Slowly but surely the subversion self-se ... / 2010-07-05

2010-07-05 Slowly but surely the subversion self-se ... 9 years ago
Slowly but surely the subversion self-service webinterface we developed at work is turning into a 2.0 version which will be available as open source. I must say "my boss developed", he did most of the coding. I just threw ideas, designs and criticism at him :)

It was our original plan to open-source it, and this plan was woken up again when we got a request about the availability of the source code. Lots of work was done to make structures more flexible and remove hardcoded dependencies on internal infrastructure.

One of the bigger design issues was a good name! For historical reasons we couldn't use the name repoman which was good wordplay on repository-manager in itself. We settled on repocafe. Available for download Real Soon Now™.

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