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2010-09-13 Things I don't want to happen during my ... 9 years ago
Things I don't want to happen during my holiday: one member of the Xencluster at work rebooted (which happens once in a while) and won't boot anymore, due to VolGroup00 (containing the root) being in a clustered logical volume which the initrd start scripts don't seem to handle very well. Screengrab of the boot messages and CentOS5 with clustered lvm2: not booting anymore (VolGroup00 not activated) - CentOS forums. Any help is welcome ...

Getting the screengrab was interesting: the system panics as soon as the root can't be remounted and reboots. It being a server class machine most time was spent checking memory, initializing hardware and waiting for booting. But a few seconds the exact messages were visible. So I viewed the right adderview console server with vncviewer and made grabs every second using a small shell script. And result: an understandable error message which helped me research the problem.

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