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2007-02-13 Other source of that headache: having a ... 12 years ago
Other source of that headache: having a windows user manage his own .htpasswd file. At least, trying to enable this. 'We' (unix users) are used to htpasswd [-cmdps] passwordfile username being normal, but this was a case of "where do I click". And this seems to be hard: a program to open, edit (add users/modify passwords/delete users) and save .htpasswd files. So far the least problematic program for this task I found is htpasswdgenerator. One major issue was that this program only supports crypt() passwords in the 'Pro' version, and this is the default under unix (plaintext is not available in the unix version). The program isn't bugfree, it gives weird errors about its tempfiles.... pfff. Another program wanted complete control over both .htaccess and .htpasswd and an ftp account to upload files to the webserver. Uh, just write the .htpasswd file to the right path? Oh, and this all costs money.. 15 to 30 dollars for what is a bit of user-interface and minimal file handling.

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