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2010-01-10 Yesterday during the meeting of the hcc ... 8 years ago
Yesterday during the meeting of the hcc pcgg netwerkgroep I saw something which I could not research at the time and it bugs me: one person had Windows 7 running and the network connections screen said "IPv4 Connectivity: Internet" and "IPv6 Connectivity: Local". But that is the wrong answer: Due to my work on the openvpn ipv6 tunnel there should be full IPv6 Internet access. So now this is bugging me and I'm trying to find out how exactly Windows 7 determines whether IPv6 is 'local' or 'Internet'. The system was on the wireless network and the connection just started to work so maybe IPv6 router announcements with a global IPv6 address were missing. Or maybe more is needed like a v6 nameserver.

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