More ntp fun: I now have multicast ntp t ... / 2008-07-03

2008-07-03 More ntp fun: I now have multicast ntp t ... 11 years ago
More ntp fun: I now have multicast ntp time working and documented. With the listed ntp key clients can use the multicasted network time from The outgoing timestamps look like this in tcpdump:
14:45:06.821419 IP (tos 0x0, ttl  30, id 6195, offset 0, flags [none], proto 17, length: 96) > NTPv4, length 68
        Broadcast, Leap indicator:  (0), Stratum 2, poll 6s, precision -19
        Root Delay: 0.000000, Root dispersion: 0.001724, Reference-ID:
          Reference Timestamp:  3424077852.817587474 (2008/07/03 14:44:12)
          Originator Timestamp: 0.000000000
          Receive Timestamp:    0.000000000
          Transmit Timestamp:   3424077906.819248263 (2008/07/03 14:45:06)
            Originator - Receive Timestamp:  0.000000000
            Originator - Transmit Timestamp: 3424077906.819248263 (2008/07/03 14:45:06)
I also see multicasted time from ( but I can't find a key for it.

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