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2010-09-24 Did some audio work. Wrote a script, rec ... 9 years ago
Did some audio work. Wrote a script, recorded the voice and did work on it with audacity, adding a few sound effects from www.freesound.org and used a drum loop from Free-Loops.com.

With the microphone, mixer and USB audio interface I have from the Behringer podcastudio (what a nice composed word) it is quite easy to record my voice (and other audio) in audacity in a good quality (at least when I do not have a cold..).

But adding the drum loop as 'music bed' (music you hear in the background when for example a DJ talks) was harder. It's easy to play with effects and such but the right timing of the envelope changes (changing the volume) in such a music bed is harder, especially when you move other sound effects in time. Searching suggests audacity isn't ideal for this kind of work, but at the moment I can't beat the price of audacity: free! For what I do with audio, that will have to do for now. Just leave room for volume changes in the bed and do it as the last thing when the timing of the rest is good.

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