Mirjam recently bought a laptop. It came ... / 2007-05-12

2007-05-12 Mirjam recently bought a laptop. It came ... 12 years ago
Mirjam recently bought a laptop. It came with Microsoft Vista as operating system, XP was not an option anymore. The reason for any story of succesfull Vista sales is therefore clearly a result of Microsoft steering the market using their OEM contracts, and not due to Vista being spectacularly good. A lot of people are waiting for it to become useful, service pack 1 to be released or avoiding it alltogether. One of the features of Vista that is supposed to make us say 'Wow' was the eye-candy with stacked windows. Mirjam searched for this feature (her laptop has a fast graphics card, so that should be possible) and found out that you need a business version of Vista to get this part of the 'wow' of Vista. So I guess Vista is not that 'wow' after all, you just get it shoved down your throat.

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