I took some time to work on the house 1- ... / 2008-08-31

2008-08-31 I took some time to work on the house 1- ... 11 years ago
I took some time to work on the house 1-wire network today.. and blew up the serial to 1-wire interface in the process. I think there is a voltage difference between house ground (water pipes) and 1-wire ground and I touched a metal part of the 1-wire counter I was going to use for the electricity counting to a water pipe hiding behind another pipe when I was trying to test whether it responded to the led in the electricity meter. So, still no success on measuring electricity and no new house temperature readings either. I did put in an extension of the 1-wire network from the attic to the cupboard beneath the stairs where the electricity meter lives. I used the 'isdn' sockets on the end of the long 1-wire connection so as a side-effect I moved one temperature sensor from the top of the server to the 'wine rack' area and updated the sensors page. It is a different location temperature-wise so I started new statistics for this sensor. I also looked at options for placing a temperature sensor in the living room. The cable to the thermostat is thoroughly cemented in so I can't place a wire alongside that cable. I'll probably use the hole for an extra television-coax cable to get a wire for a temperature sensor from the crawlspace to the living room. I already ordered a replacement serial 1-wire interface. I hope that is the only component that was damaged.

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