Loads and loads of spam for 'Canadian Ph ... / 2008-11-30

2008-11-30 Loads and loads of spam for 'Canadian Ph ...
Loads and loads of spam for 'Canadian Pharmacy'. Spam rates are in messages per hour. I noticed that the sending machines are almost all in south-america and the sites pointed at seem to live at IPs in China. But with very short TTL values so they can change any minute. Literally:
currentneighbor.com.    60      IN      A
Other standards like valid SOA records and stuff like that aren't needed, potential customers just have to be able to reach the spamvertised site. I haven't seen a lot of IPs (yet). All running nginx, the choice of spammers and virus-spreaders. Or rather guided by language: the documentation for nginx is in russian so that part of the cybercriminals of this world can read it. Since nginx can do a lot with proxying I guess there is just a proxy at that IP pointing somewhere else where the real processing happens (or maybe that just goes to another proxy). I received 94 of these spams in the last 2 days (sofar). I can't imagine anybody receiving this not seeing that this must be some kind of scam.

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