I enhanced the zabbix system monitoring ... / 2010-08-11

2010-08-11 I enhanced the zabbix system monitoring ... 10 years ago
I enhanced the zabbix system monitoring to also work on aacraid based controllers. Google searching found me How to check the health of an Adaptec RAID array which shows that the right command-line tool is nowadays arcconf which can be found at Adaptec support for RAID products. Select the right type and click through a few times where you will find the storage manager downloads (not the drivers!). The latest 'adaptec storage manager' includes 'arcconf'. After installing arcconf produces a lot of output, but the line I am interested in is easy to find:
# /usr/StorMan/arcconf GETCONFIG 1 | grep Defunct
   Defunct disk drive count                 : 0
which is exactly what I want. Again a special UserParameter in zabbix_agentd.conf:
A script to do the actual work:
# aacraid.okdisk

sudo /usr/StorMan/arcconf GETCONFIG 1 | awk ' /Defunct disk drive count/ { print $6 } '
And a change in sudoers to allow this. Allowing /usr/StorMan/arcconf as is did not work because of the capitals but a more general rule helped. Now I can check for the number of disks with problems and warn accordingly (0 disks with problems is ok, 1 disk is warning, > 1 is disaster).

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