Last weekend was a very long weekend in ... / 2008-05-07

2008-05-07 Last weekend was a very long weekend in ... 12 years ago
Last weekend was a very long weekend in the Netherlands (I had Wednesday - Monday all off). I took the wardriving setup on some bicycle trips. One trip was specifically through all parts of Ijsselstein which has grown lots since I lived near it. A new record in 'new networks found in one wardrive': 3680 new networks in one go. And.. at the end of Ijsselstein my GPS unit broke. A wire in the cable broke of real close to the housing. So I 'wore out' the Rikaline 6015-X5 GPS I ordered two and a half years ago. So, a new GPS unit is on order: the Holux GR-213. I couldn't find a (trusted) Dutch webshop with the Rikaline 6017 and this one is quite compatible: Comparing documentation from Holux and Rikaline shows that the cable pinout is the same. I guess more is the same: the manuals look quite the same to me in drawings, schematics and headlines. And this new one has a SiRF Star III chipset which should improve results.

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