Truth in DVD advertising wanted / 2002-10-11

2002-10-11 Truth in DVD advertising wanted 17 years ago

Recently I visited the US and I got exposure to some of the TV there.
Although my primary interest was some of the programming used to fill
the gaps between commercials, I also saw some of the commercials.

Commercials that use even the slightest form of exaggeration in
physical form have tiny letters in the bottom of the screen with
disclaimers such as "Done by professional stuntdrivers on a closed
circuit" or "Screen images were added later".

But commercials for DVD are different. The commercials say (especially
the ones from Disney, which stuck in my mind for some reason) :

"You can now own this movie on DVD!"

This is a blatant lie.

Given the developments in DVD and the direction the "entertainment
industry" is going, the correct text should be:

"You can now buy a revocable license to play this DVD on licensed
equipment in the right region of the world for a limited audience"

Because the DVD will only play on DVD players for which the DVD
royalties have been payed enough to get all the DVD player keys.

And DVD player keys can be revoked. The whole thing with DVD 'encryption'
is that there are 400 player keys and that a future DVD can omit the
key of a player (this fact is used to remind DVD player builders to keep
playing by the rules of the DVD consortium).

DVD players have the whole region thing. I'm not going to delve
into that subject any further.

In the Dutch version, the warning at the beginning (the unskippable
part) tells you the DVD can only be watched in a small family circle
("Huiselijke kring"). Presumably you need a different DVD (with a
different pricetag) if you want to show it at the sports club.

So, I propose that the advertising of DVDs should be changed to reflect
all this.


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