I finished soldering the Velleman MK120 ... / 2008-08-10

2008-08-10 I finished soldering the Velleman MK120 ... 12 years ago
I finished soldering the Velleman MK120 receiver I will use for detecting the lightpulses from the electricity meter for the one wire electricity measuring project. I think that is the first soldering of a circuit board since somewhere around my electronics education which finished in 1989 and I did it right! The circuit works as designed: it needs a strong infrared signal to not send out a signal via led and buzzer. I did not solder the buzzer because eventually the signal needs to go into the 1-wire counter and buzzing sounds from the cupboard under the stairs might get irritating fast. After checking whether the circuit board worked as designed I swapped the inputs on the comparator like in the 1-wire electricity monitoring design by Jon00. I did not cut traces and solder wires, I used the IC holder to set up 2 crossed wires to the pins of the IC.
In testing I found that the L-53P3C photodiode is very good at receiving infrared, but the red led in our electricity meter does not emit enough infrared light to trigger the circuit. I think I'll need to find a different photodiode which is more sensitive for visible (or just red) light.

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