In the dvb-t scan yesterday evening lat ... / 2009-07-19

2009-07-19 In the dvb-t scan yesterday evening lat ... 10 years ago
Logo TV Gelderland In the dvb-t scan yesterday evening late:
TV Gelderland :642000:I999B8C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:7041:7042:7043:0:1104:0:0:0
Radio Gelderland:642000:I999B8C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:0:7112:0:0:1111:0:0:0
Part of Digitenne bouquet multiplex 1 at 642 MHz. The transmitter could be Oss or Veenendaal given distance and transmitter power. I only noticed it yesterday but now I see it in the w_scan output a few times. The reception is not error-free (I had to wait a bit for a chance of a screenshot with not too much distortion).

No extra foreign channels from the dvb-t scans.. yet. I keep an eye on the tropospheric ducting forecast for northwest europe. I also updated the DVB experiments page with the DX results.

Bouquet or Multiplex? It is described as bouquet at DVB-T zenders Digitenne Nederland but the mpeg standard term for multiple program streams in one transport stream is 'multiplex'. Bouquet in DVB terms means a set of 'programs' logically grouped together.

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