More than one visitor of my homepage saw ... / 2009-08-24

2009-08-24 More than one visitor of my homepage saw ...
More than one visitor of my homepage saw an intricate XML parsing error and not the page you all want to see. I never saw the problem myself but my best guess sofar is that the twitter rss feed was malformed, because that is the only XML parsing happening for the page. I fetch the twitter feed automatically every 6 hours, but sometimes twitter is a bit overloaded and probably gives an internal error page (the famous fail whale) and not the valid rss feed.

Solution: Fetch the file to a temporary file, run the parser on it and when the parser does not fail, copy it to where the webserver reads it:


wget -O wwwdata/twitter.rss.pre -o /dev/null

perl -MXML::RSS -e 'my $rss=new XML::RSS; $rss->parsefile("wwwdata/twitter.rss.pre");'

if [ "$?" = "0" ]; then
	cp wwwdata/twitter.rss.pre wwwdata/twitter.rss

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