Ok, got that bit fixed too: asterisk use ... / 2009-02-03

2009-02-03 Ok, got that bit fixed too: asterisk use ...
Ok, got that bit fixed too: asterisk uses imap as storage backend for voicemail. In modules.conf:
noload => app_voicemail_odbc.so
noload => app_voicemail.so
load => app_voicemail_imap.so
This is with the ubuntu package recompiled to use misdn, so the selection of voicemail storage is a question of which .so to load. In voicemail.conf :

9911 => 19999,House mailbox,,,Tz=european|imapuser=housemail|imappassword=S3cr1t
Now voicemail is saved only on the imap-server, so I can view it with Thunderbird. Or use the asterisk voicemail application to retrieve and delete it. That bit is not tested yet. After all the testing of drivers including heavy torture it's now time to set up a dialplan for the home pbx. Rule 1 of playing with the phones at home is that normal dialing still has to work so my wife can call the numbers without having to dial '0' for an outside line or other tricks, and that the phone in the living room rings when a call comes in. So I have to set up a 'number plan' which allows for special things but also makes all normal numbers work as they should. Solution: I use the 0140 area code, which is reserved (in the Netherlands) for test-numbers for the telecom provider. I am my own telecom provider so I can divert 0140 and do stuff with it, like provide voicemail or internal dialing.

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