Squid has always been my webproxy of cho ... / 2008-04-15

2008-04-15 Squid has always been my webproxy of cho ... 12 years ago
Squid has always been my webproxy of choice. Especially at home where I need interesting proxy rules to access certain work-sites via a special route and I like to use the parent proxies of xs4all. But ipv6 support was always a problem in squid until I looked recently and found out that IPv6 support is now default in squid 3-HEAD. So I compiled it and started playing with the access-rules. What I want (ofcourse) is the dancing turtle of kame. I tried to get this by adding an acl ipv6space dst 2000::/3 and using this in specific cache_peer_access deny rules which now works after some trying. I also found that writing the acl for the local network correctly helped a lot: acl localipv6net src 2001:888:1011::/48 works, when I forgot one : at the end it didn't work and denied me access. Now to get firefox to use ipv6 to talk to the proxy...

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