A few minor setbacks on the wardriving b ... / 2008-02-14

2008-02-14 A few minor setbacks on the wardriving b ... 12 years ago
A few minor setbacks on the wardriving box project yesterday evening. Software shutdown via acpid does not work (there is no event when I press the power button). Kernel recompiling for acpi debugging gave me lots of headaches with the module versioning. I did some searching for it and the Linux Loadable Kernel Module HOWTO had the answer:
So it is generally not wise to use symbol versioning
.. words to the wise. And the CF connector of the M200 case is a normal 40 pin IDE connector where I bought a cable for 44pin 2mm ide connectors because the alix.1c mainboard has a 44pin ide header. It would be nice if I could fix this, I could use the external CF-bay of the M200 case which would mean I wouldn't have to open it to change/upgrade the CF. The manual of the M200 case has stern warnings about opening and closing it too often.

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