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2010-08-21 Shednet is up Server and network in the ... 10 years ago
Shednet is up
Shednet is up
Server and network in the shed, up and running complete with IPv6. It won't get an IP55 rating (being able to deal with a bit of water) but it pings, measures the powerline network throughput and makes pretty graphs of that throughput.

Somehow I found this an interesting sight to photograph. And I like the term Shednet.
Update 2010-08-22: I remembered why I originally got the idea to test a PC in the shed: to test a weather-station in the shed as a preparation for doing something again for project sundial. The "powered by alternative energy" part of that project isn't going to be implemented: solar panels would be really expensive but something really low-power with Linux in a (semi-)outdoor housing would work nicely for a weather station and ntp server.

So the first component is tested: I can get a system running there complete with network. Now to find some time to set up the PC and a weather station and measure temperature and humidity in the shed.

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