So, who is this nobody user anyway? Port ... / 2009-07-02

2009-07-02 So, who is this nobody user anyway? Port ... 11 years ago
So, who is this nobody user anyway? Porting account-management scripts from Centos linux to ubuntu made strange problems show. A short check found interesting differences. After asking around on irc and trying some things I found quite a choice:
Centos linux:
nfsnobody:x:65534:65534:Anonymous NFS User:/var/lib/nfs:/sbin/nologin
Ubuntu linux:
FreeBSD 6.1:
nobody:*:65534:65534:Unprivileged user:/nonexistent:/usr/sbin/nologin
Interesting is that creating a file as root on a solaris nfs client will create it as 65534:0. Data Ontap:
pw_name = nobody
pw_passwd = 
pw_uid = 65535, pw_gid = 65535

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