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2010-09-26 In the news: VoIP hacker sentenced to 10 ... 9 years ago
In the news: VoIP hacker sentenced to 10 years - The Register and Hacker Gets 10 Years for $1.4 Million Internet Theft - BusinessWeek. From the businessweek article:
Pena was an unauthorized wholesaler of Internet-based phone services who sold more than 10 million minutes at deep discounts to customers, he admitted when he pleaded guilty. He hacked into computer networks such as one owned by IDT, a Newark-based telecommunications company, to route customer calls, he said.
These damages from VoIP fraud make me think there is probably a lot more fraud and resulting damages in those regular SIP scans I notice in the Asterisk server logs.

Secure those servers, audit the logs, set limits for your costs. VoIP infrastructure is a target for attacks and fraud.

Also sent as audio comment to Blue Box VoIP security podcast.
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