the DAB+ test has been stopped. Screendump Muxxi with MTVNL services NED1, NED3 and DATA1.

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2012-06-08 (#)
First comment-spam via IPv6 that I notice. Similar pattern probing like noticed before. Oh well, the first mail that came in when Comcast enabled an IPv6 MX was spam too. One can try very hard to keep IPv6 only for 'clean' usage but it won't work in the long run and you hinder growth.

The spamming software is a bit broken here and there:

2001:660:5003:410:d69a:20ff:fef4:6bc - - [08/Jun/2012:07:17:30 +0200] "POST /serendipity/index.php?url=archives/31-Bijeenkomst-9-Januari-2010.html#feedback HTTP/1.1" 302 - "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008120122 Firefox/3.0.5"

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2012-06-07 (#)
Digitale radio nieuws: KPN en NPO zetten samenwerking digitalisering publieke radionetwerk voort.

Twee dingen vallen me op in dit artikel: ten eerste, de uitbreiding van capaciteit door een overschakeling op DAB+ gebeurt niet op korte termijn:
Op termijn zal de huidige T-DAB standaard worden vervangen door een nieuwe techniek, T-DAB+. Deze nieuwe techniek geeft de mogelijkheid meer digitale programma’s uit te zenden dan met de T-DAB standaard.
Dus de eerder genoemde uitbreiding van het aantal diensten op digitale radio is voorlopig uitgesteld, en tot die tijd wordt niet gekozen voor DAB+. De oorzaak zal wel in de bezuinigingen op de omroep liggen, een van de gevolgen is wel dat luisteraars met een DAB-ontvanger die nog geen DAB+ aankan langer publieke omroep kunnen luisteren.

Ten tweede wordt ook rustig aan gedaan met uitbreiding van de dekking:
Het nieuwe T-DAB(+) netwerk zal in drie fasen worden gebouwd. De eerste fase is per 1 december 2012 a.s. operationeel en vervangt voornamelijk het huidige zendernetwerk, om de ontvangst verder te verbeteren. Afhankelijk van het succes van T-DAB zal NPO besluiten om per 1 september 2015 het netwerk met 14 zendlocaties uit te breiden. Hierdoor wordt een volledige landelijke dekking mogelijk. Per september 2017 zal het netwerk nogmaals worden uitgebreid met 24 extra zendlocaties waardoor het mogelijk wordt om het radiosignaal moeiteloos binnenshuis te ontvangen.
Dus eigenlijk gebeuren er pas investeringen per 1 september 2015, en die zijn afhankelijk van het succes van digitale radio (DAB/DAB+). Het lijkt er op of de publieke omroepen een beetje een afwachtende houding aannemen of de consument wel op digitale radio zit te wachten in de periode waarin de commerciële zenders hun uitrol van een digitaal netwerk doen, terwijl eerst de publieke omroep een voortrekkersrol speelde.

Update 2012-06-08: Mijn bovenstaande conclusies dat er niet zoveel haast gemaakt wordt en dat de publieke omroepen gaan wachten op de landelijke commerciële omroepen wordt gecorrigeerd door dit nieuws: Commerciële en publieke stations werken samen in DAB+
De NPO en de VCR hebben een een memorandum van overeenstemming over samenwerking voor DAB+ getekend. [..] De NPO en VCR legden vast dat zij vanaf 1 september 2013 gelijktijdig hun DAB+ zendernetten uitrollen.
De NPO (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep) en de VCR (Vereniging voor Commerciële Radio) hebben de intentie samen de contacten te onderhouden met de overheid en industrie voor consumentenelektronica met als uitgangspunt DAB+ tot een succes te maken in de Nederlandse markt.
Dus in theorie kan ik na 1 september 2013 op de eerste plekken in een keer het hele stationsaanbod scannen met een DAB+ radio. Ik ben benieuwd.

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2012-06-06 (#)
@Milkshake thuis stond het al aan en $werkgever beweegt nogsteeds niet richting IPv6 (ook al is de v4 wel krap aan het worden)
2012-06-06 (#)
IPv6 launch day going, with as first visible change for me, google advertises AAAA records even on networks not in the google ipv6 program:
koos@machiavelli:~$ host is an alias for has address has address has address has address has address has address has IPv6 address 2a00:1450:4007:802::1012
Statistics to peek at: At this time (~ 11:30 CEST) there are no big peaks or rises in IPv6 traffic visible.

Update 2012-06-06 16:15 : A rise is visible in IPv6 traffic on the ams-ix.

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2012-06-05 (#)
As ready for #v6launch as ever since I connect via @xs4all
2012-06-05 (#)
It seems modem dialup sounds have already gone to the Museum of Endangered Sounds which specializes in sounds of obsolete technologies, such as analog TV static, a VCR loading a tape, a rotary phone and modem mating calls.

Via Randal L. Schwartz on google+

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2012-06-04 (#)
@Wilboard Goeie scheiding code en data, dus ;)
2012-06-04 (#)
Wardriving results 28 November 2011 - 31 May 2012: 558 new WiFi networks with GPS locations according to WiGLE. I think this covers the period in which the antenna cable for the wardrivebox broke.

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2012-06-04 (#)
Fear and Loathing and Windows 8 - Mobile Opportunity
Or perhaps Microsoft optimized Windows 8 only for tablets and views the entire PC thing as an afterthought.
It's not just me, I guess.

Via this post by Peter da Silva

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2012-06-04 (#)
Article FBI: New Internet addresses could hinder police investigations - CNET security & privacy news
Side effects from the transition to Internet Protocol version 6, or IPv6, "could have a profound effect on law enforcement," an FBI spokesman told CNET. "Additional tools" may need to be developed to conduct Internet investigations in the future, the spokesman said.
Any new technology will have an effect on law enforcement. Law enforcement will have to learn about the technology and how it applies, and how to do investigations which involve the technology.

In reading the article completely, the problem isn't IPv6 by itself, which is what the headline suggests. The problem is the transitional period with dual-stack networks and carrier-grade NAT. So after the transition, things may actually be easier, although I expect the IPv6 address privacy extensions to reverse some of that 'easier' bit.

Found via 'Invoering IPv6 kan FBI-onderzoeken belemmeren' - (Dutch)

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2012-06-03 (#)
Plane crash in Lagos, #Nigeria.. advance fee fraud #spam in 3, 2, 1 ...
2012-06-01 (#)
Just in time for World IPv6 Launch Day, a new and improved, looking neat and improved.

So the tests for domains where I have full control look good: But when I test something from work, things look a lot less good: Where all IPv6 readyness is because of services (MX for mailfilter and secondary DNS) from SURFnet.

Compare this to some 'competition':

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2012-05-31 (#)
Today I had a chance to take the wardrivebox out on a trip and I noticed it did not find a lot of networks. On a trip which should give me 1500 or more networks it only saw about 200. So I tried the box at home, and noticed it sees fewer networks than expected, even my laptop wireless utility sees more. It seems the cable to the external antenna is broken, probably near the connector. Using another simple small omni antenna I once bought but never used gives me almost three times as much networks now. Maybe time to rethink the 'big' external antenna.

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2012-05-31 (#)
SURFnet gaat voor alle aangesloten instellingen IPv6 adresruimte alloceren: SURFnet biedt aangesloten instellingen IPv6-adressen aan.
Een aantal instellingen op het SURFnet netwerk maakt nog geen gebruik van IPv6. Om hen te helpen bij het zetten van de eerste stap heeft SURFnet in het kader van IPv6 Launch Day voor alle instellingen een reeks IPv6 adressen gereserveerd.
Dus ook mijn werkgever krijgt een IPv6 allocatie. Die gaat er alleen niets mee doen op 6 juni...

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2012-05-31 (#)
RT @SURFnet: SURFnet biedt aangesloten instellingen IPv6-adressen aan
2012-05-31 (#)
@SilentUK weird how LU cooperates with drivel like this but can't organize something for interested hobbyists.
2012-05-29 (#)
It is the old "Echelon word list" all over again: Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you (and they include 'pork', 'cloud' and 'Mexico') - Daily mail.

The current word list can be dug up from Analyst Desktop Binder REDACTED but I am sure someone will post the complete list on-line somewhere soon.

Found via Doesn't it make your heart warm to know that your government spies on everything you do online? Lionel Lauer on Google+.

If you want full privacy in your communication over the Internet, use encryption and do not store your data unencrypted or on any system you do not have full control over. Use PGP for e-mail. Yes, sending encrypted e-mail is also a red flag, so encrypt your forwarded cat jokes too.

Update 2012-06-01: Phil Lapsley had a close look at the list and found out some watchwords on it which go back a long way: DHS Social Media Watch List: Phreaking and 2600 - History of Phone Phreaking blog. He writes:
To all the old-school phone phreaks I interviewed for my book who were worried that the government still cares about this stuff and whom I reassured that the government couldn't possiblly still care: ok, ok, you're right and I'm wrong.

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2012-05-29 (#)
RT @robincaron: #ikpas RT @privacyfirst: 17 mln Nederlanders moeten hun #vingerafdrukken afstaan ter bestrijding van 19 fraudegevallen h ...
2012-05-29 (#)
De ING rekening phishers kunnen een goeie vertaler betalen...
Er is geconstateerd dat uw online ING rekening nog niet voorzien is van het nieuwe beveiligingssysteem. Wij vragen u dan ook 5-10 minuten van uw tijd om deze update compleet te maken, om zo de beveiliging te voltooien. Gebruikt u onderstaande link:
Na de update zal er door een van onze medewerkers nog contact met u worden opgenomen om het gehele proces te voltooien. Wanneer het gehele proces gereed is zal u weer als vanouds gebruik kunnen maken van het online bankieren via ING BANK.
Vertaling: we loggen in op uw rekening en bellen u voor uw TAN codes.

De site doet het scherm van ING zakelijk na. Als ik daar wat random invul en de gegevens opstuur krijg ik een slecht nagedaan ideal scherm met een captcha eronder (huh?) wat vraagt om allerlei extra persoons gegevens inclusief 'Mobile Nummer'. Daarna een scherm wat in minder slechte ideal stijl vraagt om rekeningnummer, pasnummer, geldigheidsdatum, pincode en e-mail adres en daarna een scherm met 'Dank u wel' met als title 'isi buku tamu'. Wat volgens google translate indonesisch is voor 'gastenboek', een hint voor waar de phishers origineel vandaan komen.

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2012-05-25 (#)
#dilbert today is good!
2012-05-23 (#)
It seems it is quite possible to spam via Yahoo! groups. I received a message
I've added you to my jiclo group at Yahoo! Groups, a free,
easy-to-use service. Yahoo! Groups makes it easy to send and receive
group messages, coordinate events, share photos and files, and more.
And this is a 'violation of our service rules'...
Because Yahoo! Groups values your privacy, it is a violation of our
service rules for moderators to add subscribers to a group against
their wishes. If you feel this has happened, please notify us:
But a URL with the group name and the abuse type embedded would be way too easy: this is the start of the 'contact us' pages, and you have to select 3 options in a row to select the option 'added to a group without my permission'. I waded through all that and reported the subscribe attempt.

And to be sure I would not receive more spam I also sent an unsubscribe request, but that had to be confirmed too...
We have received a request from you to unsubscribe from the
jiclo group.  Please confirm your request by
replying to this message.
Pfff.. keep your spam to yourself, yahoo. Oh, the spam message via the group was in for me unreadable chinese.

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2012-05-23 (#)
@mauricewessling opvallende verschillen vk artikel en origineel rapport over de notificatieplicht
2012-05-23 (#)
Nederland koploper in afluisteren telefoons -
Het Wetenschappelijk Onderzoeks- en Documentatie Centrum (WODC) van het ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie heeft dat uitgezocht. Dus ik vraag me dan al af of de getallen en conclusies niet al positief worden voorgesteld... ondanks dat ze al schokkend zijn.
In Nederland worden ruim 22 duizend telefoons afgeluisterd. Dat is 1 per 1.000, gemiddeld zo'n 50 per gemeente. Nederlandse opsporingsambtenaren luisteren daarmee veel meer telefoons af dan hun collega's in omringende landen.
Wat mij opvalt is de opmerking over de notificatieplicht:
Mensen die zijn afgeluisterd, moeten hierover worden geïnformeerd, maar dat heeft bij het OM niet altijd prioriteit. Wie hierover wel een brief van het OM ontvangt, kan nergens zijn beklag doen als hij niet begrijpt waarom hij is afgeluisterd. Dat moet beter, stelt Odinot.
Hier ga ik me toch echt afvragen of de gegevens wel kloppen. Dit leest alsof er van die meer dan 22000 telefoontaps toch een serieus deel opgevolgd wordt met een notificatie. Als dat zo zou zijn zou ik verwachten dat je daar toch wel eens dingen over hoort / leest, al is het simpelweg dat er iemand ergens klaagt dat er om onduidelijke reden een tap was en/of dat politie/justitie niet echt wil antwoorden op vragen/klachten erover.

Als ik het originele stuk er bij pak: Justitiële verkenningen: Tappen en infiltreren [PDF] staat er ook iets anders:
Verder is de telefoontap aan een termijn gebonden en is voorzien in een mededelingsplicht (notificatie) achteraf. Notificatie maakt het in beginsel mogelijk voor betrokkenen om zich achteraf over de toepassing van de telefoontap te beklagen. In de praktijk blijkt dit niet of nauwelijks te gebeuren, mogelijk ook omdat voor een klager vaak niet duidelijk is waar hij heen moet met zijn klacht (zie Odinot e.a., 2012).
De hele notificatieplicht wordt dus amper nageleeft, dat is iets anders dan "heeft niet altijd prioriteit". Wanneer gaat justitie zich eens aan de wet houden?

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2012-05-23 (#)
Time for #coffee
2012-05-23 (#)
Yesterday I suggested to my old boss to visit the building where we worked for the computer science department and ran a server room for years and years. It's now a pantry for getting some coffee and my old office has turned into a (smaller) meeting room. No inner wall we knew was still there, every detail of the server room such as the raised floor and the air conditioning units was gone with no trace.

For a bit of history: my pictures of that server room over the years (although the last few sets are already about taking down stuff) and pictures of that server room in 2000 by Henk van Lingen and pictures of that server room in 2003 by Henk van Lingen.

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2012-05-22 (#)
My "Dutch language lesson" was used in Chub Creek episode 100 (mentioned before). So here is the original of the language lesson, it's a simple language lesson this time: just the word "winkel" (shop).
Listen to audio attachment:
MP3 media: Dutch language lesson 5 for Chub Creek (rightclick, select save-as to download)

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2012-05-22 (#)
koos@greenblatt:~$ host has address has IPv6 address 2a03:2880:2110:3f04:face:b00c::
Production IPv6 for a large-scale top100 site. Good for them. I'm still not joining!

I'm not sure whether this will cause loads of IPv6 traffic: all stylesheets and images come from which points to akamai:
koos@greenblatt:~$ host is an alias for is an alias for has address has address
So it looks a bit retro on a V6-only connection until facebook gets ipv6-enabled on akamai.

Update 2012-05-29: Also noted by Derek Morr: Facebook vs. Google+ over IPv6 - Living with IPv6. Indeed, google+ works completely over IPv6 when connected to a network where the resolvers are in the Google IPv6 whitelist. According to a comment on that article the content delivery network used by facebook will add IPv6 support this week.

Second update 2012-05-29: Now fully IPv6 enabled:
koos@greenblatt:~$ host is an alias for is an alias for has address has address has IPv6 address 2001:888:2000:37::525e:e513 has IPv6 address 2001:888:2000:37::525e:e521
And indeed working as content delivery network: those IPv6 IPs are netwise close to me. Five hops with traceroute6.

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2012-05-21 (#)
I applaud the clear twitter privacy policy, especially the part:
Law and Harm: Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Policy, we may preserve or disclose your information if we believe that it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation or legal request; to protect the safety of any person; to address fraud, security or technical issues; or to protect Twitter's rights or property. However, nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit any legal defenses or objections that you may have to a third party's, including a government's, request to disclose your information.
My emphasis. And my applause to twitter for being this clear. They adhere to the law but also make governments adhere to their own laws. I wish more services would do that.

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2012-05-20 (#)
Recently I've been doing some audio recording again for Chub Creek and this does scratch an age-old itch of me: making radio. The first audio cassette I made is filled with a "radio show" I taped with friends at primary school, when I was 9 or 10 years old. I need to digitize that tape and hope I can recover some of that. This itch for 'making radio' comes back from time to time, and the whole podcasting movement was a trigger to look closely again, with the options for recording and editing sound now available to anyone with a computer with a decent sound card.

So I try to find time to record some audio. And I bought some equipment to help record: first a Sennheiser headset with microphone. Later a Behringer Podcastudio with microphone, mixer, headphones and usb audio interface which also helps digitize my audio cassettes. A simple microphone arm was added to help the microphone being in the right place for me. And a microphone pop filter because the dynamic microphone needs me to be quite close and I want to avoid too much breathing and plopping noises.

I do look at nicer equipment from time to time (studio microphone with shockmount, small microphone with cover to record outside, more channels mixer..) but I intent to not invest in audio equipment until I feel more comfortable recording my own voice. That is one issue I have, I start to talk too fast and stumble over my own words when the recording is running. Which is where I need to learn how much I need to write down. Complete scripts word-for-word result in too fast speaking. Writing down nothing results in too much uh and eh or completely losing the idea of what I was going to tell. So, the right amount of script is still to be determined. And I need to practice, which is why I try to get more involved in podcasts and other recording projects.

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2012-05-18 (#)
RT @edrabbit: Why is Facebook going public? They couldn't figure out the privacy settings either.
2012-05-16 (#)
One of those days...
login: root
Last login: Sat May 12 22:39:33 from
And the IP is in Syria.. I think the machine needs to be wiped. It's supposed to be decommissioned anyway. One of the interesting side-effects of virtualising systems: you're not aware when they auto-start again until something happens like an IP conflict or unwanted traffic.

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2012-05-15 (#)
It's Chub Creek episode number 100! Congratulations on making it to a round one hundred! Lots of memories from Chub Creek past. Ed and Ethel show up! Darkspeed tries the future of coffee... And yes, I'm in it too, with another Dutch language lesson.

Chub Creek 100 - A Tale of Two Creeks

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2012-05-14 (#)
Gisteren voor het eerst met de b-grip rugzak camera houder op pad geweest. Voor het eerst sinds tijden weer een lange wandeling gemaakt in de bossen en landerijen rond Zeist. Daar had ik de b-grip travel adapter aan mijn rugzak (een goed aantal jaar oude Vaude dagrugzak) vastgemaakt. Ik ben rechtshandig, dus heb ik de b-grip aan de linker schouderband gemaakt.

Met de gewone lens op mijn camera ging het goed. De camera is dan inderdaad goed bereikbaar. Bij de travel adapter zit een regenhoes om de camera te beschermen, bij het minst of geringste druppeltje lijkt me dat wel een idee.

Met de telelens was het geheel duidelijk te zwaar geworden en zakte de b-grip langzaam langs de schouderband naar beneden. De banden van mijn rugzak zijn niet heel dik, maar dan nog ging het geheel langzaam maar zeker naar beneden. De travel kit houdt de basisplaat van de b-grip tegen de draagband van de rugzak aan met een rubber band aan de achterkant. Misschien dat nog iets meer substantie aan de onderkant van de basisplaat zou helpen, zodat er ook grip aan de voorkant van de draagband van de rugzak zou zijn.

De b-grip maakt z'n doel wel waar: de camera hangt vast, en snel grijpbaar. Geen rare bewegingen tijdens het lopen. Ook niet met een telelens eraan.

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2012-05-14 (#)
Vandaag in de inbox:
U ontvangt deze boodschap omdat u staat ingeschreven bij Reader's Digest.
Nee, dat is niet correct. De tekst zou moeten zijn:
U ontvangt deze boodschap omdat ooit iemand uw adres heeft ingevoerd bij Reader's Digest en we te lui zijn om dat te controleren en al drie unsubscribe pogingen en spamklachten hebben genegeerd.
Dat zou een veel betere tekst zijn.

Eerder: Reader's Digest is met de tijd meegegaan: ze stoppen nu ook e-mail boxen vol met ongewenste rommel.

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2012-05-12 (Is it me or is posting just a picture without any explanation more popular recently? The "it is me"...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Is it me or is posting just a picture without any explanation more popular

The "it is me" part is that I'm getting more interested in the story behind
a good picture, and I like good news pictures.

Case in point, someone posted

and on itself you can think of several theories what happened.

The good thing is you can drop an image into google image search, and it
will come up with the N-hundred sites that all reposted the picture without
attribution, and

the original explanation, which learns the viewer something new and
explains the picture a lot better.
2012-05-10 (#)
Some downloads from websites hosted on my ADSL link clog it a bit. Not for sites like this one, but for larger binary files that I just put up for a few hours for someone to download. So I'd like to limit the bandwidth. Some searching suggests mod_bw version 0.7 but I found it doesn't like IPv6 address ranges. Searching a bit more found a newer version (0.92) available at mod_bw downloads which works better.

Now to test it and see how my upstream bandwidth holds. So far it works in my tests, accessing content over the 1 megabit ADSL upstream leaves enough other bandwidth.

Update 2012-05-18: What works is limiting for outside visitors (good) but my home IPv6 range isn't seen as "unlimited" so I'm waiting for my own pages when accessing them over gigabit. Which is my own config error: the documentation states Order is relevant. First entries have precedence when configuring multiple IP ranges. Now my home range gets unlimited bandwidth correctly.

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2012-05-10 (#)
Ook de nationale theaterkassa accepteert willekeurige e-mail adressen op hun site (wel 2 keer invoeren) en spamt ze daarna zonder enige controle of de eigenaar van dat e-mail adres dat wil. En ook vriendelijk vragen (unsubscribe link) helpt niet, want mijn browser wist zelfs de unsubscribe link nog van de vorige keer maar toch krijg ik nog spam van ze. Dan maar gewoon ouderwets spamklachten via de provider en via En een mooie vereeuwiging als rant op mijn homepage.

Update: Nogmaals de uitschrijfprocedure doorgeworsteld (makkelijker kunnen we het niet maken...) en ik heb daar zelfs een bevestiging van ontvangen.

En twee uur later weer spam.

En op een e-mail met de klacht hierover doen ze alsof dat adres toch echt geldig in hun bestand staat want iemand heeft dat ingevoerd. Dus controleren ze adressen niet op geldigheid. En dat adressen van het type gebruiker+extrainfo@domein bij gebruiker@domein aankomen is ook nieuws voor ze.

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2012-05-09 (#)
Via B-grip biedt oplossing voor buitensportfotografen - had ik een oplossing gevonden voor iets wat ik al een tijdje lastig vond: bij outdoor activiteiten, zeker bij lopen, de camera meenemen en dan bij foto mogelijkheden de keuze tussen rondlopen met een vervaarlijk zwaaiende camera om je nek of de camera in je tas en dan bij foto mogelijkheden net te laat zijn omdat je de camera eerst uit de tas moest trekken. De b-grip camera riem houder beweert dat allemaal op te lossen. Ik heb er een besteld met de travel adapter er bij, genoemd in B-Grip NL introduceert de B-Grip Travel-kit - Met de travel adapter kan de B-Grip aan de schouderband van een rugzak gehangen worden.

Eerste indruk: bij het uitpakken en bekijken valt de visuele overeenkomst op met een holster met een zwaar wapen er in... en dat de riem gemaakt lijkt te zijn om ook dikke mensen te passen.

Alles is stevig, goed afgewerkt en er is duidelijk op details gelet. In het voetje voor onder de camera zit een steuntje wat naar voren geklapt precies de camera vlak houdt. De houder waar dit voetje ingeklikt wordt heeft een dubbele blokkering, zodat een zakkenroller in de stad er ook niet zomaar mee vandoor gaat en de camera ook bij beweging goed vast zit. En dat is precies het doel van de b-grip: de camera dicht bij de hand hebben bij outdoor activiteiten en tegelijkertijd de camera veilig en comfortabel dragen. De schouderband adapter is iets meer uitzoeken: vooral de goede hoogte vinden is lastig. Te hoog en de camera is niet meer comfortabel te pakken. Maar niet op elke rugzak gaat dat even makkelijk.

In gebruik: voor het eerst met de b-grip rugzak camera houder op pad geweest.

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2012-05-08 (#)
The 20000 km milestone
20000 kilometers on my recumbent bike speedometer
A milestone recently: 20000 kilometers on my recumbent bicycle.

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2012-05-08 (#)
RT @internetthought: Om intocht Sinterklaas 2012 binnen te halen, garandeerd Roermond verbod op beeltenissen Kerstman en concurrerende b ...
2012-05-07 (#)
Some more stuff from the BBS Koos z'n Doos tapes: Aids information from 1995 - 1997, dated and outdated, but an interesting overview of what was the news about AIDS back then.

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2012-05-07 (#)
Just noticed #ipv6 #comcast visitors to my homepage. US consumer Internet complete with IPv6, it is possible!
2012-05-07 (#)
Hey, just noticed my first Comcast IPv6 visitor in the logs for this site. Welcome! Consumer Internet connections in the US with IPv6, they do exist now. When is the rest coming!

Also notable: with valid reverse DNS records.

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2012-05-07 (#)
Interesting spam received:
This email is from China domain name registration center, which mainly deal with the domain name registration and dispute internationally in China and Asia.
On May 4th 2012, We received Tianhua Ltd's application that they are registering the name " [domain name] " as their Internet Keyword and " [domain name].cn ", " [domain name] ", " [domain name].asia " domain names etc..., they are China and ASIA domain names. But after auditing we found the brand name been used by your company. As the domain name registrar in China, it is our duty to notice you, so we are sending you this email to check. According to the principle in China, your company is the owner of the trademark, In our auditing time we can keep the domain names safe for you firstly, but our audit period is limited, if you object the third party application these domain names and need to protect the brand in china and Asia by yourself, please let the responsible officer contact us as soon as possible. Thank you!
Interesting is when you search the web for "asia internet keyword" the first hits are Internet trademark scam - Asian internet brand keyword - Asia internet trademarks, Domain name scams. The "Internet trademark" system seems to actually exist in China, so this is not a complete scam. Anyway, when you depend heavily on being findable in China this may be something to look into, but through a respectable registrar, not in response to spam.

I just amuse myself by checking from time to time whether my websites are reachable from behind the Great Chinese Firewall. This is a much bigger risk to websites which depend on reaching a Chinese audience. One such test is available from

Update 2012-05-25: They keep at it, this time:
We are a Network Service Company which is the domain name registration center in Shanghai, China. On May 22, 2012, we received an application from Hengtong comp any requested " [domain name] " as their internet keyword and China (CN) domain names. But after checking it, we find this name conflict with your company name or trademark.
The fun part is there is no company name or trademark at all, just a domain name. I used the term 'website name' before but this is for a domain name which is not actively used to name the website.

I am still not convinced this is anything more than trying to scam money from domain name owners who get scared their trade in that huge growing economy in China might be at risk. Via spam, and spammers lie.

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2012-05-07 (#)
RT @mattblaze: Hmm, I could probably make up a reasonable final exam consisting entirely of questions of the form "Explain the following ...
2012-05-06 (#)
In de huidige plannen voor digitale radio in Nederland zie ik eigenlijk alleen bestaande partijen genoemd worden en het simultaan uitzenden van dezelfde content op FM en DAB+.

Het lijkt (maar dat kan aan mij liggen) dat er nog helemaal niet nagedacht wordt over eventuele nieuwe partijen die juist de nieuwe ruimte die beschikbaar komt door de invoering van digitale radio willen gebruiken om met een nieuwe radio dienst te beginnen. Ik kan me zo voorstellen dat een radiostation wat nu net buiten de boot valt door het beperkte aantal beschikbare FM kavels de digitalisatie kan gebruiken om een start te maken in een dan kleine maar groeiende markt, met bijbehorende voorwaarden aan de vergunning / toegang tot een multiplex.

In nederland zijn er twee landelijke multiplexen gepland: een voor de publieke omroep, reeds operationeel, en een voor de landelijke commerciële FM zenders, nog niet operationeel.

In bijvoorbeeld Duitsland en Zwitserland is juist te zien dat de extra ruimte ingezet wordt voor extra diensten, zowel van de publieke omroepen als van commerciële aanbieders.

In Nederland bestaat het extra aanbod momenteel bij de publieke omroep, die Radio Top 2000 en Nieuws24 alleen uitzenden in DAB.

Van de komende gebruikers van de commerciële DAB multiplex valt niet te verwachten dat ze concurrenten welkom gaan heten. Bij het lezen van de Bijlage E: Vergunning voor digitale radio-omroep van de Landelijke commerciële radio - Agentschap Telecom valt het me op dat de ruimte in de landelijke commerciële DAB multiplex verdeeld wordt tussen de 9 vergunninghouders. Als ik de vergunning goed lees is het mogelijk dat in een van de 9 partijen een extra dienst start als al die 9 partijen het er mee eens zijn, zolang de 9 aan de vergunningen gekoppelde diensten maar voldoende kwaliteit halen. Dat nodigt absoluut niet uit tot het toelaten van een concurrent.

Van deze vergunningen hoeft een nieuwe partij absoluut geen ruimte te krijgen. Daarmee is dit dus een bescherming voor de bestaande partijen van hun investeringen in digitalisering, maar tegelijkertijd het moeilijk maken van een nieuwe landelijke digitale radio dienst. Naast de publieke omroep en de commerciële multiplex zijn er geen landelijke SFN DAB multiplexen voorzien. Voor een nieuwe partij die landelijk zou willen is de optie momenteel om te gaan praten met Mobiele TV Nederland die op de vorige versie van hun site een hint gaf dat ze capaciteit hebben voor landelijke digitale radio (hoewel dat dan in een multi-frequency network is). Ze noemen geen technische details maar dat zou in DAB+ kunnen zijn, hoewel MTVNL zelf meer richting DMB lijkt te willen.

Update: De nieuwe versie van de Mobiele TV Nederland site is duidelijker dat ze 'radio' zien via DAB(+), en dus het huidige aanbod van de publieke omroep meetellen.

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2012-05-05 (Interesting bit in this article: "Signup and verification requires either an active Facebook account...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Interesting bit in this article:

"Signup and verification requires either an active Facebook account with at least 50 friends, or a credit card transaction, for an initial month's free trial."

My translation: If you can't be part of our marketing effort, pay extra.

I like snowboarding (although most snowboarding videos are boring to me: just stunts with very little snow, give me long views of mountain riding) but I'm not interested in a service like this.

Oh and the special thing about "over the top" content is that it has nothing to do with the ISP or cable operator, it's just content available via Internet.
2012-05-04 (#)
Awesome time lapse video by Shawn Reeder with images from Yosemite National Park:

Yosemite Range of Light from Shawn Reeder on Vimeo.

Via Yosemite time lapse - Bad Astronomy

And on the subject of time lapse, a NASA video of Aurora activity set to music:

Via The green fire of the aurora, seen from space - Bad Astronomy

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2012-05-04 (#)
Goed opiniestuk: Profiling het grootste gevaar voor privacy - Webwereld. Een goed overdacht en goed leesbaar stuk.
Van alle mensenrechten staat het recht op privacy in deze tijd het meest onder druk. Het is daarom van groot belang dat de overheid, de grootste privacyschender, strak aangestuurd wordt door middel van goede wetgeving.
Ook een goede opsomming hoe deze ontwikkelingen strijdig zijn met de Nederlandse grondwet.

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2012-05-03 (#)
Twitter should have
2012-05-02 (#)
My review of ghost in the wires by @kevinmitnick now at : the story of Kevin Mitnick according to Kevin Mitnick
2012-05-02 (#)
Another improvement to the homepage: the weather projects get a bit more attention, with the latest weathermap for the Netherlands and the current weather readings in the right-hand sidebar. This costs about 0.02 second so it may need some optimization. In the optimization process I could even make the weather data publicly available in some portable format.

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2012-04-30 (#)
The dink is back! New episodes of Chub Creek, my favourite Canadian podcast!

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2012-04-30 (#)
I moved the weatherstation website to (I hope) better URLs so they will be easier to find. Weather station Utrecht Overvecht the Netherlands Weerstation Utrecht Overvecht.

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2012-04-30 (#)
A real "why do I still bother with legacy IP" (and NAT) moment today. I tried to use the IRC DCC protocol to receive a file from someone and the client of the other party was running behind IPv4 nat. "Active" and "Passive" dcc failed. But we both can use IPv6 so I upgraded that IRC connection to v6 (I changed the OFTC serverlist to use This restored end to end connectivity and the file was transferred.

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2012-04-29 (#)
Komende dinsdag 1 mei gaan de werkzaamheden aan het mast deel van de zendmast Hoogersmilde beginnen. Ik zou er graag bij zijn maar dat gaat echt niet lukken. Maar ik kan wel mooie reportages volgen: Radio en televisie Nederland heeft mooie foto reportages: Herbouw zendmast Hoogersmilde en de regionale omroep van Drenthe, RTV Drenthe heeft een live streaming webcam herbouw zendmast Smilde. Ik ga zeker meekijken.

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2012-04-29 KPN 3G speed for a tethered device on the Nokia E71
My speedtest on kpn umts My work mobile phone/mobile data subscription with the Nokia E71 will change from KPN Netherlands to T-mobile Netherlands soon so I decided to see if this means any change in Internet speed and ran a speedtest. 1.35 Megabit/second down and 350 Kilobit/second up. Funny part: when I first tested this the speed was 1 Megabit/64 Kilobit. Somewhere an upgrade happened.

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2012-04-28 (#)
Mooi artikel in de (papieren) Volkskrant: "Niet hacker, maar bedrijf is schuldig". Een beetje tegenwicht tegen het artikel eerder over de KLPD high-tech crime unit (ik vond dat artikel bij vlagen meer een advertorial "werken bij de KLPD"). De hele discussie die we nog kennen uit de jaren 80 en 90 over 'vinden van veiligheidslekken' versus 'inbreken' komt weer terug alleen zitten we nu in een situatie waar tijdens het zoeken naar de lekken in je site door iemand uit Nederland (die eventueel nog traceerbaar zou kunnen zijn) er tegelijkertijd drie anderen uit andere delen van de wereld ook bezig zijn. En die anderen gaan niet met hun verhaal naar webwereld maar verkopen de gevonden gegevens.

Een beter artikel over computerbeveiliging en de schuldvraag als het misgaat, hoewel Chris Verhoef vooral de oplossing zoekt in betere opleidingen in informatica, toevallig zijn werk. In ieder geval hamert hij op het valideren van invoergegevens (never trust input!) en noemt het boek Writing Secure Code.

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2012-04-26 (#)
There is demand for VoIP over IPv6 so the excuse "there is no demand" or "you're the first one to ask" is no longer true: VoIP6 provider wanted in the Netherlands. Get in touch with them when you are serious.

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2012-04-26 (#)
@baljemmett don't worry, the phishers will send another mail with the right url
2012-04-25 (Pictures of two #transmitter masts I made a few weeks ago. A great day for those pictures, not too cloudy...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Pictures of two #transmitter masts I made a few weeks ago. A great day for those pictures, not too cloudy and a nice sun. Here and there a bit much sun on the white uhf dvb-t panels but I found good pictures. Transmitter Utrechtseweg, Amersfoort, the Netherlands Transmitter Lockhorstweg, Leusden, the Netherlands

(#cthumb pages confuse google+ I guess)
2012-04-25 (#)
Recent in de aanloop naar het paastreffen van de nvhpv had ik ook tijd om in Amersfoort en Leusden een stop te maken om daar de zendmasten te fotograferen. Opvallend is dat die laatste duidelijk nieuw is en nog niet volhangt met van alles. Alleen digitenne en mobiele telefonie.

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2012-04-25 (#)
Interesting reading about making services available over IPv6: RFC 6589: Considerations for Transitioning Content to IPv6. A quite practical document about transitioning services to IPv6, considerations and possible impact. I'd consider this document required reading for organisations active on the Internet who want to stay active.

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2012-04-24 (#)
Updated the version number for my homepage because I rewrote the logic behind it. Several gathering functions now gather information from multiple sources between the wanted start and end time and a different function feeds all this to predefined display functions per defined type of 'news'. The same code which does a selection of 'recent' for this page is reused to do that selection for a month: News archive 03/2012 or for a year. In the long run I think I want the month to be the 'standard' archive unit. The 'everything' archive is gone and News archive - Koos van den Hout now shows the list of all months you can try.

This all in perl, and with some interesting programming to make it all work. At the moment there are 4 active sources: the irregular files, the news items, tweets and googleplus items. But adding sources is simple.

I expected the processing time to decrease a bit because data is now not even gathered when it's outside the wanted window but I see no real change in those numbers.

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2012-04-24 (#)
@ArjenKamphuis @Paapst democratie is geen media-spektakel dus moeten we ook rustig wachten tot de stemmen goed en controleerbaar geteld zijn
2012-04-24 (#)
RT @mauricewessling: Brein eist verbod op informatie over het omzeilen van internetblokkades. Applaus uit Teheran, ...
2012-04-22 (#)
Programming errors that cost actual money can be quite simple: runaway script causing a constant load of about 1.5. This causing the cpu frequency governer to keep the CPUs at full speed, causing the system to warm up about 12 degrees and causing the power use as measured by the UPS to go from 32 to 44 percent.

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2012-04-22 (#)
Als ik op de website van xmsnet kijk naar XMSnet in Utrecht beschikbaarheid gaat de tekst alleen nog maar over diensten op bestaande XMSnet aansluitingen in Utrecht en vooral niet over de mogelijkheid van nieuwe aansluitingen. Kortom, het fiber-to-my-home project gaat nog wel wat jaartjes duren. Met de eisen die ik stel aan een IP provider (vaste adresruimte, ongefilterde smtp toegang, ipv6 en ipv4 ondersteuning) is xs4all nogsteeds de logische keuze. Aansluitingen via andere aanbieders (inclusief Ziggo Internet via de kabel) naar mijn gewenste niveau brengen (met behulp van een server in een datacenter) maken ze dan alsnog duurder dan xs4all.

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2012-04-22 (#)
RT @fanf (pdf) - Worm propagation strategies in an #IPv6 internet.
2012-04-18 (#)
I found a nice feature on the Netgear GS716T switch at home. The default management interface for the switch is a webinterface, but thanks to a remark in the serverfault thread Managed Ethernet switch per-port MAC address translation? I found out it has a telnet interface on port 60000. Indeed, just type 'admin' at the wait remark and use the admin password:
$ telnet .... 60000
Trying ...
Connected to ....
Escape character is '^]'.

(Broadcom FASTPATH Switching) 
Applying Interface configuration, please wait ...admin
(Broadcom FASTPATH Switching) >enable

(Broadcom FASTPATH Switching) #
Interesting information available:
(Broadcom FASTPATH Switching) #show port all

               Admin   Physical   Physical   Link   Link    LACP   Actor
 Intf   Type    Mode    Mode       Status   Status  Trap    Mode   Timeout
------ ------ ------- ---------- ---------- ------ ------- ------ --------
0/1           Enable     Auto                Down   Enable Enable long         
0/2           Enable     Auto                Down   Enable Enable long         
0/3           Enable     Auto     100 Full   Up     Enable Enable long         
0/4           Enable     Auto                Down   Enable Enable long         
(Broadcom FASTPATH Switching) #cablestatus 0/3

Cable Status................................... Normal
Cable Length................................... 13m - 13m
There are commands in the this interface which will instantly reboot the switch, taking quite some time to get networking back. Ooopsie..

I also upgraded the firmware to version and that new firmware even has dhcp filtering available. Quite a nice switch for the money.

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2012-04-16 (#)
Learned a bit the hard way about linux software raid. The first raid I set up had a disk /dev/sdc first giving errors and later removing itself from the array. Sounds like something the raid system should be able to deal with. Shutdown system, remove failed disk, add new disk of the same size, reboot, resync array, done.

Well it wasn't like that, trying to activate the array after reboot kept giving errors like:
# mdadm --assemble /dev/md0
mdadm: /dev/sdc has no superblock - assembly aborted
After trying a lot of variants, I gave up on those superblocks and tried the method described in Mdadm entry in Wikipedia: Recovering from a loss of raid superblock. But I made an error: I did not use the missing keyword for the new disk. Which created a raidset with 3 disks and happily started syncing sdb+sdc to sdd. I aborted that config when I found out, redid it with missing in the right place and got a quite corrupted filesystem. After a 4 hour filesystem check all files (left..) were in lost+found.

Solution for my next software raid (I checked one I built later) and fixed in this one: use the UUID of the created array in mdadm.conf, don't describe the original components. So I made the change to:
# ARRAY /dev/md0 devices=/dev/sdb,/dev/sdc,/dev/sdd
ARRAY /dev/md0 UUID=1103091b:8bc35717:7d583786:8f0370bf
This will come up, even in degraded mode (with a warning about that). And later I added the new /dev/sdc with mdadm --add /dev/md0 /dev/sdc and the wished resync started. Easiest way to get this data in the right format:
# mdadm --detail --brief /dev/md0
ARRAY /dev/md0 level=raid1 num-devices=2 metadata=00.90 UUID=f16f06e4:456974f1:07f865a5:07e04d1c

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2012-04-15 (#)
Cropped screengrab from playing videotape to a miro pctv card over RF Interesting use of an old(-ish) analog tv card: I plugged it into a newish computer to set it up to watch videotape. The chip on the card (Brook Tree Bt848) was recognized but the card itself wasn't recognized right away because the bttv driver really needs more information about the actual card in use. A module parameter needs to be set, a good explanation can be found at bttv page on MythTV wiki. I found the right parameter for the card, and it works. The xawtv application gave lots of errors, but that was mainly because the .app-defaults/Xawtv file (X resources for the application) was so 'old' (1998..) that it disabled all controls. The .xawtv file in my homedir also had old channel assignments from when I lived at a previous address and had cable TV in my 'computer room'.

Anyway, enough history, the card works although the antenna connector is flaky, but the RF output of the video cassette recorder is strong enough to overcome any signal leaks. I can watch some old videotape! Quality is, well, what I expect from a vhs tape and over an RF link. Interesting is that trying to watch video full-screen makes the video have interruptions. The image is a crop from a screengrab made in xawtv.

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2012-04-13 (#)
Fresh cloudy skies on It's back, someone was kind enough to lend me some room in his window giving a nice view in a north-easterly direction.

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2012-04-12 (#)
RT @UUGeo: Seismometer van #UUGeo registreert aardbeving. Bekijk seismogram door datum 11 Apr 2012 in te vullen op:
2012-04-11 (#)
@Wilboard Het product van #commercileTV is kijkers naar reclame. Programma's zijn slechts een middel om dat te bereiken.
2012-04-11 (#)
RT @DeSpeld: Santorum euthanaseert campagne - “Je moet lijden niet eindeloos rekken.”
2012-04-11 (#)
An update about the collapsed transmission tower/mast collapse in Hoogersmilde:

The concrete tower part of the transmission tower at Hoogersmilde has been repaired and parts for the new lattice mast that will be on top are coming in to the construction site. Radio-tv-nederland has all the pictures and updates for the rebuilding process of the Hoogersmilde transmitter.

And last night the FM radio transmitters at Lopik were brought back to full power after repairs because of the damage to the transmitter in a small fire on that same 15 July 2011.

Via Radio-tv-Nederland

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2012-04-09 (#)
RT @mrbill: $1B worth of hipster sepia filters.
2012-04-09 (#)
@mrbill software to make the results of a bad camera even worse
2012-04-09 (#)
The changes for the Bundesnetzagentur Senderdaten Rundfunk now lists all transmitters for the MTVNL multiplexes. Den Haag, Eindhoven, Hilversum, Rijswijk, Utrecht are listed. Some of those have been on-air for a while, so I wonder what triggered this update on the German side.

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2012-04-08 (#)
@alyankovic so the eggs you find at christmas may not be that old...
2012-04-05 (For the fun of it I decided to 'share my location' on this google+ post. Firefox asked me nicely whether...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : For the fun of it I decided to 'share my location' on this google+ post. Firefox asked me nicely whether I want to let know and I clicked 'yes'. And the result according to google is that I seem to be in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Well, 'not even close' (on a Dutch scale of 'close'). The only thing firefox/google would have to determine my locations are wireless networks and there are enough of them around here to get a reasonable answer. When I look at the list of networks seen in wpa_supplicant I see a few that have been around since at least June 2006.
2012-04-05 (#)
"Donner waarschuwt voor aantasting rechtsstaat" .. welke minister was ook alweer altijd zo goed in die aantastingen verzinnen ..
2012-04-05 (#)
RT @frankieboyle: These snooping laws are genius. To stop terrorists who want to destroy the freedoms we enjoy, we simply destroy the fr ...
2012-04-01 (#)
Morning fog near Fort Voordorp
Morning fog near Fort Voordorp
I'm quite proud of this picture. It originates in talking about photography with a co-worker who pointed me at the great things fog can do around Fort Voordorp. A few days later the morning news mentioned heavy fog so I took the camera, and this is the result.

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2012-04-01 (#)
"Wij gaan zorgvuldig om met uw gegevens" .. in het ongecrypte mailtje ervoor staat mijn BSN #privacyfail
2012-04-01 (#)
@Wilboard de hollywoodfilm met "computers kunnen de 3e wereldoorlog veroorzaken" er in is er: Wargames. Mijn favoriete film.
2012-04-01 (#)
RT @kevinmitnick: I love it! LMAO!
2012-03-29 (#)
Interesting: Paul Vixie describes his work on the replacement DNS servers for the takedown of the DNS Changer network. An interesting read, and nice to see someone who has been active in DNS on the Internet 'forever' still doing good stuff.

Via Taking down DNSChanger: A first person account - Slashdot.

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2012-03-28 (#)
@SilentUK no problem here, but don't expect lots of money from google ads
2012-03-28 (#)
With World IPv6 Launch Day coming up more and more places should be supporting IPv6. This time it is a "launch" and it should not be switched off the next day which should severely increase the urgency of fixing IPv6-related bugs.

Related news items:

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2012-03-27 (#)
DAB+ logo Nadat de eerste DAB+ content in Nederland beschikbaar gekomen is direct het nieuws dat de gebruikers van de toekomstige regionale DAB radio kavels kiezen voor samenwerking in de uitrol en de DAB+ standaard: Commerciële en publieke stations werken samen in DAB+ - Radio.NL.
Toekomstige gebruikers van de regionale T-DAB kavels hebben onlangs een samenwerkingsovereenkomst gesloten om te komen tot de uitrol van het digitale radionetwerk (DAB+) in heel Nederland.
Dus ik verwacht de komende jaren meer en meer DAB+ radio content. Waarbij eigenlijk het toekomstige 11C ensemble (landelijke commerciële zenders) niet al te lang meer op zich zou moeten laten wachten.

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2012-03-26 (#)
A to the point and not telling it nicey-nicey article: Yo mamma so stupid she gonna become an SEO consultant - Tom Morris. The main point being: Wikipedia has actual content which people want to visit. Something which the SEO insultants have a hard time understanding or accepting. As one person involved in the Wikimedia foundation writes at Oh those silly SEO folks - Philippe Beaudette:
Wikipedia content returns because of a couple of factors:

Hold on… this one's hard… There's a lot of content. Almost 4,000,000 articles on the English site alone. Yeah, statistically speaking, we’re gonna dominate.

It's generally high quality content. Argue if you want, but when's the last time (Wikipedians, you don't count for this one) that you saw … personally… incorrect information on a Wikipedia article? It happens, sure, but the community is pretty good at organically fixing it.
Although I am quite aware of articles that need fixing where I don't take on that task personally because I don't have the inspiration for the right words or I foresee Wikipedia administrators undoing my work.

As I commented:
I would like the "SEO consultants" to first find a way to discourage trackback spamming / link spamming / wiki spamming and other abuses that cost me actual work, then thinking about delivering actual high-quality content.

Dear SEO spammers whining about Wikipedia's Google ranking: we actively don't care. by David Gerard

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2012-03-26 (#)
In the weekend I had some more time to play with rtl-sdr, the cheap software defined radio using rtl2832u based receivers. I tested with coupling rtl-sdr and gnuradio companion using a fifo, so I can do experiments 'realtime' and not with (huge) capturefiles. This works, which enabled me to listen to FM radio. I'm still looking what the minimum and maximum frequencies of the Fitipower FC0013 tuner are, but my guess is that the range might also be near 64 to 1700 MHz.

The good news is also that there are the first signs of a gnuradio block for this receiver on the site above, which means I can use it directly in gnuradio and retune it on the fly.

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2012-03-25 (#)
And in other DAB news: transmitters have been allocated for a new multiplex in north-east France, but it is unknown at the moment what the plans are.

Block 10D, transmitters at Bar le Duc, Forbach, Longwy, Metz, Nancy, Sarrebourg et Verdun.

Changes found via checking: Bundesnetzagentur Senderdaten Rundfunk which besides all German transmitters also lists every transmitter for frequencies which are coordinated with Germany. I wish I could download similar files for the Netherlands.

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2012-03-24 (#)
According to A topic about MTVNL on radioforum (Dutch) MTVNL should be running the -3FM- service in DAB+ at the moment. This evening in a scan I find nothing at all. I expect either 11A (Hilversum) or 12B (Utrecht, in a previous test stronger than 12C..). DAB+ logo

Update 2012-03-25: The next afternoon I get MTVNL again with a running -3FM- service. And (very weak) both the DR Deutschland mux and the VRT DAB mux. Interesting propagation at the moment.

But when I had time to do a full scan MTVNL did not show up on the Noxon DAB stick at all and was very very weak on the pure one mini. My best guess: MTVNL is busy with testing and configuring. And I don't have a .dat file where -3FM- is a DAB+ service yet.

In the evening I get almost full signal on MTVNL again according to the Pure one mini, but with -3FM- giving minimal bits of audio here and there. Interesting testing going on at MTVNL! And I noticed during the scan the radio finds 3, 6, 15 services (the receiver doesn't show which channel it is scanning, but I guess with a linear scan means 3 MTVNL at 11A, 3 MTVNL at 12B and 9 Publieke omroep at 12C), but after the scan the MTVNL services only show once. I guess the radio detects certain identifying numbers being exactly the same and choosing the stronger version.

Update 2012-03-26:
-3FM- service in DAB+
Details of the -3FM- service on MTVNL: it's a DAB+ service now. I used Muxx Inspector to get service details.
Finally, the service running and time to do the scan with the Noxon software and check the results. Yes, it's the first DAB+ service in the Netherlands! The -3FM- service now runs smoothly, no interruptions in audio and quite a strong signal. I also noted services Visualradio and NL3 BIFS aren't available at the moment.

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2012-03-20 (#)
The Noxon DAB USB stick I got as a cheap DAB/DAB+ experimenting device has hidden powers. A big part of the 'cheap' is because this device leaves all of the work to software. If I understand the discussions about the Noxon correctly, there are drivers to receive dvb-t signals with the same stick. Most development for the linux driver seems to be on the dvb-t side too.

I came across a webpage which puts this all in a new light: The whole device turns out to be a wideband tuner and an analog to digital convertor. Software has to do the rest. And now someone has written that software. Some clever thinking and discussion started by Antti Palosaari turned into rtl-sdr, a software defined radio using the RTL2832U chip. Together with my other thoughts about software defined radio where I thought about receiving and decoding D-STAR ham radio signals with for example a funcube dongle this means I already have a software defined radio. Time to capture some I/Q data and learn about gnuradio. The rtl-sdr software has already been used to receive Tetra signals (frequencies UHF 380 MHz .. 476 MHz) and GMR signals (satellite phone, L-band 1600 MHz). So I guess 70cm D-STAR should not be a problem.

Update 2012-03-21:
Spectrum of 3M broadcast band
Simple FFT (spectrum analysis) of data coming from the NOXON dab usb stick. Works in the VHF FM broadcast band, I can see various signals and verify their frequencies. With stronger stations I can use the wideband FM decoder in gnuradio and get audio. Click for full screen capture from gnuradio FFT.
Played with this, and I managed to receive an FM radio station and decode the stereo audio from it using the grc (gnuradio companion) rtl2832 to fm scripts mentioned here. Hearing a bit of radio received and decoded by hardware which absolutely wasn't sold to me with that capability is fun. Everything gnuradio is all new to me so most of the time I have no idea what I'm looking at and the noise in the Noxon stick is causing issues as usual.

Update 2012-03-22: Played some more, and added the plot. And I heard audio from some of the stronger stations. But I still have serious noise issues, even when moving the usb stick away from the computer with a long usb extension cable. As you can see in the plot there is not much difference between the noise level and a strong local station. The wideband FM receiver module available in gnuradio companion couldn't even decode the signal at 93.8 MHz (Slam!FM Noordbrabant) in the captured data.

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2012-03-19 (#)
At work I started on a filesystem migration on a large raid-array. Large enough to use GPT partition tables, which was new to me. So I had to find out how to get GRUB2 running on a GPT disk, preferably without doing test-reboots before the real change. All this on a Ubuntu 11.10 system.

I read about GPT booting with grub2 at Sysresccd-Partitioning-EN-The-new-GPT-disk-layout - SystemRescueCd and Booting from GPT which shows that (re-)installing grub2 to a GPT disk is still quite simple:
grub-install /dev/sdg
But I want to check the new setup without multiple reboots (the system is in heavy use). I came across Boot Info Script which shows a lot of detail about the boot setup, including what I wanted to know:
 => Grub2 (v1.99) is installed in the MBR of /dev/sdg and looks at sector 34
    of the same hard drive for core.img. core.img is at this location and
    looks in partition 2 for ??.
Now If I make sure all the right UUID values are in /boot/grub/load.cfg, /boot/grub/grub.cfg and /etc/fstab, the new disk should boot fine.

Update: No it didn't, I got an error about the UUID in load.cfg, but I could continue grub2 with manual commands. I reran grub-install which strangely enough removed load.cfg completely. But afterwards the raid-array booted nicely.

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2012-03-19 (#)
RT @sourceforge: @khoos
2012-03-19 (#)
Dear @sourceforge some people still want to get files using wget or lynx. Stop obstructing this.
2012-03-17 (#)
@pndc it gets worse when they use the caller-id to answer with 'Hi .., will you be having a ... pizza?'
2012-03-16 (As the NSA has already logged that I read this article, I might just as well share that fact with the...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : As the NSA has already logged that I read this article, I might just as well share that fact with the rest of the world.

An interesting article about the new data-vacuuming capabilities of the NSA. Laws don't matter, privacy doesn't matter, the NSA just doesn't want to get surprised again and spares no (US taxpayer) money in making sure.

The result? As described in the article: The former NSA official held his thumb and forefinger close together: “We are that far from a turnkey totalitarian state.”
2012-03-15 (#)
@Wilboard ;-)) let toch op je updates onder linux (ook plugins). Ook daar zouden dit soort aanvallen zich op kunnen richten.
2012-03-15 (#)
@Wilboard maar lees vooral
2012-03-15 (#)
@Wilboard wat ik lees is dat het iets dusdanig hardnekkigs is dat de veilige oplossing is systeem herinstalleren EN mbr herinitialiseren
2012-03-14 Obfuscated javascript in HTML mail virus attempts
For amusement I peeked into the HTML code in one of those Your Page is loading... mails. This one had as Subject: Fwd: Scan from a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 673022.

The source code is obfuscated javascript. But with hints from Advanced obfuscated JavaScript analysis - ISC dairy I learned about spidermonkey which is available under Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (not under 10.04). With the js javascript shell and a few modifications to the script, changing eval to print I was able to find out where the code wanted to go next: That name resolves to a lot of addresses:
$ host has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address
On the first try to fetch the above url I got something which looked a lot like But retrying this with a user-agent looking more like a recent MSIE gave me quite different html/javascript code (4057 bytes md5sum 2ebb9a7dfb9b10ffdd49d9b3f0a8c2df sha256 330c1362ac968da1e3c653a18d01c6464f1c40a717174659fcb6538b553bffea), Antivirus scan for 2ebb9a7dfb9b10ffdd49d9b3f0a8c2df The readable parts try to fetch:
  • As embedded shockwave flash movie: (macromedia flash, 7790 bytes, md5sum 289a35c701f0d709dcd5e260478c26b6 sha256 b946c4a81e0b3458f8e74d93057fed084a4658d3a19f795761a4ae2c23a5b6d1), Antivirus scan for 289a35c701f0d709dcd5e260478c26b6
  • As an iframe: a PDF file with builtin javascript (13199 bytes, md5sum 5ed4daefc479824d64ec5daf48564b22 sha256 d9a6ffb89860c970bcd6f91ad74ff6ac44e94a51ba1850d7be5a518a4574955f) Antivirus scan for 5ed4daefc479824d64ec5daf48564b22
  • As a java applet: (13028 bytes, md5sum aefa842a18a8d19bb661107ba6e77699 sha256 4aa50efb99114bf4215e44f91d1aa5d818aa974b8a8cca2657454c2833b0a0a9) Antivirus scan for aefa842a18a8d19bb661107ba6e77699
  • As a java applet: (13361 bytes, md5sum 68358f8f1fd6c01d7e29e445ca646623, sha256 dab184aeea5b8155155c0ebf55450b5cfd168bf59b744e447f7760fe1ba419c7) Antivirus scan for 68358f8f1fd6c01d7e29e445ca646623
As the virustotal links show these are all known attacks.

The rest of the html file is more obfuscated javascript. Searching for one of the md5sums finds me Fwd: Scan from a Xerox W. Pro #0099345 dropping Bugat - spamalysis where someone already did the same as I did.

Update 2012-03-15: Next day, Subject: Fwd: Scan from a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet #4101 and the next domain: Again lots of IPs and really short ttl:
;; ANSWER SECTION:    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A    60      IN      A

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2012-03-14 (#)
RT @DNS_BORAT: Please to note Nintendo have no DS. #dnssec
2012-03-12 (#)
RT @twitjeb: Daylight Saving Time: Because time zones just weren't complicated enough.
2012-03-12 (A nice addition for the imported google+ posts)
Google+Koos van den Hout : A nice addition for the imported google+ posts
2012-03-11 (#)
Triggered by I killed the Internet - I decided to have a look at the option of getting my own google+ postings and showing the results here on my pages just like I do for twitter. As you can see it is quite possible. Within the Google apis you can request google+ api access and get an access key. The Google+ api gives structured access to all information in JSON format. A bit of perl, with LWP::UserAgent and JSON later and I parse the google+ available data and put the needed information in a postgresql table which the homepage scripts can read from. It can use some improvement, such as showing attachments (links, pictures, shared posts) but this is a start.

This may look like "the wrong way around" from the viewpoint of the article, letting google+ have my data and pointing to it but at least google+ lets me liberate it and present it in the way I like, and will point back.

I wonder if I can do the same with LinkedIn. I got a bit annoyed that the 'amazon reading list' app on LinkedIn won't allow me to link directly to reviews on The Virtual Bookcase.

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2012-03-11 (""" You’re just a user? Awesome. Just start demanding the internet remain open. You came out (or at ...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : The article made me look up the options in google+ to fetch my own data. So is still the place for everything "me" and social networks are an addition. The google+ api allows a lot of access to your data, with structure (+1's, shares, comments) fully available in JSON format. A bit of perl later and part of the data is available to the scripts behind my homepage.
2012-03-09 (#)
@BadAstronomer looks like the wrong week to quit sniffing glue
2012-03-09 (#)
One victim of the budget cuts at Radio Netherlands Worldwide (Radio Nederland Wereldomroep): Media Network blog will close 24 March 2012. Media Network blog is something I follow the last few years. I'll miss it.

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2012-03-08 (#)
As mentioned at Ziggo begint met QAM256 - Digitale Kabeltelevisie (Dutch) my cable provider is switching to QAM256 modulation which allows for 8 bits per symbol, from QAM64 which allows for 6 bits. I noticed it today when checking the information for discovery channel. The signal strength is about 55% but the error rate is 0%, so reception is fine. This should give more services at some point in the future, but my best guess those will cost extra money too.

Update 2012-03-13: It's interesting how Ziggo can do this in production (I call it "in production" when a number of running services is only available in QAM256) with tech news sites only picking this up days later. And still calling it a test. Although they probably don't use the extra bandwidth so they can switch back.

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2012-03-08 (#)
RT @higgis: Everything that is wrong with advertising in one handy photo
2012-03-04 (#)
Remember the finger protocol? Once that was the way to publish information about yourself on the Internet before the whole worldwideweb thing and the concept of a 'homepage' started. But, finger gave/gives out too much information in the default settings, such as where you are logged in from (local terminal or network connection, complete with remote host name). I wanted to re-enable finger on my server at home, but did not want to 'leak' out this information. And I liked the concept of the 'people' command, which makes a list of users on multiple systems based on rwho data. But 'people' as a finger daemon likes to call the normal finger command when a name is given via the finger protocol, so finger user@host1@host2 would be forwarded, which is not what I like. The solution now is that I use cfingerd which does not give out information about sessions, hostnames and idle times. And cfingerd is in control, but calls people to create a list of logged-in users. End result: see for yourself, finger Or finger Temporarily not availabe via IPv6 because cfingerd gives a weird error when accessed via IPv6.

For those places where finger isn't even installed, the user-listing looks like:
koos@greenblatt:~$ people -H
User      Name                            Machine(s)
--------- ------------------------------- -------------------------------
koos      Koos van den Hout               greenblatt

A bit of history: Adam Curry once managed to cause severe load on a finger server by announcing the "Cyber-Sleaze report" available via finger Within 4 days panix asked him to stop publishing information this way because of unprecedented traffic on the finger service. Source: Cyber Sleaze - Adam Curry - Adam started and published information like this via finger, gopher and later the world wide web.

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2012-03-03 (#)
Wat krijg je als een "gratis" advies op een website alleen verkrijgbaar is als je een e-mail adres opgeeft? Juist, spam. Naar adressen die er helemaal niets mee te maken hebben. Dus krijg ik net een mail Uw energieoverzicht van met als mooie aanhef:
Beste heer boevenzijnjullie,

Zojuist hebt u de website Consumind bezocht. Waarvoor onze dank.
Degene die het advies vroeg was duidelijk niet van plan om zijn gegevens achter te laten, dus wordt er maar een derde mee lastiggevallen.

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2012-03-03 (#)
@bicyclemark it's "interesting" to read about the history of Monsanto. This explains some strong opinions from the US about milk.
2012-03-02 (#)
Interesting reading on computer voting lack of security: Election hacked, drunken robot elected to school board - The Register. Professor Alex Halderman from the University of Michigan, with help of bright students, broke into the voting system to be tested and compromised the voting process completely. The published paper Attacking the Washington, D.C. Internet Voting System - Scott Wolchok, Eric Wustrow, Dawn Isabel, and J. Alex Halderman (PDF) describes how very thoroughly the complete voting infrastructure was compromised and what levels of access the attackers had and could have. I was amused by the webcams mentioned which allowed the attackers to find out at what times the systems were monitored actively and whether the administrators were aware of any break-ins happening.

The question remains: did Bender win the election for head of the school board?

Found via ArjenKamphuis: drunken robot elected to school board electronic voting remains dangerously broken #evoting

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2012-03-01 (#)
Even gdm has the option to allow sessions via XDMCP over the network, but it is (rightfully) disabled by default. I used Xnest to debug an issue with gdm. The configuration (at least this bit) is in /etc/gdm/custom.conf :
And now I can debug some gdm settings with
$ Xnest :1 -query thompson
And see the results in an X session in an X session.

And I debugged the problem: the minimal uid needed to get an account listed in the gdm greeter is taken from /etc/login.defs. The documentation for gdm lists the MinimalUID option but this gdm (version from ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS) ignores that option.

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2012-02-29 (#)
Remarkable news item: Israel raids Palestinian television stations - Media Network Radio Netherlands Worldwide. What I miss (and what I commented there) is any real reporting on the frequency of Watan TV and how it would interfere with air traffic control. None of the news articles I could find answered this question.

Some more searching found me Who's telling the truth about Ramallah TV station raid? - Elder of Ziyon where the same question is asked, with some more details on frequency use in the Middle East. I wasn't aware VHF band I (41.25 - 87.75 MHz) is still in use for TV in the Middle East. With these numbers it could be an option that harmonics or mixing products from the transmitter signal were causing interference but I'd still need to know the frequency of the station and the ATC frequencies to determine whether this was actually happening.

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2012-02-29 (#)
RT @fanf: - No right to parody in the UK / the video Olympics Authorities want banned.
2012-02-28 (#)
2000 #schoonmakers in het pand en nog ligt het vuilnis tot 1.5 meter hoog #uithof
2012-02-27 (#)
Het is niet eens meer echt verbazend: "Politie schendt wet met bevragingen CIOT-database" - Het blijkt nogsteeds de gewoonte om alle informatie die misschien bruikbaar is in een onderzoek op te vragen in plaats van alleen informatie over concrete verdenkingen:
Woordvoerder Florian Vingerhoeds [ van het regiokorps Gelderland-Zuid ] verklaart het hoge aantal antwoorden door het bevragen van meerdere personen in één enkele bevraging. "Wanneer iemand vaak belt met bepaalde telefoonnummers, kunnen we van die personen ook gelijk de naw-gegevens opvragen". Datzelfde geldt volgens hem voor de ip-adressen waarmee iemand vaak communiceert.
Het beste commentaar van Commentaar op "Politie schendt wet met bevragingen CIOT-database" -
Al die data opslaan gaat niet aan. We verzinnen een manier waarop de politiediensten die data uniform kunnen opvragen via aanvragen die centraal worden bijgehouden maar waarvoor de antwoorden direct van de aanbieders komen. Die aanvragen moeten digitaal ondertekend worden door een rechter en de telecomaanbieder mag er niet aan voldoen als het signatuur niet klopt. En iedereen mag opvragen of zijn telefoonnummer danwel ip adres in een aanvraag danwel antwoord opgedoken is.

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2012-02-26 (#)
Bij het graven in de archieven heb ik ook oude floppybakken doorgewerkt. De meeste floppies waren tot mijn verbazing nog prima leesbaar. Zelfs de floppies die ik als goeie 720k floppies kocht, van een extra gat voorzag en dan formatteerde op 1.44 Mb waren nog leesbaar. Om er iets mee te doen maak ik er eerst imagefiles van met dd_rescue. De enige floppies die echt absoluut onleesbaar waren zijn floppies die ik in 1989 gebruikte bij het practicum op OS-9 systemen tijdens mijn opleiding. Of dat aan het gebruikte formaat, aan de floppydrives op de unicorn systemen of aan de 23 jaar ertussen ligt weet ik niet.

Een paar van de floppies die ik tegenkwam bevatten materiaal van het FreeLinK netwerk voor koppelen onafhankelijke fidonet technologie netwerken, wat ik dus weer beschikbaar stel.

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2012-02-23 (#)
Good news: the lawsuit about the timezone database has been dropped.

The EFF helped defend against the Astrolabe lawsuit against Olson and Eggert. It's still not the ideal way to move the control of the database from Olson and Eggert to the Iana, and reading the facts about the timezone database lawsuit shows just how bad things were, from 12 January 2012:
And then we waited for Astrolabe to actually serve Olson and Eggert, which would allow litigation to commence in earnest. Perhaps realizing the absurdity of its legal position, however, Astrolabe didn’t bother to take that next step, leaving Olson and Eggert in legal limbo.

Today, we’re taking the battle to Astrolabe, and starting the process for seeking sanctions under Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 11 requires litigants to conduct a reasonable inquiry into the facts and law before filing any paper with the court.
I hope this causes a bit more trouble for Astrolabe than just having to say "Sorry, we should not have done this".

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2012-02-23 (#)
RT @internetthought: Rick Santorum’s euthanasia fantasy He claimed elderly in NL were involuntarily euthanized, 10 ...
2012-02-22 (#)
And yet another Fidonet Technology Network from the archives of BBS Koos z'n Doos. I dug up the old forms and a nodelist of TRI-NET MMnet and EroticaNet. A very international network, with French and English echomail areas (showing the roots in Canada).

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2012-02-22 (#)
Bij het bladeren in de backup van BBS Koos z'n Doos kwam ik informatie tegen over TradeNet, een fidonet technology network met advertenties gericht op Nederland. De voorloper van marktplaats!

Fidonet technology network, afgekort tot FTN, was een titel die gebruikt werd voor BBS netwerken die wel met de fidonet software en nodelijsten werkten maar niet gekoppeld waren aan fidonet zelf. Addressering in deze netwerken was dus altijd wel van het zone:net/node type, maar met hele andere zonenummers dan Fidonet. BBS Koos z'n Doos zat bijvoorbeeld op een heel aantal van deze Fidonet Technology Networks: HIN (Hogeschool Informatie Netwerk) met adres 87:100/20, FreeLinK (netwerk om tussen Fidonet Technology Networks echomail uit te wisselen) 19:19/97, HyperNet 111:7/0, TRI-NET / MMnet family network / EroticaNet 92:1400/0, TradeNet 63:102/100, Universal 77:8405/110.

Maar dus niet als node op Fidonet zelf. Dat kostte maandelijks geld omdat degenen die het ophaalden en distribueerden een vergoeding wilden voor de kosten. Wat als 'arme student' een slecht idee was naast de kosten voor de telefoonrekening en de hardware. Het andere BBS waar ik eerst CoSysop en later Sysop van was, Fido HCC IBM PCgg had natuurlijk wel Fidonet, maar dat werd geregeld door de HCC.

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2012-02-20 (#)
Interesting reading this weekend: Must-Complete Projects for Every Hardcore Tech Geek - Wired Gadget Lab. My version of this list:
  • [✓] Build a PC From Scratch .. I'm not sure I ever bought a completely installed PC.
  • [?] Overclock a PC or Mac .. I never tried anything with unsupported clock speeds, but I once replaced an Intel 8088 processor with a NEC V20 processor to get a Norton Sysindex rating of 1.6 (if I recall correctly).
  • [ ] Build a Robot or Drone Flying Machine. I have done other hardware projects, but nothing remote controlled / autonomous yet.
  • [ ] Hack Your Body With a Geek Tattoo. Not going to happen.
  • [✓] Live on Linux For at Least a Month. Euh, there are other options?
  • [✓] Perform Invasive Surgery on a Mobile Device. I've opened and repaired multiple mobile phones.
  • [✓] Create a Man Cave. It's more a (very messy) home office / computer room than a real 'man cave' and I may have to give it up when our son needs more than a baby room.
  • [✓] Carry Around Essential PC Apps on a USB Stick. I think it counts that I carried around a small box of 3.5" floppies ages ago. I guess "having ssh access to a known system" was enough.
  • [ ] Brew Your Own Beer or Distill Your Own Moonshine. Haven't done that.

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2012-02-19 (#)
Wie controleert de controleurs?
2012-02-18 (#)
Reading the news about MTVNL testing on Radio en TV zenders in Nederland I did a DAB scan this evening. Interesting results: MTVNL on 11A from Hilversum is either still down or reception was too bad (it was raining). MTVNL testing on 12B showed an interesting ensemble with 6 classic DAB (MP2) services and 2 other services (according to the Noxon mediaplayer). Tags are 3G SERVICE1 3G .. 3G SERVICE6 3G for the audio services and 3G SERVICE7 3G and 3G SERVICE8 3G for the data services. Different levels of bitrate and protection for the audio services. I guess they are testing stuff. What was interesting was that the reception quality was constantly shifting between bad, intermediate and good.

Update 2012-02-19: redid the scan when it was clear weather, now MTVNL from Hilversum on 11A showed up, so it was back up again. I also let the Pure One Mini do a scan and it found the silent test services. On the reception indicator of the Pure One Mini the change in signal strength wasn't as big as on the Noxon mediaplayer. Interesting is that the Pure One Mini shows the services as  3G SERVICE1 3G and up, with a space in the first position of the name.

Update 2012-02-20: The service name 3G SERVICE1 and up have been used before: according to the archives for 2000 of DAB ensembles worldwide the service name was used in the test phase of the South Yorkshire local ensemble.

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2012-02-14 (#)
RT @BOFHTopTips: Nagios is red / Devops are blue / Who broke my network? / I hate you
2012-02-13 (#)
Interesting 'documentation bug' for redhat and derived linux distributions: several sites mention how you can setup alias configurations in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:0 and beyond, but most configuration samples assume they need the statement
or ONBOOT=no. The original redhat documentation for alias and clone network adapter configuration misses the part on how to disable or enable them. We disabled a set of aliases and found out after a reboot that they were enabled again. Digging deeper in the script which reads them /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-aliases found the right statement to disable them:
Yes, the default is to enable them when the parent comes up.

Wrong configuration samples found at:

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2012-02-11 (#)
Maybe a future project given a bit of money and a lot of spare time: receiving D-STAR gmsk signals with a Funcube dongle pro or other (software) radio and decoding them in software to show the active callsign and routing information. The audio will not be available as D-STAR uses the AMBE codec. But the on-air metadata will be quite interesting to decode and process. Maybe also available by linking to a repeater or reflector via the IP protocols and receiving the metadata.

After all other projects, and needs a lot of round tuits.

Update 2012-02-13: sometimes these thoughts nag and nag, and you do a few google searches, find some software which may do the bit about linking to a reflector and receiving metadata, and some hacking in the source later:
DSTAR: STARTED my=PA4YBR P,sfx=FRED,ur=CQCQCQ  ,rpt1=REF017 A,rpt2=PI1BSM A,streamid=96,36
No audio, but the metadata is there. I took the dplus_client_linux from D-star open source / Dextra and modified the source a bit: it doesn't try to talk to the AMBE decoder anymore and it doesn't try to log in to the reflector anymore. But reporting as an active connection without logging in is enough to receive the data. I configured it to connect to REF017A, the Dutch d-star reflector 017 Alfa which is home to Dutch D-star users. I now get interesting output:
DSTAR: STARTED my=PD2AWD  ,sfx=E880,ur=CQCQCQ  ,rpt1=REF017 A,rpt2=PI1DRA B,streamid=84,245

Started receiving audio from dstar

Skipping concurrent: my=PE1GDF  ,sfx=2820,ur=CQCQCQ  ,rpt1=PI1POH B,rpt2=REF017 B,streamid=21,138

DSTAR: stream complete
DSTAR: STARTED my=PD3JHN  ,sfx=PORT,ur=CQCQCQ  ,rpt1=PI1UTR G,rpt2=REF017 A,streamid=15,127

Started receiving audio from dstar

Skipping concurrent: my=PE1GDF  ,sfx=2820,ur=CQCQCQ  ,rpt1=PI1POH B,rpt2=REF017 B,streamid=142,95

Skipping concurrent: my=PE1GDF  ,sfx=2820,ur=CQCQCQ  ,rpt1=PI1POH B,rpt2=REF017 B,streamid=67,222

DSTAR: stream complete

Update 2012-02-14: Added timestamps to the output so I can get an idea of the activity:
DSTAR: STARTED my=PA0LVL  ,sfx=E80D,ur=CQCQCQ  ,rpt1=REF017 A,rpt2=PA0LVL C,streamid=139,189
2012-02-14 19:47:19 Started receiving audio from dstar

2012-02-14 19:47:23 stream complete
DSTAR: STARTED my=PA1MBW  ,sfx=PIET,ur=CQCQCQ  ,rpt1=PI1UTR G,rpt2=REF017 A,streamid=71,23
2012-02-14 19:47:28 Started receiving audio from dstar

2012-02-14 19:47:29 stream complete
DSTAR: STARTED my=PA1NJK  ,sfx=IC92,ur=CQCQCQ  ,rpt1=PI1HGL G,rpt2=REF017 A,streamid=66,74
2012-02-14 19:47:41 Started receiving audio from dstar

2012-02-14 19:47:47 stream complete
DSTAR: STARTED my=PE1KZU  ,sfx=E92D,ur=CQCQCQ  ,rpt1=REF017 A,rpt2=PE1KZU C,streamid=47,202
2012-02-14 19:48:39 Started receiving audio from dstar

2012-02-14 19:48:41 stream complete
Quite busy. I was hoping to have audio via one of the audio streams from reflector 017 Alfa so I could match those with the status messages but none is available at this moment.

I also found where the user messages and other text streams in the d-star protocol go:
which match messages in Reflector 017 dplus dashboard. Well: they don't show what the originating callsign is.

Update 2012-02-15: The REF017A live audio feed is back on-line, so I can view the control traffic and listen to the audio at the same time. Well, not exactly at the same time: there is a delay.

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2012-02-11 (#)
Over het water gelopen zonder dat het een religieuze ervaring was #vasteaggregatietoestand
2012-02-11 Having internal provider-independent addresses with IPv6: unique site-local addresses
Yesterday somebody asked me about provider-independent addresses in IPv6, because of the old 'renumbering sucks' reason. At that moment I did remember that there is a sort-of provider-independent option, but it is relatively new and IPv6 purists frown upon it, so you probably will not get a provider-independent allocation just because you don't like renumbering. This does show the 'roots' of IPv6 being in the time when classless inter-domain routing and aggregation were seen as the best solution for routing table growth. But in the end: renumbering is not so nice, and can cause interruptions in internal reachability. With full NAT and just one external address renumber operations never affect internal services.

But, later I remembered there is a solution in IPv6 for this, because it is possible to configure multiple addresses on any interface in IPv6, and outgoing traffic will prefer to reach a service on the same class of address, with a preference set for each 'type' of address, as listed in /etc/gai.conf in Linux. And there are equivalent tables in other operating systems.
Read the rest of Having internal provider-independent addresses with IPv6: unique site-local addresses

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2012-02-08 (#)
Soms zoek ik in een nostalgisch moment op google images op termen als computerkamer en ik kwam daar tegen wat ik bedoelde: foto's van een echte computerkamer zoals je bij jezelf of bij vriendjes met een home-computer had in de jaren 90. Mooie voorbeelden: Fotoalbum 1994-1996 Martin Meijerink en Fotoalbum 1993 Martin Meijerink met mooie foto's van een echte computerkamer uit 1993 met een Amiga 500 en andere computers, onder een schuin dak, met de rommel zoals je die in een computerkamer zou verwachten. Er zijn veel meer computerkamer foto's te vinden, maar de foto's van Martin Meijerink geven wel het beeld wat ik bedoelde, en wat ik herken van mezelf en vrienden in die jaren. Misschien moet ik nog eens mijn 'analoge' foto collectie doorzoeken op foto's die leuk zijn om in te scannen.

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2012-02-08 (#)
Awesome snowboarding footage: Supernatural Snowboarders Showcase Super Skills - Wired playbook.

And this time with real and huge amounts of snow. Some "snowboarding movies" annoy me because there are just some small heaps of snow in the picture for the correct jump spot and the correct landing spot. This is however all on a real mountain with loads of fresh powder snow.

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2012-02-08 (A nice satellite picture of the current snow-cover in my own country, the Netherlands. This kind of ...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : A nice satellite picture of the current snow-cover in my own country, the Netherlands. This kind of pictures always makes "the entire country is covered" a lot more visible.
2012-02-08 (#)
#snowcover in the Netherlands: (awesome images from NASA!)
2012-02-08 (#)
Aqua/Modis satellite image 20120206 1105 UTC
The Netherlands, Snow-cover 20120206 1105 UTC
Image credit: NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response
Snow is always nice on satellite images, so I had a look in the NASA rapid response system for recent images of our snow-covered country. This one is a winner! Click for high resolution.

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2012-02-07 (#)
Awesome time-lapse videos of Northern Lights: Aurora 2012 by Christian Mülhauser. Select HD, watch full screen. Enjoy.

Via: Holy Aurora - Bad Astronomy.

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2012-02-07 (#)
Het Weerstation Utrecht Overvecht heeft nu ook Nederlands geleerd. Voorlopig voor de waarnemingen en de webpagina, misschien in een later stadium ook voor de teksten rond de gegenereerde grafieken.

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2012-02-07 (#)
Low temperatures in the Netherlands: the Weather station Utrecht Overvecht is measuring temperatures below zero at the moment. Which all goes fine, the software deals with it nicely.

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2012-02-07 (#)
Een eendagsschaatsbaan in de Uithof:
2012-02-07 (#)
Fun with someone trying to route sip calls through an asterisk server during my vacation: she or he tried 86 times to reach the same London number, 36 times matched patterns which triggered my scripts to play random your call could not be completed messages, which probably explains why the person kept trying. Maybe I can add some of the new patterns.

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2012-02-06 (#)
Back from a snowboarding holiday in Fiss, in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ski area in Austria. Great white stuff there, a few days were very cold (-19 ⁰C outside and 40 km/h north wind..) but keeping moving on the board helped. I enjoyed it a lot! The cold weather was going on in Austria too: on the morning we left the car thermometer showed -21 ⁰C.

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2012-02-06 (#)
Further changes in the growing DAB coverage in Germany:

New transmitters active for the DR Deutschland MUX on 5C listed on 30 January: Baden Baden, Eifel, Heilbronn, Langenbrand, Rimberg, Ulm.

Changes from 5A to 5C listed on 6 February: Bonn Venusberg, Dortmund, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt Main, Grosser Feldberg Taunus, Heidelberg Koenigstuhl, Koeln Colonius, Langenberg, Mainz Kastel, Saarbruecken Schoksberg, Stuttgart Frauenkopf.

Changes found via checking: Bundesnetzagentur Senderdaten Rundfunk where open and documented data formats make it easy for me to regularly get the latest lists of T-DAB and DVB-T transmitters and check for changes.

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2012-01-26 (#)
After the updates to last weekend I noticed one other area of serious bit rot: character set damage. The pages were still charset=US-ASCII and this went noticeably wrong in HTML For Dummies® by Ed Tittel and Steve James. But there are only a few places where I had to change that, and the databases are all UTF8 anyway.

Funny is how the amount of visitors is slowly growing since this weekend. A few improvements and a few new links from my homepage, and suddenly more visitors.

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2012-01-25 (#)
Some more stuff from the BBS tapes back on-line: Electronic magazines at Bits & Bytes magazine, Computer Underground Digest and CompuNotes. Enjoy!

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2012-01-25 (#)
I'm trying to practise the Nato phonetic spelling alphabet. Yesterday I tried to practise on license plates of cars which I thought would be a good source of random letters finding the ones who weren't sticking in my brain yet. So I may have confused a few drivers who heard their license number being spoken. November, Alpha, Tango, Oscar ;-)

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2012-01-25 Increasing performance on my homepage
On the bottom right of my homepage is very small print with the total time taken from the start of the script to the end. I hadn't looked at it myself in a while but I noticed the total time had gone up to 0.55 seconds, which is a bit much. So I started looking where all the time went. The first problem area was the twitter feed: I parsed the (locally stored) twitter rss feed on each go and found out that took a bit more than 0.2 seconds. I guess XML::RSS parsing isn't too fast. I moved the parsing to the script which fetches the rss feed and moved the data to a postgres table, that saves quite some time. The next time saver was a new index on the table which links the newsitems with the tags. That saved another 0.2 seconds. There is still room for more speedup, but this is a nice start, processing times are back to 0.14-0.15 seconds. A bit more time was shaved off by showing less news items on my homepage. I write a lot longer news items now in 2012 than I did back in 1999.

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2012-01-24 (#)
RT @KarinSpaink: Mijn Parooltje: klein eerbetoon aan rechercheur Harry Onderwater, die veel NL #hackers op het rechte pad hield. http: ...
2012-01-23 (An analysis of the US elections and the media coverage by Neil Macdonald for It is nice (for...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : An analysis of the US elections and the media coverage by Neil Macdonald for It is nice (for this European) to see an overview of why the elections look like a total madhouse from here.
2012-01-22 (#)
I got around to posting reviews for books I read recently: But I noticed quite some bit rot on The Virtual Bookcase. Some scripts needed updating before I could add a book or post a review. And the reviews queue had been filled with lots of spam.

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2012-01-22 (#)
Doing updates to .. haven't done that in a while! Some serious #bitrot here and there
2012-01-19 (#)
RT @BOFHTopTips: So I'm transcoding a DVD and importing a 20GB database. Which is the top process? If you guessed Firefox, you're right.
2012-01-18 (#)
RT @BadAstronomer: Right now, every encyclopedia salesman in the US is putting on his best walking shoes and drinking a pot of coffee.
2012-01-16 (#)
Een kritisch stuk over de hulp aan de ene kant van westerse landen voor het omzeilen van overheidscensuur in landen die de vrijheid van meningsuiting onderdrukken na het leveren van afluistertechniek aan dezelfde landen (engelstalig): Speak softly and carry a USB stick - Radio Netherlands Worldwide met een duidelijke uitspraak van Rop Gonggrijp:
"Western governments that paid for the development of repressive technology are now complaining that dictators are using it. Western countries love it when censorship is subverted in states run by adversaries, but they're far less concerned with freedom of expression in their own societies."
Via: Speak softly and carry a USB stick - Media network RNW

Tegelijkertijd politieke actie: GroenLinks wil vergunning voor export tapcentrales -
GroenLinks wil de wet aanpassen om te voorkomen dat technologie om communicatie te tappen en te blokkeren naar landen gaat die met de technologie de mensenrechten schenden
In dat artikel komt nog voorbij uit het antwoord op eerdere kamervragen over Vragen van het lid El Fassed (GroenLinks) aan de minister van Economische Zaken, Landbouw en Innovatie over de export van internetfilters en aftaptechnologie (ingezonden 17 oktober 2011). op hoe "professioneel" Digivox omgaat met de levering van systemen die misbruikt kunnen worden voor onderdrukking:
"Voordat DigiVox overgaat tot levering van een LI systeem, raadplegen we verschillende bronnen op het internet over de mensenrechtensituatie in het betreffende land en dan in het bijzonder of er sprake is van politieke gevangenen. Ook wordt in twijfel gevallen contact gezocht met het Ministerie van Economische Zaken, Landbouw en Innovatie", schrijft staatssecretaris Bleker.
Ze zoeken even op google? Er komt nu vast een hele nieuwe industrie in SEO (search engine optimization) voor het vriendelijker in beeld brengen van overheidsbeleid. Syrië zal daar momenteel wel geld in willen steken bijvoorbeeld.

Via: Twitter / @brenno: GroenLinks wil vergunningen voor taptechnologie

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2012-01-15 (#)
I got around to watching Boxing and phreaking presentation by BillSF and KC - Hackers on Planet Earth 1994 and suddenly some things I heard back then make a lot more sense to me. I had people tell about basic blueboxing, I read the documentation and I gave it a try on a (borrowed) demon dialer. But no success, and maybe that is for the best. Other people were better at this, some went to jail for it. One day, there is going to be an awesome book via The History of Phone Phreaking by Phil Lapsley with a lot of the stories.

Listening / watching this I went 'Oh!' and 'Right!' a few times, because of nuggets of information coming out. For example, the subtle differences between R1 signalling and C5 signalling which explains the difference between 2600 Hz only seize and 2400+2600 Hz seize. For R1 signalling, read an overview at the Wikipedia article on Blueboxing. For C5 (CCITT signalling system number 5) read the Wikipedia article on Signalling System No. 5.

The modern counterpart of all this, VoIP security attacks and defending against them, is what I get to play with now. This is all a lot more accessible with Asterisk and affordable computer - telephone interfaces.

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2012-01-15 (#)
@adamcurry noemt telecombedrijven en mobiele abonnementen als voorbeeld van bedonderen van klanten
2012-01-11 (#)
Post-mortem overview of a broken-into asterisk install: Asterisk hack post-mortem - Tom Keating tncnet. Nice article, showing how researching a system after a break-in can go from one strange thing to another. Using asterisk .call files to make calls is an interesting new approach to me.

Interesting patterns in trying to reach mobile numbers in the Middle-East. Patterns I have seen several times before on an asterisk server. Keep it safe, especially on asterisk where this can cost real money.

Found via @teamcymru on twitter.

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2012-01-10 (#)
Arme dieren in mootjes gehakt voor reclame! #144 #niethetgoedevoorbeeld
2012-01-10 (#)
RT @teamcymru: good #VoIP primer for #InfoSec folks: Asterisk,Trixbox and #hacking them
2012-01-10 (#)
Good overview of VoIP, tools for scanning and possible attacks: VoIP Penetration Testing & Security Risk - Infosec resources.

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2012-01-10 (#)
Op het chaos communications congress is ook de presentatie geweest: Smart Hacking For Privacy - 28C3. Volgens de artikelen Smart meter SSL screw-up exposes punters' TV habits - The Register (engelstalig) en Smart meter hacking can disclose which TV shows and movies you watch - Sophos naked security (engelstalig) zijn er de allang verwachtte privacylekken tot op het niveau waar uit de data bij de meteropnemer te zien is welke film op tv bekeken is. En ik verwachtte in 2008 'alleen maar' teveel inzicht in dagelijkse gewoontes van mensen.

Ondertussen ben ik er ook aan toegekomen om de video van de presentatie te downloaden en bekijken. Jammer dat een van de aanwezigen duidelijk weinig ervaring had met presentaties en meer met techniek.

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2012-01-09 Interesting comment spam pattern
For the hcc!pc gg netwerkgroep website I use serendipity blogging software. Works great, and several blog functions are in use like trackbacks and user comments.

I noticed a number of new comments which by themselves look ok, but are very generic comments which could apply to any blog post. The backlink is to something very generic like yahoo, facebook or google. The part where it gets interesting is that they all contain a simple misspelling, and searching for those misspellings shows they are actually probes for comment-forms which can be abused for link-spamming as the same texts are used everywhere.

Some samples:
Now we know who the seisnble one is here. Great post!
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So that's the case? Quite a rveealtion that is.
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That's the perfect insight in a thared like this.
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I bow down humbly in the persecne of such greatness.
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That's way the beetsst answer so far!
Got it! Thanks a lot again for hepilng me out!
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Fuerralz? That's marvelously good to know.
This has made my day. I wish all ptsoigns were this good.
I'm quite pleased with the infomratoin in this one. TY!
That's going to make things a lot easeir from here on out.
Creaetd the greatest articles, you have.
Well done acrtile that. I'll make sure to use it wisely.
You're on top of the game. Thanks for srhaing.
Why do I btoehr calling up people when I can just read this!
You have shed a ray of snushine into the forum. Thanks!
Posting them here should confuse the link-spammers.

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2012-01-09 (#)
Interesting videos in wired: Short Films Expose Cities' Subterranean Spaces - Raw file - Wired.

The articles links to several sites for urban explorers. The collection of photographs and videos at Silent UK Urban exploration and underground photography is awesome. I've spent quite some time this weekend browsing the stories and photographs. I would buy a poster of the fourth photograph in Northern City Line - Silent UK.

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2012-01-06 (#)
A practical demo of the latest attack on WiFi security: Hands-on: hacking WiFi Protected Setup with Reaver - Ars Technica shows that it is quite easy to attack WiFi access-points which use WiFi Protected Setup (WPS). The idea behind WPS is that good WPA2 keys are difficult to remember and difficult to reliably copy from the access-point to the client system. WPS uses a PIN hard-coded in the access-point and a client which understands WPS can access the WPA2 key when it has the WPS pin.

But a vulnerability in the WPS system allows malicious clients to find the WPS pin (which cannot be changed..) which allows access to the current WPA2 key. So even if you change the WPA2 key, the WPS pin will still allow access to it.

WiFi security seems to be a constant arms race. And keeping the balance between security and accessibility is also important.

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2012-01-06 (#)
More attempts to reach Palistinian telephone numbers (+972) via my SIP server, exactly like the attempts last July to reach Palestina mobile numbers. But the upstream audio is the same professional-sounding voice as I heard last December trying to reach a US number. An interesting combination of factors.

So I'm asking the lazywebs: does someone recognize this voice?
Listen to audio attachment:
MP3 media: Wrong number incoming golden voice (rightclick, select save-as to download)

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2012-01-06 (I had some more sip calls where the incoming audio was like the audio in the recording below. So I'm...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : I had some more sip calls where the incoming audio was like the audio in the recording below.

So I'm asking the lazywebs in different places: does anyone recognize the voice in this recording? It sounds a lot like a professional 'voice artist' or 'golden voice'.
2012-01-05 (#)
It's a bad time for transmitter masts in this country.

According to the article Zendmast Digitenne waait om - (in Dutch)

the mast on the Galghenwert Building in Utrecht has fallen over. The mast is on top of a high office building. As it is a new transmitter that was switched on in the last half year to replace one on another building in the city it was clearly not that hard to switch back. Reception on a dvb-t stick connected to the server in the attic is fine.

My own pictures of that transmitter at Zendlocatie Herculesplein gebouw Galghenwert, Utrecht - pictures by Koos van den Hout
My pictures of the old transmitter at Zendlocatie Burgemeester Fockema Andrelaan, Utrecht - pictures by Koos van den Hout

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2012-01-02 (Thanks for all the nameserver suggestions! I'm reading the feedback, and it sounds like there's some...)
Google+Koos van den Hout : Funny, I was just wondering about the option of moving my domains to a registrar with full ipv6 glue and dnssec support, and this shows up in the google search. I guess +Randall Munroe was wondering exactly the same. I will check using the sixxs list and check prices and policies.
2012-01-01 (#)
Very confusing: a PC with an intel PRO/1000 network card was booting via PXE using the heavy duty boot environment but it was very, very slow. Running tcpdump I saw errors trying to reach port 0 for tftp. The most recent possibly related change was the dhcp setup for the APC AP7920 switched rack PDUs. Some searching in the manual found that the APC devices use a specific client vendor identifier so I can use that in the dhcp configuration. I updated the post to reflect this new knowledge: only send the APC vendor cookie to APC devices requesting it.

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IPv6 check

Running test...
, reachable as PGP encrypted e-mail preferred. PGP key 5BA9 368B E6F3 34E4 local copy PGP key 5BA9 368B E6F3 34E4 via keyservers

Meningen zijn die van mezelf, wat ik schrijf is beschermd door auteursrecht. Sommige publicaties bevatten een expliciete vermelding dat ze ongevraagd gedeeld mogen worden.
My opinions are my own, what I write is protected by copyrights. Some publications contain an explicit license statement which allows sharing without asking permission.
Other webprojects: Camp Wireless, wireless Internet access at campsites
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