I decided to do the long overdue upgrade ... / 2008-06-01

2008-06-01 I decided to do the long overdue upgrade ...
I decided to do the long overdue upgrade from Debian oldstable to stable on the home machine turing. Unlike earlier debian sarge -> etch upgrades even the XFree86 to Xorg upgrade went completely flawless. So I tried some more upgrading and went from a Linux to a Linux kernel. With some rounds of kernel recompiling I got everything working again, including complete acpi support which I never got working with 2.4 kernels. Somewhere around 2.4.32 acpi support just gave lots of kernel events (while this motherboard was still running the home server gosper. Later 2.4 versions just told me the bios was too old for proper acpi support. It's an Asus P3B-F motherboard and google searches indicated that the overload of events is just a known bug. Upgrading the bios did not help and made another problem appear: a shutdown turned into a reboot so I downgraded it again to the version with working shutdown.

This was the first mainboard I bought (in 1999) with working acpi which I once used to scare Henk van de Kamer by just pressing the power button of the pc. Back then you carefully shut down the machine and acpid was brand new. So I'm happy acpi and everything is working again and this is a good reason to put more time into 2.6 kernels and try to get that working on all machines at home.

With 2.6 I ran into a few things I already saw on building it for the wardrivingbox such as the speaker driver being separated (it gets very quiet without it). New to me was that /etc/modules.conf generated by update-modules from modutils is not actually used with 2.6 kernels. The 2.6 version uses files in /etc/modprobe.d/. Copying settings for modules to that directory suddenly made drivers like bttv work again. I also had to give specific settings for the soundblaster card which was autodetected in 2.4. It is an ISA card, so back to good old io=0x220 irq=7 dma=1.

The remaining issue is that the network card does not stay on for wake on lan.

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