No success in getting CÆSAR to reliabl ... / 2008-09-09

2008-09-09 No success in getting CÆSAR to reliabl ... 11 years ago
No success in getting CÆSAR to reliably box a call on the Project MF server last evening. I think the main problem is with the sound driver or sound hardware not liking what I want to do: generate multi frequency tones. Lots of weird clicks and echoes happened on two different systems (with alsa sound drivers). But I had fun with Asterisk in the process. Legal phreaking over voip: who would have thought that to be possible.
Update 2008-09-09: It's now working. I installed CÆSAR on another PC running the oss sound drivers, and there were no weird clicks and echos. I added the pure 2600 tone to the caesar.rc file as
tone clear_test {
freq 2600
delay 0 duration 500
map '=' clear_test
and I could play with the projectmf server after I put the speakerphone close to the speakers. Loads of fun with the echo test: hearing my own voice echoed over a server with a Chicago phone number. Although I called it via the iax2 method.

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