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2006-04-02 I'm trying to reinstall windows 98 on on ... 14 years ago
I'm trying to reinstall windows 98 on one of my fathers oldest computers (a Pentium-75 with 96 Mb memory). This turned out to be more of a 'fight' than usual. The first harddisk has 2 partitions and uses PowerQuest Bootmagic to help them boot. I wanted to make an extra copy of the data on the DOS partition, so I wanted to boot the PLD rescue CD. Which shows up as bootable when this system boots, and then it skips this option and still boots from harddisk. Another bootable CD boots ok. The PLD rescue CD has an image of a floppy that can boot anything using Smart Bootmanager. So I start finding a floppy that is usable enough to boot that image. After several tries that works. I find out that the default settings of the PLD rescue CD don't work on a machine with slightly less than 96 Mb mem (yes, an old computer), correct bootoption: la. So, finally I was able to make a copy of the DOS partition. Next bit: trying to convince the windows 98 setup to only play with the windows 98 partition. It really wants to install on the entire first disk (yes, the monopoly position behaviour we know Microsoft for) but I fixed that by changing the partition type of the DOS partition to 'non-FS data' (type 0xda) using the fdisk tool on the pld-linux cd. And.. succes.

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