When the heating started working for win ... / 2008-11-06

2008-11-06 When the heating started working for win ... 11 years ago
When the heating started working for winter I noticed that the crawl space temperature was going up in the same patterns as the living room temperature. It looked like the whole crawl space was heated. I already wondered about the relation between crawl space temperature and heating up the room back in September. So the results are in: Not really necessary and costing us money. I looked in the crawl space and noticed that there is a really long set of heating pipes from the back of the house to the front (over 8 meters long). This has to do with the old design: the first central heating was in the shed in the garden. The long pipes pass within a meter of the temperature sensor. So I put pipe isolation on the long run, now to check the graphs for improvement.

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