Weird wi-fi news: A new regulatory agenc ... / 2008-04-21

2008-04-21 Weird wi-fi news: A new regulatory agenc ... 12 years ago
Weird wi-fi news: A new regulatory agency in Russia has decided every device with Wi-Fi needs registration.
registering a PDA or telephone would take 10 days. Then, only the owner of the device would be licensed to use it. Registering a Wi-Fi hotspot, on the other hand, would be more difficult. Anyone wishing to set up as much as a personal home-network would need to file a complete set of documents, as well as technological certifications.
Sources: The Other Russia: Russian Agency Demands Registration for all Wi-Fi Devices, Wifi net news: Russia Requires Wi-Fi Registration Glenn Fleishman is as always following the wi-fi news, Slashdot: Russia to Require Registration for Wi-Fi Use with the obligatory joke written as
To me it sounds like that new regulatory agency claiming its turf. In a way that will annoy a lot of users.

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