FreeBSD installation notes / 2004-03-06

2004-03-06 FreeBSD installation notes 15 years ago
FreeBSD is not my 'main' operating system, but the jail support is
so much better and more stable than anything comparable offered by
Linux that I use FreeBSD for servers which need jails.

But it not being 'main' I keep forgetting things to set up ;)

Setting global variables for ports:

Servers will never have X11 (nor GTK) so I kept giving WITHOUT_X11=yes and
WITHOUT_GTK=yes to compile ports. Global place to set this: /etc/make.conf

Getting into a jail from the main server when sshd isn't running yet:

jexec ID /bin/sh

(ID is the jail id from jls)

Stopping a jail:

jexec ID kill -TERM -1
jexec ID kill -KILL -1


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