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2009-09-11 Today I decided to put some time in tryi ... 10 years ago
Today I decided to put some time in trying to use a different driver for using the openvox B200P card in the ubuntu installed asterisk in home server greenblatt. mISDN has a few stability issues in this setup (ubuntu 8.04 LTS amd64, asterisk 1.4.17 from ubuntu source recompiled for misdn support) where I can't unload the driver (instant kernel warning message and module system wedged) and sometimes after a long while the internal channel got confused and rejected calls, needing a restart of Asterisk.
So I tried the other route: the qozap driver with bristuff patches which comes with ubuntu as package zaptel-source. Configuring this driver was a bit of a puzzle. Step one: don't load ztdummy because that will confuse the channel ordering. TE / NT choice is done by the module parameter ports for the module, the bitmapped value of the TE / NT configuration. In my case I created /etc/modprobe.d/zaptel with:
options qozap ports=2
So the second port is switched to NT mode, which matches the jumper setup. The working samples are documented at ZaptelBRI -
The qozap driver sort of works on the TE side (the side facing the phone company). Diving deeper into docs from openvox showed that the openvox cards need a slightly changed qozap driver source from It helps to find that the version of bristuffed in Ubuntu 8.04 is probably 0.4.0.
The current state is working up to a level: I can dial numbers from the internal isdn phone to the external isdn line and I can accept calls, but trying to get dialtone from asterisk results in:
    -- Extension 's' in context 'internte' from 'xxxxxxx' does not exist.  Rejecting call on channel 0/2, span 2
which looks like the problem mentioned in Re: [Asterisk-Users] zaphfc problem: overlapdial don't work after update bristuff but that change (and a complete recompile of my asterisk package) did not do the work. Browsing the source of chan_zap shows a lot of places where it can decide to switch to 's'.

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