My ADSL modem started to show very regul ... / 2005-07-05

2005-07-05 My ADSL modem started to show very regul ... 14 years ago
My ADSL modem started to show very regular connection drops after what seemed to be an upgrade on the KPN side last Thursday morning. Calling the helpdesk of KPN made me wait more than ten minutes for a live person who got me through a number of standard questions and told me the script was at the point check the splitter (at least he was honest enough to tell me about the script). Without the splitter the problem remained. I also mailed the xs4all helpdesk about it who gave about the same set of suggestions including trying to upgrade the modem firmware. I noted later today that the drops were related to my speedtouchgraph script. So this evening I upgraded the firmware, changed the script to the new commands and disabled the bit where it asks the dslam for its statistics (it wasn't willing to give them anyway), now it's waiting to see if the adsl modem is more stable.

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