Sometimes Debian makes me go "aaaargh" a ... / 2007-02-20

2007-02-20 Sometimes Debian makes me go "aaaargh" a ... 12 years ago
Sometimes Debian makes me go "aaaargh" a bit. When I visited Paris and wanted Internet access, I found out the pairing between my phone and the laptop had gone bad (all errors). Trying to delete the pairing and setting it up again gave a problem: there is no working bluetooth-pin application at the moment. Due to the dbus package being in transition, an attempt to install bluez-pin results in bluez-utils being removed (which means there is no bluetooth stack left running to authenticate in the first place). Google-fu to the rescue: Impossible to do pairing in Kubuntu shows that ubuntu users have the same problem and Dan V posted a solution how to build the command-line passkey-agent from the bluez-utils sources and use that to get a pairing again. I'm not the only one frustrated, debian bug 382269 shows more frustrated users.

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