After the attack I saw on an asterisk se ... / 2009-02-10

2009-02-10 After the attack I saw on an asterisk se ... 11 years ago
After the attack I saw on an asterisk server which was most likely scanning for valid user accounts to use in international dialing I am wondering if I can 'play' with users who try to abuse an asterisk setup.

For the hcc!pc gg netwerkgroep demo asterisk I scripted a sort of teaser for users trying to dial abroad:

; not really dial an international number: play an interesting 'wrong number'

exten => _00XXXXXXXXXX.,1,Wait(5)
exten => _00XXXXXXXXXX.,n,Goto(wrongnumber,s,1)
The delay is to add confusion to how many digits it accepts (although someone using 'early dialing' could see when asterisk reports back it has seen enough digits). What the wrongnumber routine does is play a random 'wrong number' recording taken from Telephone world - International sounds & recordings so someone who tries this who is actually listening to call progress might think he is on to something and spend hours trying to find the right way.

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