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2010-08-02 I wanted to install an extra package on ... 9 years ago
I wanted to install an extra package on the wardriving box but found out that the choice of distribution: Debian etch is not available anymore, not even as 'oldstable'. A bit of searching finds that I need to look in the Debian distribution archives.

I'm not sure whether I'll keep using Debian versions for the wardrive-box. I want something nice and small and manageable, and the option for a custom kernel (no initrd, preferably no udev).

The interesting bit is that I built the wardriving box in January - February 2008 and it basically ran regularly since that time without software problems.

The extra package I wanted to try is lm_sensors, for the other project: Sundial. I was wondering how high/low the system temperature would get, and whether it would stay within the 0 - 50 ⁰C range. An IP55 rated case might be a good idea for use in the garden shed (which is semi-outdoors). The question is will the mainboard stay above 0 ⁰C when it is -15 ⁰C outside. I know from the wardriving box the Alix board generates some heat, but is it enough to keep itself warm.

The Alix.1c/1d have a temperature sensor, according to Getting started with voyage linux it should work with the w83627hf driver which indeed loads and gives a readout.

I came across the alix.1 series hardware while looking for something low-power for project sundial. Later calculations showed the 'powered by the sun or wind' part of that project would be too expensive compared to just using a plug.

Update: The archived etch works, but lm-sensors wants perl, which is not part of the stripped down debian on the wardrive box. For as far as I can see that is because there is one perl script included. Time to rebuild from source with that script removed.

Update 2010-08-03: Looking where you are going helps too: Voyage Linux is Debian-based but optimized for embedded apps. With debootstrap under Ubuntu or Debian I could set up a newer development environment for the wardrive box and test Voyage Linux.

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