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2009-05-05 I run an irc server for a very small irc ... 11 years ago
I run an irc server for a very small irc network, and in the past I tried to ipv6-enable it, but failed and let it at that mainly because that was in the hurry of trying to migrate services. Today, with all the ipv6 news from the ripe conference in mind I gave it a go again.

I use ircd-hybrid 7.2.2 (ubuntu package) which should support ipv6. But I never configured the IP to listen on, which makes it default to, v4-only. The fix was to define two IP addresses and ports:

listen {
	host = "";
	port = 6667;
	host = "fe80::525f:c4ca";
	port = 6667;
Now the irc server is both ipv4 and ipv6 reachable, and updated in the dns. My client irssi needed an option /set resolve_prefer_ipv6 ON to actually use it, but now I have it working. One more service converted!

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