The year 2010 seems to be an unfathomabl ... / 2010-01-05

2010-01-05 The year 2010 seems to be an unfathomabl ...
The year 2010 seems to be an unfathomable far future, I just found another Y2.01K problem. The zonecheck tool gives a warning which reads '2010 is not a valid year':
w> The format of the serial number is not YYYYMMDDnn
 | Ref: RFC1912 (p.3)
 |   The recommended syntax is YYYYMMDDnn (YYYY=year, MM=month, DD=day,
 | nn=revision number).
 `----- -- -- - -  -
 :   The serial 2010010502 doesn't seem to be in the YYYYMMDDnn format.
 `..... .. .. . .  .
And the code indeed shows:
    # DESC: recommanded format for serial is YYYYMMDDnn
    def chk_soa_serial_fmt_YYYYMMDDnn(ns, ip)
        serial = soa(ip).serial
        return true if (serial > 1999000000) && (serial < 2010000000)
        { 'serial' => serial }
The far future is happening today.
Filed as Ubuntu bug #503501.

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