IMAP can do great things, but more advan ... / 2009-02-03

2009-02-03 IMAP can do great things, but more advan ...
IMAP can do great things, but more advanced things always seem half-documented and lots of searching. I tried to set up shared mailboxes. At home I want a shared mailbox for the voicemails from Asterisk so Mirjam and I can both check the imap inbox, listen to messages and delete them when they are not interesting anymore. Ideally I'd like asterisk to use IMAP as backend storage so we can still access the voicemail over the phone and deleting the voicemail via the phone menu is the same as deleting it from the imap server with a mail client (that's almost something like unified communications!). The next nicest option is to have the voicemails mailed to the shared voicemail mailbox. Still working on getting that fixed. Anyway, setting up the shared mailbox in courier is a bit vague. Not all documentation agrees, but finally the right answer is in /usr/share/doc/courier-base/README.sharedfolders.txt.gz how to set up a server shared mailbox via the shared mailbox index file set as IMAP_SHAREDINDEXFILE in /etc/courier/imapd. A lot of fiddling with rights was needed: by default shared mailbox users can't do anything with it. A light sprinkling of chmod 770 and chgrp voicemail fixed that. The last bit is that the imap server needs to know which other users have full access, using maildiracl to set this up. All now works and we can both read and delete mails. The shared box shows up as #shared.voicemail.calls next to the normal Inbox and Inbox.Sent.

Next needed was shared mailboxes at work so all members of the system group can see the mailboxes where cronjobs from all systems dump their stuff. I never got the same 'system shared mailbox' to work as at home so I decided to go for the 'filesystem shared mailbox' which is set up by creating a file shared-maildirs in your imap directory. That file just lists an alias and a base directory for the mailboxes to access. Rights on the shared boxes still need to be very open which is not my idea of a safe system. But that works, so everybody can see the 'postmaster', 'ups' and other boxes where system mail ends up and delete it when it is not an error message. Those shared boxes show up as and shared.systeemgroep.postmaster in Thunderbird and mutt (haven't checked other clients yet).

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