Lots of phishing attempts for webmail ac ... / 2010-02-24

2010-02-24 Lots of phishing attempts for webmail ac ... 10 years ago
Lots of phishing attempts for webmail accounts flying by, at the moment it seems popular to use webform hosters to ask for account credentials. I seem to miss a part of these. Probably my spamfilters being too good or something. But at work there are some people who know I am interested in new and recurring strains of Internet abuse so I still get interesting stuff forwarded to investigate. The latest catch advertised a dot.tk domain which inlined a webform from a tripod hosted site which was a copy of an emailmeform.com form and used emailmeform.com to process it and redirected to a generic thankyou form by a new zealand printer supplies company. It takes a bit of tracing and trying to solve such a puzzle and notify all parties about their role in the abuse.

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