I got reminded of my Alcatel stats again ... / 2009-02-17

2009-02-17 I got reminded of my Alcatel stats again ... 11 years ago
I got reminded of my Alcatel stats again and some google searches and some combining of clues (the logical place would be in the 'td call' command) led me to the right answer at DMTv7 für Speedtouch 516 536 546 585 608 706 716 780 to get the dsl linestats from a Speedtouch 546/546i: :td call cmd="tdsl getData all". Trying it:
*              ____/
=>:td call cmd="tdsl getData all"

 Access to expert commands is intended for qualified 
 personnel only.                                     

Vendor Information
   phyType=2  phyMjVerNum=4  phyMnVerNum=0 
   drvMjVerNum=14  drvMnVerNum=20482 
And suddenly lots of data including the signal/noise ratio per carrier. So after stopping gathering Alcatel Speedtouch graphs in 2005 because I switched to a Speedtouch 546i I can now gather the stats again and create the graphs daily. In the mean time gnuplot changed a bit but with some tweaking of the plotscript I now have the first S/N graph of the 546i as I want it.

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