I realized there is one piece of softwar ... / 2009-11-20

2009-11-20 I realized there is one piece of softwar ... 9 years ago
I realized there is one piece of software running on my server which has a small chance of having a known leak because it is a widely used package: Serendipity powers the hcc!pc gg netwerkgroep website and I hadn't upgraded it recently. A very small chance, since security is a very important part of the Serendipity design. Since upgrading phpBB for Camp Wireless was always a royal pain in the behind I sort of postponed this process. But after the serious search for any security flaw in my website I searched on the Serendipity site for an explanation of the upgrade process. And the answer: upgrading Serendipity is very, very easy. More PHP applications should be this easy to upgrade.
Update: A frequent reader notes that I had a bit of a strong opinion: lots of PHP software is easy to upgrade, phpBB is/was just a problem because the templating system is too integrated in the source.

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