The Coffeecam at work is back on-line. T ... / 2005-07-11

2005-07-11 The Coffeecam at work is back on-line. T ... 14 years ago
The Coffeecam at work is back on-line. The harddisk in the machine died (a 1995 harddisk that had been in use most of the years) last Friday. Re-installing the OS and getting stuff running again (especially the philips webcam driver) was a bit of work as the stock debian is compiled with gcc3 (tsk! the README says to use 2.95), the debian kernel source seemed to be inflicted with some gcc3-isms (tsk! again) and the philips webcam driver is discontinued (I understand his reasons, but the other choice in webcam is 'no webcam at all'). But, I dug up a somewhat compatible kernel, gcc-2.95, waited for the kernel to actually compile (takes quite a while on hardware this old), a binary of the webcam decompressor and now it's back. The one and only Original coffeecam (The Trojan Room Coffee Machine) is now rackmounted at Spiegel online.

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