In August 2003 I already ranted about un ... / 2005-12-02

2005-12-02 In August 2003 I already ranted about un ... 14 years ago
In August 2003 I already ranted about unhelpful anti virus software replying to the faked From: of virusses. It seems like some anti virus software has slowly learned that this is wrong. One piece of software is still doing a special type of this bad behaviour: Norman Virus Control. Today, more than 2 years later, I still get mail with the announcement: Norman Virus Control heeft de oorspronkelijke e-mail verwijderd omdat deze door het virus is geonfecteerd W32/Sober.AA@mm (in Dutch, wrong grammar is their original). Which translates to something like Norman Virus Control removed the original e-mail because of a virus... And what is the info to me, besides increasing my annoyance at Norman? GRRRRRRR! I will continue to tell anyone who mentions Norman Virus Control that it is BAD software that is VERY ANNOYING and shoud be removed immidiately and replaced by less annoying antivirus software (or upgrade your OS to something that is better by design).

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